The killer in him

News: "The serial killer's still free. Police are powerless and don't have many clues to go by. It comes in tips from around the country and maybe someone out there knows who he is or if this just the beginning?"


23. The night

Niall sat on the bed and he smiled big. He had picked the food away and I saw at him that he was anything but displeased. He let his hands caress my thighs and he enjoyed the upper hand. 
"I will give you a night you wont forget." 
I was still angry. 
"I wont forget a single day that I have been with you." 
Niall giggled and he looked down over my body. He parted my legs and he seemed to enjoy that I didn't resist. He had big eyes, and he had a crooked smile. 
"You just messing with me." he murmured and leaned down between my legs. He let his tongue slide over my clit and he was happy when he directly hit the right spot. I groaned and he laughed lightly. "You still like an open book, darling. I know everything about you and that's why you will stay with me."
I noticed that he took up a dildo. I pressed directly up my legs together. Niall grinned and made ​​sure he ended up under me. He forced me, with all his force, to share on my legs and then he sat down between my thighs. 
"You're stupid if you resist. The more I'm going to force you." 
I frowned and looked at him. 
"You're going to force me to do anything anyway." 
He smiled calmly and put the vibrator on, at the dildo. I felt how he brought it over my hole and I moaned lightly. Niall let the dildo slowly penetrate. I moaned louder and felt he again took over my body. Niall just grinned and he let me have sex with his ​​dildo. 
"Damn so excited I get when you love it!"
I closed my eyes and I felt how he brought the dildo in and out. I lifted lightly on my hip, and I followed him in every movement. I felt his tongue on my clit and immediately ran the cup over. I felt my whole body exploded and I pressed myself up against his face. I let emotions slip through my body and when I was finished, he removed the dildo. 
"I knew it would work."
He pulled off his clothes and threw them in a pile on the floor. He sat below me and he penetrated. I felt that he didn't have to take it easy because I was completely open for him. Niall moved quickly on his hips and he groaned aloud. He leaned over me and had a hand land on each side of my head. I saw at him he didn't need much. He pumped straight in and he filled my empty hole. 
"I wont let you go." he hissed, and I saw how red his face was. I saw how he was sweating and every musk of his body was tense. He sat down under me again and this time he took up my legs over his shoulders. He closed his eyes and he had his mouth wide open. When he came, he pushed himself hard into me and he moaned loudly. He did all kinds of sounds before he calmed down.


I don't know what to feel anymore. Niall fell down on top of me and he moaned against my ear. I felt his breath on my cheek and he was totally on me. He fell asleep but I couldn't sleep.

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