Just Friends (Justin Bieber FanFic)

She is a dancer, He is a pop star, Bella always loved Justin, and he always had a thing for her, but there love was forbidden, dancers weren't to have any relationship with Justin other than to be 'acquaintances' but what happens when they want to be more? Will she be risking her one and a life time chance to be a dancer for Justin? Because everybody is replaceable.


20. Sunday Morning

 Bella's P.O.V

I woke up the in the same bed as Justin. The evening was magical, but the night was even better, darker... dirtier. I rolled over towards Justin, his eyes shut, and hair messy. He looked so gorgeous, yet  dangerous. I rested my head on his bare chest and ran my fingers across his tattoos. His eyes were still closed, but I knew he was awake. He put his arm around my back and pulled me in closer to him. "I wish this moment could last forever." Justin said playing with my bra strap. I refuse to tell myself this isn't my last night with Justin, like this, but deep down I knew what I had to do. Dance. "Me too," I mumbled. I want both, but Scooter wouldn't do that, no way, there are to many better dancers.. Maddie, Claire. Wait, no Claire, she was pregnant, she would be fired for sure, but I doubt Scooter would let 2 dancers go. "Oh my gosh Justin," I said. "What?" He looked around. "I have the perfect Idea." "Hmm?" "You know how Claire is pregnant right." "Yeah," Justin said still messing with the strap of my bra. "Well, I don't think Scooter would let 2 of his main dancers go." "Nope, not before the Journals tour in a week." Justin replied.I squealed. Maybe things might work out as planned, or will they go the total opposite.


*A/N: Hey my Lovlies, just a short teaser chapter, more to come.. like very soon, maybe even today. :) Luv ya :*  




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