The killer in him

News: "The serial killer's still free. Police are powerless and don't have many clues to go by. It comes in tips from around the country and maybe someone out there knows who he is or if this just the beginning?"


18. Emelie

I forced Niall to stop at a roadside restaurant. Emelie wept and was probably hungry. I noted that there was a stroller in the trunk and immediately had Niall to take it out. 
"We also need to eat." he said and looked coldly at the baby. I just snorted. I put down Emelie in the stroller, took with me drapers and her food. Then I went into the bathroom. I managed to change a diaper on her and I managed to arrange for her to get food. When we got back to the car seemed Niall at least happy that she was quiet. He had brought out some chicken and water. 
"We can' drag around with a child!" he said quickly. "You know she will..." 
We fell silent. A police car pulled into the parking lot. We stood and ate at the car luggage, and I gripped the stroller next to me. The police car stopped and a police woman jumped out. She smiled at us and right as it was, she came up to the cart. I saw at Niall that he was ready. He grabbed a hard wrench that was among the stuff in the back. The police woman just smiled and looked down into the cart. 
"So cute!" 
I smiled and swallowed. 
She bent over the stroller and had no thought about the two of us. 
"So wonderful little fellow!" 
Niall gulped and he looked at me. His eyes said it all. The police wouldn't look at us, when we happened to come across them. They would just look at the baby and actually smiled Niall,
"I she's only a few months old." he said and looked like a proud father. She stood up straight and smiled at us. 
"You are fortunate. Me and my husband have been trying for years to become parents, but we can't."
I had no idea what to say. She smiled at me and then towards Niall. 
"You are young, you will understand when you get older." 
I just nodded. I puffed out as she walked off towards the dinning area and disappeared through the door.


"That's just crazy!" Niall exclaimed, laughing. "Talk about you're right! Emelie will bring luck with them and we keep her." 
I smiled and looked down at her. 
"I know and she deserves to live."


In the evening, Niall chose to book a room at a motel. We wanted to sleep in normal beds and I had more opportunities to take care of Emelie. Niall took off and fetched shampoo and he brought new clothes for us. It was nice to get clean in the shower and it was a wonderful feeling to have on clean clothes. Emelie had to sleep in the stroller and she had nothing against it. Instead, she seemed tired and I was happy.


I was surprised when Niall started to get ready to leave us for a while. 
"I'm just going out and walk." he said. I got scared. I realized that he wanted to kill again, and I followed him with my eyes. Niall said nothing, although he saw that I understood. He just kissed me quickly on the lips and then he left us. I noted that there was a telephone in the room. It took me a few seconds to realize that I could call home. I picked up the receiver and heard the tone. It was as if I still hesitated. I looked over to the stroller and I knew they would take Emelie from us. I looked towards the door and I knew that the police would catch Niall, id I just called home. It was as if I had that choice and nothing more. I put down the phone. I wasn't ready to let it happen. I didn't want that Emelie would end up with a strange family, and somewhere deep down I didn't want that Niall would end up in prison, not yet.


Niall came back to the room at some point during the night. He showered and then crawled into bed. I felt that he was naked and he let his hand slide down between my legs. He lay down behind my back and groaned. 
I didn't want to have sex, but Niall didn't give up. He let his hand slip inside my panties and he caressed me so perfectly. It didn't take long until I was lying on my back with him over me. Niall tore off my clothes and he penetrated. I spread my legs and I kissed him. He moaned and he was hard in the movements. He spun around and made sure that I sat on him. He forced me to start riding him and he caressed my body. He moaned and he was horny. 
"Faster ..." 
I obeyed him and closed my eyes. I bent forward and let my hands rest against his chest. Niall grabbed my waist and he forced me to hard landing against him over and over again. Then he came. He moaned and he shook.


I was surprised when he forced me to sit over his face. I grabbed the headboard and I felt his tongue began to lick me. He held his hands hard over my legs and he took care of the area. I groaned when I felt he made ​​me shake and give up. I almost rode on his face and I felt his tongue penetrated. I whimpered and I closed my eyes. Eventually I came and I could feel my whole body lost it. I screamed almost straight out. I had to calm me down before I heard Emelies screams. Niall pushed me away and groaned cold. 
"Damn, damn ...." 
I was fast. I took myself away from the bed and lifted her up in my arms. I felt the diaper needed to change and I worked quickly. Eventually she was asleep again. Niall showered again and came out naked to us. 
"We can't keep the kid." 
I looked at him coldly. 
"Yes, we can." 
He sighed and shook his head. 
"She wont disturb us at all times and we can't move fast foreward with a stroller." 
I looked at him coldly. 
"You saw what the police woman did?"
Niall came up to me and took his arms around my body. He swallowed and looked into my eyes. 
"It's more fun when you're with me. It was so lonely tonight and I need you more than what Emelie need us." 
I pushed him away. 
"Stop Niall, we can't kill her." 
He smiled. 
"No, but we put set her outside a door, I mean everyone loves kids and why not let an adult take care of her?" 
I frowned. 
"I want to take care of her." 
He didn't like that idea. 
"Bessy, come on, we aren't adult enough to ...." 
"You're twenty years old?" 
Niall sighed. 
"Yes, but,,,," he became quiet and I realized he gave up.

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