They Are Different

Lauren is a normal teenage girl and loves the internet. The only part that makes her different is that she has had to move to another house because her mum (Rosie) wants a new start after her husband (Lauren's dad) died because of a car accident on his way home from work. When Lauren moves to her new house with her mum far away from her old home, she realises that something is different about this new place...


2. Chapter 2

Laurent POV


I woke up at 4:40 in the morning sweating and shaking. Great, I just woke up from another nightmare. I have been having this dream for ages since my dad died. It's a dream of what happened to my dad but its me driving and my dad is in the passenger seat and he dies right in front of me. I don't know why I dream this because I wasn't even in the car when my dad was hit by the truck. In fact, I was fast asleep at the time. I decided I needed to clear my head so I got out of bed since I knew that I wouldn't get back to sleep anytime soon. I got my running gear and clothes on and went out of the door and started running. I don't really know this place very well but I suppose that I can remember my way back home. I cant really get lost anyway, Bozeman is a very small place. I love running, it makes me feel free, the wind blowing in my face and hair makes me feel like I am flying. I feel as free as a bird soaring trough the sky.

After 20 minutes of running, I came onto the road that my new house is on. I reached the part near my drive and I stopped to have a drink. I decided to do some stretches to cool down, I was looking around when something caught my eye. The house next to mine, it was the one my mum was talking about last night. So that's where that girl lives with her brother I thought to myself. I looked back at the house when I was walking up to mine and I am sure that I saw a boy at the curtains peeking through with a girl by his side. I looked into their eyes and they quickly disappeared like they wasn't there in the first place. Weird was the first thing I thought to myself.

I walked back inside the house and it was just going 5:15 am. I quickly hopped into the shower in my own bathroom that's attached to my room, and I got cleaned up. b the time I had gotten out the shower and dried my hair it was 6:30 am. Thee sun was just starting to rise. I grabbed an apple and decided to sit in the back garden and listen to the birds singing.

It was dark and I could feel something cold touching my face. I then realised that I have my eyes closed so I opened them and found my mum standing right in front of me with her had on my head checking I was okay. " Good morning sweetie!" She said happily but carried on, " I was just wondering if there was any chance you would do some shopping for food and plants?" She questioned. "Yep, of course I will... But do you know where the shops are to get all the things we need, because I don't?" I asked concerned. "Nope," she replied popping the p, " But you could ask them kids next door if they know of any places where you can go!" she said way too excited. I just sighed and nodded okay because I didn't want to argue. I grabbed my car keys and headed out of the door to next doors house. Well, I was going to have to see them sometime soon, I just thought it wouldn't be this soon.


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