The killer in him

News: "The serial killer's still free. Police are powerless and don't have many clues to go by. It comes in tips from around the country and maybe someone out there knows who he is or if this just the beginning?"


27. finally

I woke up when I saw the police cars, an ambulance and a lot of other people. I saw Jeff and I saw that he was alive. I didn't see Niall, and I didn't care. Instead, I took a jacket around my body and I swallowed. What would I do now? Maybe I would end up in prison, because of Niall?


A police officer knocked on the window. I hesitated but I rolled down the window. 
"You are saved!" he said in a friendly voice. "We must get you to the hospital and examine you." 
I hesitated. 
"And Niall?" 
He looked at me and I saw that he hesitated, which meant that Niall was dead. 
"We'll tell you everything."


If you have ever had your fifteen minutes of fame, you know how it is. Everyone wanted to interview the girl who was Nialls prisoner and everyone wanted to talk to me. I locked myself into the room at the hospital and I refused. The police had to come in and they found out all that I knew about. I told them about everything that Niall had done, said and what had happened. Eventually they let mom come in to me and I cried. I threw myself into her arms. 
"Forgive me!" 
She hugged me and she almost cried more than me. 
"It's I who should forgive you." she whispered. "It's I who should have protected you."


I don't know when it would end! The newspapers called, TV wanted me and I sat in my room. I didn't want to tell everyone about what had happened. Instead mom chose to take me to a psychologist and slowly I opened myself up to him. I told her about the first meeting with Niall, I told her about Emily and I told her about the murders. It was as if I didn't remember everything that had happened, but it was wonderful to let somebody know about it.




The doctor looked at me and he frowned. 
"I know you wont like this." 
I wanted to know and he sighed. 
"You're pregnant!"




Maura looked at me for a long time. I had gone to her, to tell. 
"So you have Nialls child in your belly?" 
I nodded and I cried. 
"I know I wont be able to take care of the child." I looked down at my hands and swallowed. "If I give birth to the child, you can adopt him or her?" 
I heard how she balked. 
"Why do you want that?" 
I had many causes. 
"I don't want to make an abortion and it's too late to do it legally. It's not the child's fault that things happened and I want to give him or her a fair chance." 
Maura took her arms and hugged me tightly. 
"You mean give me a second chance?" 
I nodded. Maura was crying and I felt she wouldn't let me go. We made a tacit agreement and the date when the child was born, she took care of him.


On May 20, was a boy born. He was named Niall Horan. This time Niall would get a fair chance. He would grow up and realize that love was more valuable than hatred.






---------The end-----------------


I know! Stupid ending, but I couldn't think about anything else.

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