We tend to think of Angels as good and Demons as evil, but Angels do fall and even Demons have been know to seek redemption.


6. Chapter 6

"Briony! Open the door!"  Yells a man's voice from outside. This yell is accompanied by loud banging on the wooden door that separated the guards from Briony. She whimpered slightly as she shoved a few clothes and food into her bag. "Briony!! We know you're in there! Open this door, immediately!" Briony runs to the bedroom, the furthest room from the guards, and locks the door, tears streaming down her pale face. She backs up towards the window, wincing each time the guard kicked the door. It eventually breaks off it's hinges and slams to the ground. "Briony!"

Briony turns and faces the window, slinging her bag over her shoulder. She gingerly steps onto the stone window sill as the guards search the house for her. Her dress flutters in the wind and her blonde hair whips her tear-stained face. She watches the clouds slowly pass below her, silver in the moonlight.

"Briony, let us in!" The man's voice calls out again as he hammers on the door. They had found her. When Briony doesn't answer, the man mutters some words to the guards, instructing them to break down the door. Briony takes a deep breath.

"Forgive me, Lord, for what I am about to do." Bang. "I wish not to taint Your holy power, but I ask that, in Your goodness, You have mercy on my soul." Bang. Briony speeds up her words in the hope that she can finish her prayer before the guards get to her. "What I am about to do, I do it in hope that I may return, some day, to Your merciful arms!" The door slams to the ground and the guards rush in. Briony turns slowly to face them. The man in charge of the guards steps in front of them, revealing his face in the moonlight. Gabriel. He holds his hand out to Briony.

"Briony... Please... Don't. Don't fall. You know that if you do, you can't return. You've seen what happened to those who have tried." Gabriel's fear shows on his face. "I have no choice, but to arrest you, so I ask of you this... Please, come with me." Briony's tears glisten as she shakes her head slowly.

"You know I can't do that, Gabriel..." She whispers. "I hope we meet again... I'm sorry, old friend. Look after my baby, Gabriel." She leans backwards and pushes away from the window.

"Nooo!" Gabriel shouts as he leans out of the window trying to grab her.

"I ask forgiveness of You, 'o merciful Lord!" She cries falling through the sky. "Amen!" Her shouts turn to screams of pain and fear as brown feathers pass her. She twists to look at her wings and screams louder when she sees blood mixed with feathers from her once beautiful wings. She passes out, tumbling through the air as clumps of blood and feathers fall around her.

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