They Are Different

Lauren is a normal teenage girl and loves the internet. The only part that makes her different is that she has had to move to another house because her mum (Rosie) wants a new start after her husband (Lauren's dad) died because of a car accident on his way home from work. When Lauren moves to her new house with her mum far away from her old home, she realises that something is different about this new place...


1. Chapter 1

Lauren's POV

I slowly examined the mountain of boxes in my new room, wondering when the internet will finally be up and running. Not being able to shop online or go on YouTube is like missing a part of my brain. I've been here for tree days! THREE DAYS with NO internet connection. If you're wondering, I moved here with my mum because of family problems, and there's nothing to do. As I got up, wondering to look through some boxes or not, my mum yelled, "Lauren...your tea is ready!" I ran downstairs almost falling, it has been ages since my mum made a proper meal that's homemade.

My mums name is Rosie but she likes to be called Rose. I walked into the kitchen, it was so much bigger than our old kitchen and it feels bare. She had made our favourite tea, meat and potato pie, and she placed it on the table with flour in her long , curly blond hair. I wish I looked more like her. Dark grey eyes, perfect figure and lovely long hair, she could make anything look amazing unlike me. I have long red/ginger hair, blue eyes, some curves but I have the palest skin ever. I am 16 years old, my mum is 37 years old. She keeps on trying to get me to go out more to meet new people before school starts and I become the new student, but I don't want to.

At my old school in California, I was never popular, I was the type of person that would get to class early so I could sit in the corner hidden away from everyone. I was never like any of the other girls. They have tanned skin, I have pale skin that wont tan. They have blond, brown or black hair mostly, I have red or ginger as they would call it. Everyone seemed loud and confident, I am shy and nervous.  The list could go on. I now live in a new little area called Bozeman in Montana, and there's only a few houses and shops near us.

My mum interrupted my thoughts while I was eating by coughing, "Hey chucky, guess what I saw today when I was examining that awful garden?" Before I even got to talk she carried on, " A girl around your age that lives next door, and she goes to your new school. Her name is Lexi, she also has a twin brother, I only got a glimpse of him but he seems a right hotty. He also goes to your school. I didn't get a chance to find out his name though. It's great isn't it?" Somehow, I figured out that she wasn't asking me a question, she was telling me it was great. I didn't want to reply saying how I really felt because it would upset her so I just nodded.

I finally finished tea and decided to  unpack boxes. I started thinking about dad. I miss him so much, he was one of my best friends and a farther to me at the same time. I wish he wasn't driving home when a man was driving a lorry when he was drunk and hit him head on. I could feel tears streaming down my face, the accident only happened three months ago. I decided not to finish unpacking o I took a shower and went to bed.

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