We tend to think of Angels as good and Demons as evil, but Angels do fall and even Demons have been know to seek redemption.


2. Chapter 2

I wake with a start, eyes opening to reveal a faintly lit room. I sit up and slip out of bed, heading towards the bathroom. I don't bother waiting for my vision to sort itself out as I know the layout of the room off by heart. The floor changes from soft carpet to hard tiles as I step into the small room. I switch on the light and groan as the white light hurts my eyes. I wait for my eyes to adjust to the harsh light before looking into the mirror. I really wish I hadn't. My ginger hair was in tangles and sticking up at odd angles. I wince. It wasn't usually this bad.

Fifteen minutes of battling my hair and one broken hairbrush later, I manage to tame my ginger locks into a seemingly respectable high ponytail. I wash my face and brush my teeth before going back to my bedroom. I fling open the thick curtains and rummage through my wardrobe for something to wear.

"Boring. Old. Too shiny. Not even mine. Ah, now this will look nice." I smile as I pull out a pair of navy blue skinny jeans and a cyan, one-sleeved top. I get dressed and slip on my black pumps, admiring my outfit in my large mirror as I did so. Hooking my arm through the handle of a white basket, I look around my room, making sure I hadn't forgotten anything before I left. I smile and head out of the front door and close it behind me, walking in the direction of the market afterwards.

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