Sleepover:Everything changed

Ella host an sleepover on the last day of school.She invites 3 of her best friends to come.When her ex-best friend turns up.....everything changes is it an good change or a bad change.................


3. Surpise?

The door bell rang....

"Who could it be?" Katie said.

"Don't know it can't be the pizza place because we just rang it" Jessica Said.

I opened the door and it is Olivia dressed up. 

"Why ain't you at the prom?" I said.

"Didn't want too go!" Olivia answered pushing through the door. 

Olivia walked upstairs into my room and sat down on the chair by my Mac.

"Lily is having an sleepover,we should link the two together." Olivia announced.

"That would be so cool....we should" Jessica yelled. 

"Do you have web cam so we can see the others in the sleepover?"

"Yeah here let me set it up!" I said. 

"Hey I know what we could do a hunt." Olivia yelled

"Sure.....what's the prize?" Maddie Asked.

" get back row seats in classes,to get £15 to share from the team that loses and a voucher each for the new beauty shop down town in?" 

"The £15 to share and the voucher in!" I said.

Olivia handed me a list of what we are doing

1. To go to New look and dress the dolls in your own underwear

2. To get a date on a website and go to London  capital club and get the date to buy you a drink 

3. To get boxers from Jack house 

4. To get a police sticker 

Then meet at the school car park 

"Good luck and remember I am not on your team.Bye!"



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