The killer in him

News: "The serial killer's still free. Police are powerless and don't have many clues to go by. It comes in tips from around the country and maybe someone out there knows who he is or if this just the beginning?"


2. The guy



I still remembered the first time that the news was talking about the mass murderer. I sat on the sofa, was tired and my mom just had to see what had happened in the world. She pressed on the telly box and the news came up on the screen.
"The woman who was found was murdered with anger. Police think it's a one murder, but is unsure why the sixteen-year-old girl was killed., She was popular and her friends say, to the news, that she had no enemies. She was well-liked and she was never out late in the evenings. The killing occurred between Sunday and Monday. The corpse was found late on Tuesday by the landowner and right now trying the police to secure the area."


A few days later did they find a new girl at the age of sixteen and the week after a new girl. Direct everyone started talking about a mass murderer and everyone was scared. 
"You can't go out late at night!" Mom said and I understood her. The killer could be everywhere, and he seemed to like girls my age. At the school, they said the same thing. We would be at home and not do something when the dark came. We shouldn't talk to strange guys and we would be cautious.


"I'm sure he's crazy!" Emma said to me. She wasn't afraid, but she thought it was nasty. "Talk about the fact that we live with widespread fear." 
I agreed and put all the books in the bag. 
"I don't want to run into him. I feel sorry for the girls that he's killed." 
Emma stopped and smiled at me. 
"Me too, it could have been us who were killed and who knows if he's going to kill more."


Saturday was dull. I sat at the computer and chatted with my friends. No one was there and no one dared to defy their parents. I realized that life was pretty dangerous and I realized that one couldn't rely on a single person.


I balked! I sat on Skype and wrote to friends. It just came up and I saw that it wasn't someone I knew. I deleted the message and right as it was came still another one. 
//Hey! I just want to chat, I'm Niall and I'm bored.//
I sighed and answered him. 
//Excuse me, but I don't write to strangers..// 
I was surprised to be sent over an image. I opened it and saw a photo of a blonde, pretty sweet guy. 
//I'm not dangerous.// he wrote. //I just wanted to write to somebody and why not you?//
I chose to write a response. 
//Why me?// 
//I just found you. I sit in my room and my friends aren't online. I apologize if you take offence, but I just wanted to be friendly.//
I smiled and realized that I shouldn't be rude. 
//Okay, but nothing nasty and I'm not someone who sends naked pictures.//
He replied. 
//Hahahah! I don't want to see you naked, but it's always fun to meet new people?//


Niall and I wrote to each other all night and it turned out he was absolutely normal, friendly and fun. I had no thought that he could be a killer and I had no thought that I would be afraid. Niall was just a lonely guy looking for someone to talk to. He found me and I liked him.


//What do you think about the murderer?// Niall asked me on Sunday. I looked at the screen, thinking. 
//He's probably a psychopath.// I wrote. //Why else would he kill girls?//
Niall did answer. 
//Everyone has a cause?// 
I sighed. 
//Maybe so, but it's wrong to kill an innocent person just for the sake's..//
//What if he has a cause?// 
I laughed a little bit. 
//In that case, he may tell it to the police, when they caught him...// 
//But if they don't capture him?// 
I frowned. Niall had really odd thoughts, and why wouldn't the police catch him? 
//Trust me!// I wrote. //He will be caught!//

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