Sleepover:Everything changed

Ella host an sleepover on the last day of school.She invites 3 of her best friends to come.When her ex-best friend turns up.....everything changes is it an good change or a bad change.................


1. Last day of school

Ella P.O.V.

It's the last day of school yepee! You know what that means?!?.....My Sleepover!!! I have invited my 3 best friends they are.....Maddie,Katie and Jess. 


I'm sitting on my desk waiting for the school bell to ring! The lesson I am sitting in is Georgaphy,the teacher is nice but she gave me an 5 page essay to do over the summer vacation. Ring-ring!!! 

Everybody is running around together to get home to the freedom of the holiday,but I am walking to my locker to met my friend Maddie.

On my way out of the school I see my crush (Jack),he is a skateboarder,he is very popular and an year older than me!!

"Why have we stopped?" Maddie asked.

"Nothing...." I say blushing.

"I'm sorry....but I can't make it too your wonderful boring sleepover as I am attending the prom for the year above you know with Dylan!" Olivia says breaking the awkward silence.

I ignore what she is saying staring at Jack. 

"Come on...let's go!" Maddie adds pulling me along giggling. 


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