Sleepover:Everything changed

Ella host an sleepover on the last day of school.She invites 3 of her best friends to come.When her ex-best friend turns up.....everything changes is it an good change or a bad change.................


4. The game is on........

"I can't do it because My mum said stay at home" I said 

"Come on your brother will be on cover"  Maddie hissed.

"You think?"

"Of course he always do..." Jessica spoke. 

"Okay....lets go" 

We climbed out of my window we jumped on this balcony and climbed down it.When we was down we ran out of the street so nobody would see us.

"We haven't got an car so how are we going to win?"  I cried . 

"Erm.....My dad got an car and he taught me how to drive in case of an emergency....This is an emergency isn't it?" Katie asked.

"Sure it is.....where is your house then?" Maddie hissed. 

"We are standing here come on!" Katie yelled. 

We got inside the car,it was an red car and it was an 5 seater. We drove to our first mission ,it was new look! When we got out of the car we saw the other group just finished that mission so we ran,the doll wardrobe was locked.The only one that was open was the kids section so we had to change all the kid dolls in dresses! It looked very funny!!!We took an picture for prove so the other girls wouldn't say we were lying. 

" What next on our list?"  Jessica questioned. 

I pulled out the list and spoken"Go to the London Capital Club and find our date!"

We got back i the car,I was the one that had to go on this silly date because none of the girls would do it how lame? I basically had to do all of the challenges. When I got there I saw the other team go in they just walked in without the security guard knowing. 

"Can I have your ID ladies please?" The very tall security guard yelled down my ear. 

" we are with the other ladies who just walked in and I lefted it in my car be an minute"Katie yelled back to him. 

"How are we going to get pass them?"Maddie cried. 

"I've got a plan....round the back off the club were only speaker people get in!" 

We ran as quick as possible around the back there were no security. We found somebody to buy an drink and quickly snapped an picture.

"Stay longer .,...." the man shouted.

"I wish i can but I have to go  back on the mission see ya soon bye!" 

  We lefted the club and found the other girls and ran back to the car.......


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