We tend to think of Angels as good and Demons as evil, but Angels do fall and even Demons have been know to seek redemption.


4. Chapter 4

I wait patiently outside of Gabriel's office. In a couple minutes, I would find out whether I would become one! I was excited, but I wanted need to remain calm if I wanted to impress Gabriel.

"Come in." A voice calls from inside the office. I slowly open the door and step inside, shutting the door carefully behind me. I look at the figure who was sitting in a crisp white suit behind a large oak desk and bow slightly. "Take a seat." Gabriel says gesturing to the seat opposite him. I sit down, smiling. Gabriel looked no older than twenty-five with his chiselled features, yet is one of the oldest serving member of Him. Gabriel's curly, chestnut hair stopped above his shoulders and his bright blue eyes were intelligent and friendly. "Do you know why you are here, Bronte?"

"I do, Gabriel." I say confidently.

"Then we shall get straight to the point." He says. "You have never been later with any appointments, you help deliver supplies and messages, you are liked by many of our people, and much, much more." He looks at some papers on his desk. He nods and mutters to himself as he reads and I sit quietly. Five minutes later he looks up and studies me, his expression not giving anything away. "You need to pick a colour." This statement confuses me. What did he mean?

"I'm sorry, Gabriel, but I don't understand. Pick a colour for what?" My question seems to amuse him as he smiles at my blank expression.

"For your wings of course." It takes a second for his words to sink in.

"Y-you mean..." Gabriel grins.

"Yes, Bronte. You have been accepted as an Archangel." My eyes widen.

"I-I got accepted?!" I ask incredulously.

"Yes, Bronte." A new voice sounds out and I turn in surprise. In the doorway stands three of the Archangels, the fourth being Gabriel. I watch as Raphael, Uriel, Michael all walk inside and Gabriel takes his place next to them as they stand behind my chair. I stand, shaking, and face the four Archangels.

"You're one of us now, Bronte." Uriel says smiling. He was a good friend of mine and I had longed for a while to join him.

"The first female Archangel... I never thought I'd exist to see the day." Raphael jokes. Michael punches his shoulder lightly and looks at me. He was the most serious of the four of them.

"Bronte, are you ready to accept the responsibility of an Archangel?" He asks, concerned. I place my hand on his arm, looking into his green eyes.

"You don't have to worry, Michael. I'll be fine."


I still can't believe how wrong I was.

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