Just Friends (Justin Bieber FanFic)

She is a dancer, He is a pop star, Bella always loved Justin, and he always had a thing for her, but there love was forbidden, dancers weren't to have any relationship with Justin other than to be 'acquaintances' but what happens when they want to be more? Will she be risking her one and a life time chance to be a dancer for Justin? Because everybody is replaceable.


18. Romance Ave.

Justin's POV

It was 9:05, and Bella was nowhere in sight. The waiter came around again "Would you like to order now sir?" He asked. "Not yet ," I said looking down. The waiter stood by the table. "Well, sir I believe she is here now," The guy said. I looked up. I could see her through he glass window. She looked amazing. The dress outlined her body so perfect, I wanted every inch of it. She opened the glass doors and ran over to the table. "Justin, this place is so beautiful." She said looking around. I had to admit, it was really nice. "I hoped you'd like it," I said holding her hand. "I love it Justin, but were are all the people?" She asked. "I had it reserved for us for the night." "Wow," She said. "Would you like to order now?" The waiter asked. I looked at Bella. "Um, I'm not really hungry." She said. "A bottle of Chardonnay will do." I said. "So, what happened at dance today?" I asked. "Claire is pregnant." "For real?" "Yeah, but don't tell," She said. Next subject. "I think I should talk to Scooter Monday." I said, Bella looked up from playing with her napkin, "What?"

Bella's POV

"What?" Justin wanted to talk to Scooter Monday. "I should talk to him first because, I just think he might listen better." Justin said. "What makes you think that?" I replied. "I've known him longer, and I know how he thinks." He said, which seemed fair to me. "Okay but what about my answer?" "I know, you wanted dance right?" "Yeah." Maybe. "Okay," He said looking down. "You said I could have both right?" I asked, Justin looked up and he started to smile. "Only if you want it." I've been thinking. "I might." The waiter showed up with a bottle of Chardonnay and 2 wine glasses. "Enjoy." Justin picked up the bottle and popped it open. Bubbles of wine flew all over the table. "To the decision," Justin said, we made a toast. "We need music," Justin said. "Yeah," I agreed. Justin called over the waiter and whispered something in his ear. "Right away sir," The waiter called. "What was that all about?" The lights went dim, and music started to play, Justin took my hand and led me to the dance floor. He pulled me close to him, his hand around my lower back. "Maybe later on you can show me your tattoo," He said. "Don't push it," I replied. "You can't hate me for trying." I guess I couldn't. "I could never hate you." He kissed my forehead. "You look really nice in that dress." "Thanks, and I don't ever think I've seen you in a tux." I said. "Its because I only wear them on special occasions."

The limo driver dropped us off back at the W.. "I had fun tonight, thank you." I said. "No problem, I was thinking we could go back to my room." Justin said. I checked my phone, it was 12:45. "Yeah, why not." In the elevator was a young girl and her dad. She kept staring at us. "You are Justin Bieber right?" The little girl said. "Yes, I am," Justin replied. "Can I have your autograph?" She asked pulling a pen and paper out of her backpack. Justin took the pen and paper and wrote his name. Bing! The elevator door opened and me and Justin got off. "You are soo sweet," I said once we got in the room. "I bet your sweeter," He said leaning me against the door. "I doubt it," I said kissing him. He kissed me back passionately. I couldn’t help the feeling of adrenaline of my heart. The blood flowed rapidly in my cheeks, making my face as red as ever. His hand reached for the zipper of my dress. And in that exact moment, I had made my decision.  



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