Just Friends (Justin Bieber FanFic)

She is a dancer, He is a pop star, Bella always loved Justin, and he always had a thing for her, but there love was forbidden, dancers weren't to have any relationship with Justin other than to be 'acquaintances' but what happens when they want to be more? Will she be risking her one and a life time chance to be a dancer for Justin? Because everybody is replaceable.


2. Club 23

At 8p.m all the dancers pulled up to 23. I couldn't wait to get in there (mainly to see Justin). When I first walked inside the club I was blinded, yet amazed by the extravagant (and strong) red and white lights. Everybody was dancing crazily, and a few fights were going on. A guy led the dancers to a V.I.P room were the rest of Team Bieber waited, including Justin, (who looked so incredibly board). "Listen up everybody," Scooter said banging a spoon against a Cristal bottle, "This is the end of the Believe tour, but not the end of Justin or the Bieber team, and tonight we party like winners!" Scooter said sounding like a Viking from those Lord Of the Ring movies. Everyone rushed out the door and went straight to the dance floor, but me, I headed straight to the bar. "How may I help you?" The bartender asked?" "Um, can I have a shot of Grey Goose?" I asked, the lady looked at me for a little while then asked, "Are you over 21?" Nope, and the fact that I wasn't wearing any make-up didn't help either. Before I could answer Justin came up behind me one hand running across my waist, "Hey Tessa, She is with us," He said winking at me. Oh Bella please don't die now. Tessa nearly fell over, "Oh I'm so sorry," Tessa said turning around to make the shot. "No problem, Just make sure it doesn't happen again," Justin said looking over at me. "Thanks Justin," I smiled, he took a seat. "How old are you anyways?" Justin whispered, I felt soo embarrassed (for no reason really), "18," Then I added, "In a half."  Justin laughed, and I grinned taking the shot of grey goose down all at once. "18 and can drink like that, I think I'm in love," He joked, I smiled again, (he must think I'm like a clown or something), "Soo," I said moving my finger around the rim of the shot glass. "You have a tattoo," Justin said or asked, I wasn't sure if he was asking me if I had one or saying that I did. "Yeah its half of a heart." I could tell he was thinking hard about something, "Who has the other half?" "My best-friend, and how did you see my tattoo, its on the lower part of my back," and not to mention only a couple centimeters wide. Justin looked embarrassed, "I saw it when we were practicing dance back in Chicago," Chicago was my second show. "Oh, do you want to dance?" I asked. Justin looked around, obviously trying to see if Scooter was anywhere to be seen. "Lets go," Justin said taking my hand and leading me to the dance floor. 23 By Wiz Khalifa and Miley is playing. I turned around so my back was against Justin's stomach and moved my hips from side to side trying to copy the others girls who obviously knew what they were doing.

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