We tend to think of Angels as good and Demons as evil, but Angels do fall and even Demons have been know to seek redemption.


1. Chapter 1

"NOOOOO!!!" A piercing shriek fills the air as a woman struggles against her captor."My baby! Please, don't take my baby!" Her sobs are ignored by the man who is restraining her. The second man's cold expression remains constant as he lifts a small child out of it's crib with surprising gentleness.

"You know the law, Briony." He mutters, cradling the sleeping baby and turning to look at her. Briony's legs give way and she collapses in the arms of the first man, her face shining with tears.

"Please, Dexious...Give her a chance... She hasn't done any-"

"The law still stands!" The second man speaks firmly, anger and despair in his eyes. "I warned you, Briony. There is nothing more I can do."  He walks away stiffly, but stops by the medium sized door that separated the small group from the chilly night air. "You should go before they come for you as well." His voice resembling a whisper. "Hexander." He says to the man restraining Briony. She falls to the ground as Hexander lets her go and joins Dexious' side. Dexious looks at Briony who sits in a heap on the floor, sobs racking her shoulders.

"Dexious..." She whispers.

"Forgive me, Briony, but we must follow the rules. Even if it breaks our heart." He turns away and follows Hexander out of the small house, leaving Briony screaming curses at them.

"I trusted you!" Her screeches fill the air. "I trusted you and you betrayed me! Give her back! Give me back my baby!" Her screams give way to sobs and wails. "Give me back my baby...!"

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