The killer in him

News: "The serial killer's still free. Police are powerless and don't have many clues to go by. It comes in tips from around the country and maybe someone out there knows who he is or if this just the beginning?"


25. A house

In the morning Niall ran into the woods. He seemed to look for an abandoned house, and he spent a long time before he almost gave up. He parked outside the cottage-style building and went to the door. I saw a guy open the door and Niall went inside. Directly I came to think about Emelie, the baby I once had saved. I realized that Niall was looking for more murder and I was afraid that there would be children inside the house. Niall came out and he was working quickly. He parked the car behind the house and then pulled me in. I said nothing and he didn't want to talk to me. He had to work to get me through the door. Directly I saw two guys lying bound on the floor. They just stared at me and none of them said anything. 
"They are gay." Niall whispered in my ear and closed the door. "So they wont be eager to fuck you." 
I chose to put me down on the couch. Niall locked the door and rummaging through the house. 
"We have no money here." said one of the guys. Niall didn't listen and he went around and looked at everything. 
"Have you nothing of value?" 
The guys quickly shook their head. 
"No, we just borrow the cottage for the weekend. My grandmother owns the house."
Niall was disappointed and came back to us. 
"So you don't even have food?" 
"No?" replied one. "We haven't been shopping yet. We just got here ..." 
Niall sat down next to me and he looked at the guys. It was as if he thought about what he would do. 
"Don't kill them!" I whispered. Niall didn't listen. He looked at the guys and he was totally inside what he planned. 
"So you are gay?" 
One guy nodded weakly. 
Niall sighed. 
"So you haven't got to know what it's like to be with a girl?" 
What would they say? I looked coldly at Niall and hoped that he didn't wanted me to rape them. I would refuse and I didn't want to hurt them, just because they were gay.


I was still sitting on the couch all day. Niall picked in our things to the house and he chose to move the guys to the couch. They sat next to me and seemed as uncertain as I was.
"My name is Jeff!" whispered one guy to me, when Niall was in the kitchen. "My boyfriend's name's Sam."
"I'm Bessy!" I replied just as quietly. "Niall's the one in the kitchen and I must warn you. He's a murderer."
Jeff smiled weakly.
"I expected that."
What would I tell them? Run for your life, even if your stuck?
Sam gulped and looked at me. 
"Is he really a killer?" 
I nodded. 
"That's him in all the papers." 
Sam seemed to understand that they couldn't do anything about it. 
"So we will be his victim?" 
I nodded again weak. 
"I sense that he plans to kill again." 
Jeff sighed. 
"Talk about we get a stupid ending?" he laughed, and I saw that he was laughing out of fear and not because it was funny. "Mom will surely be amazed. She thought that a gay would kill me, but instead it will be Niall."


Niall came out to us. He had a bottle of wine in his hand and he drank from it. He sat down on a chair across from us and he stared at the boys. 
"Gay Men?" 
I snorted lightly and saw at him that the subject attracted him. Niall heard my snort and he looked directly at me. 
"Haven't you wondered how gay men are in bed?" 
I shook my head quickly. 
Niall smiled weakly and drank more. He stood up and walked over to Sam. 
"Do you suck cock?" 
Sam didn't answer. Niall laughed a little bit and I saw that he had boner. I was afraid he would rape the guys. 
"You don't touch them." I said cool, but Niall just smiled at me and he didn't listen. 
"He can suck my dick? I have never been with a guy before."
Sam looked coldly up at him. 
"If you put it into my mouth I will bite it off." 
Niall became serious and looked at him again. 
"You wouldn't dare!" 
Sam smirked. 
"Try me!" 
Niall blinked and I saw that he wasn't sure what to say. He frowned and sat down at the table. He watched Sam carefully. 
"So you're not gay?" 
Sam just smiled cold. 
"Yeah, but I don't fuck with idiots like you."
Niall snorted and looked over at Jeff. 
"You what?" 
Jeff shook his head quickly. He was more scared and I saw at him that he wasn't sure. Niall then looked at me and sighed. 
"So I only have you left?" 
I frowned and looked away. I didn't wanted to play his games. Niall sat on the table and it was as if he understood that we were three against one.

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