This is the story of what happens to a telepath who cannot control their powers. This is a story of pain and hurt, but most of all, a story of love. How is it possible to cope when the one that you love is being torn apart by thoughts that are not her own?

**For the 'Inspired by a Song' competition. Wanted to give it a go, so chose one of my favourite songs - Leeches by Deaf Havana (video at end). I'm sorry if it's confusing, but it's basically showing the descent of a telepath (someone who can read minds) from the perspective of her boyfriend.**


1. Leeches

Being in love with a telepath is not easy. It is painful. I have had to watch my beautiful, young girlfriend fall to become a recluse. Her mind reading gifts used to be so beautiful to us both, but now... Now it's not a gift. The ability to read minds is a curse. I see that now. That's right. I am a boy, who has fallen for a girl with telepathic abilities.
At the beginning everything was okay. Hell, it was better than that - it was amazing! She was so beautiful and what we had was just perfect. But hearing that many thoughts is not easy for one to handle. She lost control, she let everyone in. And soon, every time she came close to another human, she would uncontrollably delve into their mind, and when she left their brains, she would leave a piece of herself there. That's why I call human brains leeches now, because they are slowly - ever so slowly - sucking the life from her. Even my own brain does this.
Her common sense was the first to disappear, though her appearance stayed as beautiful as ever. The long blond hair, the breathtaking blue eyes, the stunning white smile - no one would see from the outside how truly broken she really was. But I could.
And in time, the few friends and family she had begun to give up on her. Her parents, who did not know of her telepathic capabilities, got irritated by her violent outbursts and reclusive behaviour. Her friends didn't understand why it pained her to be near them, they didn't know how gifted their most beautiful friend truly was.
I know this is not how she wanted to be. I know that for a fact. When we were young, around eight, we would sleepover at each other's houses. Our connection was so strongly that she would accidentally project her dreams into my head when she slept. Dreams of a family, and children. Dreams of the wedding to the tall, brunette man that wore my name. But dreams are never how they seem when you're young. Somewhere along that path, somewhere in the past ten years since those beautiful nights, somewhere she lost her way.
There were times when she would hide what was happening to her, what was happening inside, but I could see it. I could always see it. When she finally discovered that she could never hide anything from me - she decided to show me everything. She took me into her mind. I followed her crazed thoughts, through so many strange and foreign sights. And then she showed me where she locked up the insane amount of thoughts she had collected - the place where she hid, not only her demons, but others' demons too. And for a moment I saw it. I saw that this beautiful, mature eighteen year old woman was reduced nothing more than a child by the assault of these thoughts. I saw the fear and innocence that had been installed in her from so many years of being bombarded with uncontrollable telepathic connections. But, of course, once she noticed that I had seen that child-like side, she shut me off and sent me back out into the dark night.
The worst part is what's happening to her now. She never leaves our bedroom, spending most of her time staring at the walls. He skin is unnaturally pale, her eyes glazed and her lips cracked and dry. Whenever I speak to her she tries to go into my mind to turn my memories of her to dust. She longs to find all the pictures of her in my head and revert them back to empty frames. But I won't let her. I refuse to let go, no matter how much she wants me too. She thinks that my life would be better without her in it, but she's wrong. I would rather live forever like this, than ever have lived without her. That is why I do not - I cannot - let her access my thoughts. I must keep her locked out.
And the only thought that I allow her to pull from my brain is one that is the only thought that I want her to hear. I hope that one day she will sense the pain and passion in my thought and know that I can't live on if she gives up. I pray that she hears this thought and sees what telepathy is doing to my one and only love. This thought is simple.
"I saw the colours drain from your veins through the teeth of leeches."



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