The killer in him

News: "The serial killer's still free. Police are powerless and don't have many clues to go by. It comes in tips from around the country and maybe someone out there knows who he is or if this just the beginning?"


16. On the run

Niall and I had been out for a walk. We came in on his street and right as it was stopped Niall abruptly and held me tight. 
"We can't go home!" 
I looked up and noticed that there were two police cars outside Nialls house. I saw Maura in the yard and she was talking to two policemen. 
"Not home!" he murmured and pulled me backwards. "Damn, don't tell me that they have found me?" 
I wanted to run to the house, I wanted to cry, I wanted to capture their attention, but I managed to find the courage. Niall pulled me away from there. We went into a back alley and he was nervous. 
"What the hell do we do now?" he said and almost started to shake. 
"We can go home?" I asked. "I doubt they're looking for you." 
He became angry. 
"Put down that idea. Clearly they're after me, who else?" 
I swallowed. 
Niall was silent and just stared at me. It was as if his thoughts spun around and eventually they landed a crazy idea. 
"Your mom's not looking for you. It's me they want to and it's I who is the violent one. You're just you!" 
"We can go back." I quickly developed. "We can ask them ..." 
Niall put his hand tightly over my mouth and his eyes were cold. 
"Now you just shut up!"


Niall chose not to leave the city via train, bus, or on the main roads. He pulled me through a forest road and he muttered all the time that the police were looking for him. 
"STOP!" I shouted to an end and stopped. "You're so self-centered that you think that it's just you they're looking for. My mom may have opened my computer and they may have seen that I have talked to you on Skype." 
Niall swallowed. 
"Parents don't looking in their children's property." 
I smiled cold towards him. 
"Maura's too nice to you, but my mom are all the time looking for stuff and she always makes sure that I'm not on sex pages or flirting with old men."
Niall grabbed my hand again and we started to walk. 
"Sorry!" he mumbled. "But I must be careful." 
I agreed and chose not to say anything more to him.


We arrived at the barn late at night. The owner was inside the house and ate food. Niall made ​​sure we came up in to the hayloft and we could rest for a while. I peered out toward the house through a crack in the wall. 
"We must be quiet." Niall mumbled and lay down on his back in the hay. I gulped and nodded. My stomach began to rumble and I was hungry. Niall took note of it and sat up. 
"Wait here." 
I had no choice. I lay down and watched him vanish away. I had pain in my legs and I was thirsty. I was hungry and I froze. Talking about that it wasn't fun to escape from the police, even though it wasn't my choice.


Nial came back. He brought water in a dunk and he had with him sausage in a bag. 
"They have a cellar." he grinned. "It was unlocked from the outside and it was just for me to walk in." 
I couldn't bother over that we had shoplifted food. I took a sausage and ate a few with gusto. We shared on the water and in the end we measured. It was better than nothing and I felt my body slowly began to fall asleep. The last thing I thought was that I should leave Niall.

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