The killer in him

News: "The serial killer's still free. Police are powerless and don't have many clues to go by. It comes in tips from around the country and maybe someone out there knows who he is or if this just the beginning?"


10. His girl...

I just sat on Nialls bed and stared at him. He took a quick shower and stood in the middle of the floor with just underwear on. He dried his hair and smiled at me. 
"You know I did the right thing?" he whispered happily. "I know it may come as a shock, but it's actually fun to kill. You should try it?" 
I shook directly on the head. 
"Niall, call the police and say that it's you who...." 
He laughed. 
"Why, it's wonderful right now. My girlfriend knows everything about me and I wont tell the truth to them. I'm here to stay and I wont give up!" 
I swallowed and wondered how I would get home. I didn't want to stick around. It was as if Niall was reading my thoughts. 
"I can't let you go now." he said confidently. "You stay with me and you will take care of me, just as I take care of you."
"But mom ...." 
He cut me off quickly. 
"She will understand. Write her a letter and just tell her that you to run away with me. I know she will understand." 
I frowned. 
"That's a lie!" 
He didn't care and put away the towel. 
"I can tell you what to write. I'm good at getting together texts." 
I hesitated, and I just wanted to leave. Niall picked up a writing paper, pen and a book that he laid the paper on. He gave it to me and smiled big. 
"Write this: Mom, I know you'll be sorry or mad at me!" 
I had tears in my eyes, but I didn't dare to contradict him. I did as he wanted and wrote. Niall smiled and sat down next to me. 
"I found a guy, boyfriend, and I want to live with him. I'll let you know when I have found myself and don't be worried about me. You know I will do well and he takes care of me."


I had no idea why Niall let me live, or why he even needed me. He posted the letter when I slept at night and when I woke up he was ready to order me around. He smiled and he seemed in good spirits. I still had the pictures from the park in my head and I suffered. 
"So you're going to kill again?" 
He smiled and nodded enthusiastically. 
"It's something that attracts. It's fun and I love to see the girls fears, just when I raise the knife over them." 
I swallowed. 
"Why must they be naked?" 
He smiled wider and raised her eyebrows. 
"The most beautiful thing is naked bodies. I love boobs and I love pussies. I love to see, but not touch. I haven't had sex with them and it's not about sex. It's about purity for me."
"Are you gonna kill me?" 
Niall laughed and lay down beside me. He kissed me lightly on the cheek. 
"No, because you are mine. Those girls aren't mine." 
I swallowed again and I had many questions. 
"So you just kill because it's fun?" 
He hesitated. 
"Partly, but at the same time it's like to have an orgasm. My whole body tingles and I get so happy afterwards." 
I shook of widespread fear. 
"So the girls haven't done anything to you?" 
He smiled. 
"Well, they're egoistic and lacking heart. The first girl was talking to me through the net for a month. When she met me, she was like an ice cube and I was mad at her. The others have also treated me wrong."
I didn't dare to ask more. Niall smiled and he quickly pulled down his pants. 
"I'm horny!" 
I swallowed. 
"Not me." 
He didn't care. He pulled down my panties, spread my legs and he laid on top of me. I felt how he penetrated but it hurt. 
"Please, darling." he whispered tenderly and groaned. "You love me and sex is what holds us together as a couple." 
He kissed me and I felt compelled to respond to the kiss. I felt how he began to move on the hip and it wasn't long until he glanced at me. I felt how he hard humping against me and he enjoyed the moment to the full.
"Damn you should enjoy!" he groaned. He sat up underneath me and took my legs up on his shoulders. He penetrate and started again bounce against me. He let his hand slide down and he moved his fingers over my clit. I was angry when I reacted. I didn't want to, but he took control and I whimpered. I spread my legs and held them straight up in the air on each side of Nialls body. He smiled down at me and I felt he was in control of everything. He continued to caress me and bent over my body. His tongue began to play with my nipples and I forgot time and space. The only thing that was available was what we did and I moaned loudly. I whimpered and I didn't know what was going on. Niall moved faster and faster. He stroked me harder and finally I came. I screamed and took my hands around his head. I whimpered and I was shaking. It was as if everything just spun around and finally I landed on the pillow. Niall continued until he came. 


"Do I have to stay?" I whispered. Niall lay on top of me and he looked straight into my eyes. 
"Yes, that's the only way I can protect you." 
I swallowed. 
"I don't like the fact that you kill." 
He smiled, 
"I haven't said that you have to like it. I have just said that it's my job and I'm not going to quit. You don't need to approve anything that I do."
He kissed me and I felt his arms around my body. We were tired and I felt I almost wanted to go back to sleep.


"I'm home!"
I balked. Niall smiled and ended the kiss.
"Mommy's home!" Then he turned his head toward the door. "We will be out shortly."
"Have you company?"
"Yeah my girlfriend!"


Nialls mom smiled at me. She stretched out her hand and she seemed friendly. I asked myself directly if she knew that Niall was a killer. 
"I'm Bessy!" I said uncertainly. She smiled big and looked at me from the bottom up. 
"I'm Nialls mother Maura!" 
Niall giggled and took his arm around my shoulder. 
"Mom, she will stay here a few days if that's okay? She has problems at home and she needs a bed." 
Maura seemed to believe what he said. 
"Should I embed an extra bed?" 
Niall laughed. 
"No, she sleeps in my bed."
She frowned. 
"You're not married yet?" 
Niall laughed. 
"I'm twenty years old and you know I have six. Don't play dumber than you are." 
I blushed and felt that I didn't want to stay. She sighed and picked up bags of food on the kitchen counter. 
"You young people should think before you have sex. It's not responsible." she then looked at me. "And you look young?" 
Niall was annoyed. 
"Mom stop, she's sixteen years old and she can take responsibility for her own choices. You aren't her mother."


"Your mother is kind?" 
Niall snorted and we went to the center in his town. 
"She's just funny. She thinks she's right, but she's wrong." 
I swallowed. 
"I suppose she means well?" 
Niall snorted again. 
"We don't talk about her any more!" 
I nodded and looked down at the ground. I felt I didn't fit into his life, and I wondered how I would get home. I knew he wouldn't let me go, but maybe I could escape from him?
"I intend to make this the day to yours." Niall continued. "You deserve to be spoiled and I'm certainly going to spoil you." 
I didn't say anything. He stopped outside a shop and smiled at me. 
"You get what you want." 
"I don't want ..." 
He interrupted me. 
"Then I buy what I think's right for you."


Niall bought underwear to me. He bought short skirts and sexy clothes. I didn't want them, but he seemed not to care. 
"You should change your style!" he said, as an apology. "I like sexy underwear!"

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