The killer in him

News: "The serial killer's still free. Police are powerless and don't have many clues to go by. It comes in tips from around the country and maybe someone out there knows who he is or if this just the beginning?"


7. With him

My mom thought I was at a friends house. I sat on the train and felt like the host's worst daughter, but in a way, I looked forward to seeing Niall. He wasn't like any other guy and I liked him. I sat quietly in the back of the train and I was trying not to be noticed. When the train pulled into the Nialls station I saw him directly. I saw him stand and wait. He had denim jacket, black pants and a white shirt. He saw me right away and he ran with the train. I smiled when I took my bag and walked towards the door out.


"You're just too perfect!" said Niall and hugged me. I felt he really hugged me and I laughed lightly. 
"And that are you telling me now?" 
He smiled and released me wit his eyes. He was so expectantly and he was in great spirits. He quickly took my hand and pulled me from the platform. I smiled and followed him like a tail. 
"Mom is gone this weekend!" he said and then smiled at me. "So we have the house to ourselves." 
I blushed. 
"Niall, I said that I'm not used to having boyfriend. I'm not even used to hold hands." 
He laughed and didn't seem to care. 
"Come on darling, I promised not to be dangerous and I wont be that with you. You're too valuable to me." 
I blush. 
"Yes, you've said it before." 
He nodded and looked at me again. 
"You're with me."


Niall lived in a poorer area. The house was small and flat. I noted, however, that his mom had done everything to make the house look like a home. There were only two bedrooms, a toilet, a kitchen, a room with a television. Niall pulled me directly with him into his room. It was crowded. A bed, a desk and a window. 
"I know we aren't rich." he said and smiled at me. "But my mom has taught me that money isn't everything in the world. She says that God's more important, but I disagree with her some times."
I put my bag on the floor and sat on the bed. Niall was quick and he placed himself directly next to me. 
"You wanna eat yet?" 
I shook my head and smiled at him. Niall took direct my hand in his and looked straight at me. 
"You are silent? Is it because I might not live nicely?" 
I laughed and shook my head. 
"No, I'm just not used to being in a guy's room." 
He puffed out. 
"And that doesn't matter. I'm not used to bring girls home. Usually they see down at me and treat me like dirt."
I didn't believe him. Niall looked good and he seemed to be charming. He was such a guy that many girls wanted. 
"You're saying that just to make me happy." I said and smiled big. "It's okay if you have more experience than me." 
Niall frowned and he didn't like that I didn't believe him. 
"I'm serious. Those girls that I've liked before you have been idiots. I get so angry when they say I'm crazy and ..." he paused. "We change the subject?" 
I nodded and looked around the room. 
"Your mom and why did she left you home alone?" 
Niall swallowed. 
"She's with the church and travel to preach God. I don't believe in her religion so it's always better if I'm home and that she go alone."
I met his gaze again. 
"So what do you believe in?" 
He swallowed and blushed slightly. 
"I guess I believe in something, but I'm young. Why ponder on religion?" 
I laughed. 
"Okay Then you haven't directly liked to take a stand?" 
He looked down at the floor. 
"You'll just say that I'm crazy." 
I shook the head. 
"No, I think you are interesting. I like that you're not like everyone else." 
Niall grinned slightly and looked at me again. 
"I believe that all people are good and bad at the same time. Some are more evil than good and therefore there is war. Much like Yin and yang."
I smiled. 
He blushed slightly and released my hand. 
"I know it might sound crazy, but I think the world is looking to create balance between everything." 
I raised my eyebrows. 
"You have a good religion. I think it sounds good and you may convince me, I will go to your church." 
He smiled and looked at me. Without a word, he gave me a quick kiss. 
"You are already part of my religion. You may be my Mary, the Mother!"


Niall took me to a small resturant and we ate burgers there. We sat in a corner and no one noticed us. I liked that we got to be alone and I felt I was really falling for Niall. 


"You never told me what you believe in?" 
I smiled and looked at Niall. 
"Your religion's better than mine. I just think that we live, we live because of a sentence and when we die we'll find out if we did wrong." 
He laughed. 
"I'll take it in my Bible?" 
I laughed and ate more of the food. 
"So what should we do today?" 
Niall smiled and looked at me. He seemed to ponder. 
"You decide!" 
I shook my head. 
"No, I'm the guest and the guests don't decide." 
He laughed. 
"You're as odd as I am?" 
I smiled. 
"Is why I like you!"

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