The killer in him

News: "The serial killer's still free. Police are powerless and don't have many clues to go by. It comes in tips from around the country and maybe someone out there knows who he is or if this just the beginning?"


24. new city

In a week I Nialls slave. He had me in bed and I was just going to the bathroom sometimes to make my needs. He seemed almost changed and I saw at him that he was pleased with me, as a slave. 
"Tomorrow we have to leave London." he said one evening. "The police begin to suspect that the killer's here now, so we're going to pull us up in the country." 
I looked at him as he began to pack. He then stood and picked out clothes for me and it seemed like he didn't care about what I wanted.
"You'll look like an edited whore." he mumbled and I just sighed. He seemed to live out his fantasy and he did everything so that I would change.


In the morning he took me on a tight black dress, high heels, makeup, and he was pleased with the result. He drove the car up to the hotel so that I didn't have to walk more than necessary and he kept me under surveillance. As I sat in the car, he took on me on the car belt and put handcuffs on me, so that my hand was stuck. 
"You don't trust me?" I mumbled. Niall just smiled and looked at me quickly. 
I sighed. He started the car and we left London. I saw how people lived their normal lives.


We arrived at a small town when the sun went down. Niall drove into a parking lot and stopped the car. He leaned back in the car and started to rummage through things. 
"You stay in the car." he said and pulled out a bag. I noted that he had the white mask and the knife in the bag. I knew what he felt like doing. He left me quickly and directly, I tried to remove the handcuffs from my wrist. I didn't succeed, but I didn't give up. I saw that Niall went down the street, through the rearview mirror. I realized that he was going to kill again and I knew that another girl would die.


Niall came back after an hour. He was happy and he threw the bag in the trunk. He walked around the car and opened my car door. 
"We're going to fuck now!" he said and took away the handcuffs from my wrist. He yanked me out of the car and took me up on the hood. Without a word, he pulled down my pants and he moaned loudly. He pulled down his fly and penetrated. I noticed that no one saw us. Niall worked quickly and he held his hands tightly around my body. He panted against my ear and he moved quickly on the hip. It took him only a few minutes before he came. He pressed himself into me and I felt him shaking. He moaned against my cheek and he held me tight. 
"Thank you darling!" he murmured, as if I had had a choice?


At night we slept in the car. I was still stuck and couldn't escape from him. Niall fell asleep in the back seat and he was snoring loudly. I saw how the night took over and the stars shone. I realized that it would only go downhill. Niall was changing and I had even lost count of how many people he had killed.

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