Sleepover:Everything changed

Ella host an sleepover on the last day of school.She invites 3 of her best friends to come.When her ex-best friend turns up.....everything changes is it an good change or a bad change.................


2. Start of the Sleepover!

I waited at the door for my friends too come! 


"I'll get it,it would be my girls!!" 

"Hey,you ready to P-A-R-T-Y" Katie shouts 

"Come on in" 

We went up to my room and started to change into dresses,shoe and did our make-up!

"I l like this dress Ella,it's beautiful!" Jessica said smiling. 

"Thank-you wanna try it on,It would look good with some pink sparkling shoes" I offered 

"Yeah that would be lovely thank-you!" Jessica Answered. 

"Its okay anyone what's pizza and coke?" 

"Me" Everybody shouted.

I picked the phone and rang pizza hut. 

"Hello,how can I help?" The voice said. 

"Can I have 2 big pizzas,one with ham on and one plain please?"

"That's lovely,are you Maddie McCall?"


"Okay,your pizza is on its way it would be out 1 hour bye!"

The voice on the phone hanged up! 


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