The killer in him

News: "The serial killer's still free. Police are powerless and don't have many clues to go by. It comes in tips from around the country and maybe someone out there knows who he is or if this just the beginning?"


19. To escape

We come far away before the car needed to be refuelled. Niall sighed and stopped at the edge of a road. 
"We can't spend money on the car." he said. "I want us to use the money to sleep and to food." 
I agreed. 
"So we'll walk instead?" 
Niall sighed and looked back at Emelie. 
"She's coming ...." He looked at me again. "Please, we can't leave her with a person who doesn't have the police after him, her or them." 
I knew it was the only right choice. 
"But with whom?" I said quietly. "We're not exactly in a city?" 
Niall jumped out of the car and he took out the stroller. 
"We'll find someone."


It was a gray day. We got to go far before the first car drove past us. I didn't care about his bad mood and enjoyed Emelies company. She sometimes was awake and she peered at me. It was as if she had chosen me to take care of her, but I knew it wouldn't last. I knew in my heart that I didn't want to drag her with me when Niall would kill or do his crazy stuff.


We ended up in a little village. Niall chose to stop beside a bench and he looked at me. 
"Stay here!" 
I sat down but I panicked when he took the stroller. I stood up but directly he pushed me back. 
"You know I wont hurt her?" 
I just wanted to cry. 
"We can't..." 
Niall looked coldly at me. 
"You know this is the only way out?" 
I felt the tears coming. 
"But ..." 
Niall didn't care. He walked away with Emelie and I saw how he disappeared against one of the farms. I started to cry and I felt so small. Now I had nothing left that made me stay with Niall.


I chose to take the backpack with food and money. I took it on my back and began to walk. I no longer wanted to hear about Nialls crazy ideas and I knew I wouldn't be able to remain with him. I didn't care about the cars that drove past me and I couldn't decide where I was going. I just wanted to be away from Niall and I no longer wanted to be his girl. A truck stopped and the man rolled down the window. 
"Do you want a ride?" 
"Where are you going?" 
He smiled weakly. 
I realized it was a good idea. I didn't care if he was dangerous or if he was nice. All guys were better than Niall and I was rather with a rapists than with a killer.


"I'm Simon!" he said kindly. I smiled. 
Simon laughed a little bit and started to drive the truck again. 
"You're as old as my daughter." 
I didn't care. He talked about his family and I don't know how many times he emphasized that he missed them.
"You shouldn't be out on the roads." he said, and seemed to care. "That killer's in this part of the country, and who knows if he happens to get past you?" 
I smiled weakly. 
"I don't think he'll kill me?" 
Simon frowned. 
"But he kill anyone? He has even killed younger girls than you." 
I chose not to say anything more. I couldn't explain to Simon that I had been with the killer. He wouldn't understand. I felt more secure with a stranger than with Niall. 
"So where are you going to?" he asked. "Did you run away?" 
I swallowed. 
"I just wanted to see something new than my own home town." I lied. Simon smiled and looked at me. 
"So you just decided to go from home?" 
I nodded, though it was also a lie. 
"Type I lacked to just take care of myself."


Simon drove through villages and towns. I had no idea where I was, and eventually I fell asleep. It was nice to dream about something other than reality and I do not know how long I slept.


It was night when I awoke. Simon had parked the truck and he drank coffee. He looked at me and he seemed to ponder. I saw his eyes slid over my body.
"So you want to have sex?" I got out of me and frowned. "I'm as old as your daughter?"
Simon laughed a little bit.
"I thought about it, but I'm not so sure that you are adult enough to satisfy me."
I was disgusted.
"So you're not normal?"
He laughed and put the coffee cup on the dashboard.
"I like when girls pays me when I drive them."
I sat up and watched as he pulled down his fly. He pulled down his pants so he took put his boner. 
"Take your hand and just do it nice for me." 
I hesitated, but finally I obeyed him. I started to jerk him off and I looked the other way. Simon groaned lightly and he liked that I was sitting there. 
"So take off your panties and ride me." 
I stopped with my hand and stared at him again. He looked at me with horny eyes and he seemed to be as disgusting as I thought. I felt easy with my other hand on the door, but realized that the vehicle was locked. I couldn't jump out and escape.
"Come on!" Simon groaned and took my hand away. He pulled the seat back a little more and did so that I should obey him. I swallowed and shook my head. 
"No, I ...." 
He was fast and he was strong. He grabbed my arm and looked coldly at me. 
"Fuck me!" 
I got scared. I obeyed him and pulled off my clothes on my lower part of my body. I moved over to his knees and immediately he took off all my clothes. He grabbed my waist and forced me down on his cock. I closed my eyes and I was ashamed. I felt disgusted and I just wanted to cry. Simon didn't care. He got me to start riding him and his hands were everywhere. He kissed my neck, my breasts and he caressed my back. He moaned high and his dick was hard. 


I was surprised when Simon opened the door. He lifted me in his arms and jumped down outside the truck. He pushed me up against a tree and he was moving fast. He held his hands tightly over my butt and he hid his face against my neck. 
"Damn, you're so fucking tight." 
I took my legs around his waist and looked in the dark. The only light available was from the truck and we were standing in the dark. No one would see us and I almost wanted to just shout out straight. Simon groaned louder and I realized he was approaching the final. He moved quickly to the hip and he showed the whole body that he loved it. He moaned louder and he moaned in pleasure.


"I want to lick you!" he said suddenly, and put me down on the ground. He went down on his knees and I felt how he made sure that his tongue slid over my clit. I grabbed his head and felt how he took control of me. I groaned silently and parted my legs. Simon let a finger penetrate and he finger fucked me. I closed my eyes and I pressed myself against him.


It happened so fast. Something got into the air and something landed hard on Simon's head. He fell down and I saw that one person killed him. I realized it was Niall.

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