The killer in him

News: "The serial killer's still free. Police are powerless and don't have many clues to go by. It comes in tips from around the country and maybe someone out there knows who he is or if this just the beginning?"


17. The child

Niall woke me up early in the morning. 
"They have woken up!" he whispered, and I sat up. I heard that people went in the barn and I heard voices. "Stop!" 
I looked at Niall and nodded. He crawled up to the edge of the hay and looked down towards the entrance. I realized that there were people there and I was scared. What if the owner would see that we was there?


An hour later, they went into the house and directly Niall and I took us down and out. I was scared and held his hand tightly. We managed to take us from the yard and I felt that this wasn't a good life to live. 
"Do you have a plan?" I whispered. Direct I realized that Niall had no plan B. He looked at me and I saw in his eyes that he didn't know what to say. We dragged ourselves to the forest and finally we were able to take a breather. Niall had brought sausage left over and we ate it all up before we continued.


"We have no money!" I said and looked at him. "We have nowhere to go?" 
Niall sighed and we came to a lake. 
"But we can keep ourselves clean!" he mumbled. We quickly bathed, dried and put on our clothes. We were moving rapidly forward and I realized he didn't have a single plan for the future. 
"So we'll just ....." 
Niall become angry. He stood in front of me and looked coldly into my eyes. 
"If you don't see it, I'm trying!" 
I swallowed. 
"But we can't run around like this?"
Niall looked like a lost puppy. He was angry and he was tired. 
"Give me a chance!" he hissed between his teeth. "I can't just come up with a good plan without further notice."


I followed him. I couldn't just run away and I put my energy to just keep up with him. Niall was quick and I realized that he had more strength, from what I had. He seemed to think, look at the surroundings and eventually he spotted a house. It looked abandoned, but a car was in the driveway. 
"Go there!" he mumbled and I just hung on. Niall was like a little rat. He peered into the house, planned and he looked at the car. 

"Stay here!" he hissed. I sighed and sat down under a tree. I watched as he disappeared towards the house. I was surprised when he went to the door and knocked. I chose to sit there and I was invisible. Niall got the owner to open the door and right as it was, he disappeared into the house. It took a while. 


"Come!" Niall stood on the stairs and looked straight at me. He was happy and I wasn't sure. Finally I stood up and walked towards the house. I saw that he was in great spirits.


On the floor in the kitchen was a man's dead. In the hall was a woman dead. I was shocked and just stared at Niall. It was like he didn't care. Instead he took out their wallets and took out everything that was money. He then looked pleased. 
"We have money, we have a car and now things are happening." 
I swallowed. 
"So you killed them?" 
He grinning. 
"Well, that was easy!" 
I sat down on a chair and just stared at him. Niall found the keys and he made ​​sure we took food from there. He filled a bag with food and then he walked towards the door. 
"Let's go!" 
I gulped and stood up. Something caught my eye. I saw the baby stuff next to the woman and immediately I stopped following Niall. I went to a door and opened it. Inside was a small baby in a crib and slept. 
"We can't leave the baby!" I got out of me.
"Huh?" exclaimed Niall and came towards me. He stood behind me and saw the little baby. "But we can't ..."  
I spun around and looked at him coldly. 
"Should we leave a child to die?" 
Niall hesitated. 
I went straight into the room and picked up the little body in my arms. I saw that the child couldn't be more than a few months old and I saw before me the way he or she would start screaming. 
"We can't leave the child behind." I whispered and looked at Niall again. "He or she will die." 
Niall rolled his eyes and didn't seem amused. 
"Should we pull with us a child now?"
I gulped and nodded. 
"Look up dippers and baby food. It was you who killed her or his parents." 
Niall sighed. He disappeared away and I looked down at the sleeping child. Just for the sake sake I snapped up the romper suit and peered under the diaper. It was a she.


"Damn this is crazy!" Niall mumbled as we walked toward the car. I was happy. She was sleeping and she lay quietly in my arms. We brought everything she needed and I was happy. 
"You killed her parents!" 
Niall sighed and opened the car. He immediately saw the child seat and gave me a dirty look. 
"She's your responsibility!" 
I snorted. 
"You are the murderer!" 
He made ​​sure she ended up in the child seat. 
"Okay, but you're a woman. I know nothing about children!"


Okay! His parents were dead and I felt like a responsible girl. I wanted to take the little girl and when Niall drove us from the cabin I looked at him. 
"I will call her Emelie." 
Niall wasn't happy. 
"She will be our death." 
I just grinned and looked back at her. 
"No way! She's our salvation."

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