Dorothy is a 19 year old girl who lives with her dad, Don Tomlinson in Texas. She's not a country girl, she's actually an American girl.

She moves to Doncaster with her dad to live with her uncle Louis.

But she doesn't know what's coming her way ! Read to find out:)


2. chapter two

Dorothy's pov :

"Are we there yet ?" I grinned, making him groan.

"For the thousandth time Dorothy, no !" He sighed.

I looked around the private jet, wondering what else I could do, besides annoying my dad.

"Are we there yet ?!" I started laughing at my dad who's currently havering a small spazz-attack.

"GOSH !! I SAID NOOO !!!!" He groaned, making me laugh with joy !

"You're so much like Louis, so much." He retaliated while crossing his arms.

"Thank you, that really means a lot." I faked cry while pointing to my heart, making him huff and sink back down in his seat,

"I'm gonna walk around for a bit." He saluted me off, making me shake my head.

I unbuckled my seatbelt, and immediately bolted away from my dad. Gosh, I love him, but his just so ... Boring ? If he was Louis, I would never leave. Louis' like my own entertaining robot.

I walked down a Short passage way, which led me to a classical, themed, Hawaiian bar.


I walked around that, and carried down the corridor. I carried on walking, admiring the surroundings that took place infront and behind me.

I soon stopped at a karaoke club, I opened the door and gasped in amazement.

"This place is gorgeous..." The whole room was black, the roof had stars that glow and neon was painted everywhere. It was similar towards a night club.

I walked over to the mini stage and saw they had everything here, 5 mics, a keyboard, a piano, 2 acoustic guitars, 3 electrical guitars, 1 set of drums, a violen etc.

Why would uncle Louis have all this ? It sure is amazing !

I walked up on stage and grabbed a mic, I switched it on and decided to play around a bit.

"Hello !! My name is Dorothy Tomlinson !!! I'm gonna sing you, a special song, by none other than... Two direction !!" I imagined the crowd roaring with excitement. Which put a small smile on my face.

"I'm going to sing, one of their number one hits, Everything about food !!" I grabbed the guitar but before I could play a note, I quickly placed the mic in the mic stand.

I started playing on the guitar, till it was my time to sing. I sang a few notes, till I saw the door open and close.

I gasped and dropped the guitar, "crap !" I quickly picked up the guitar and placed it back in the stand.

I couldn't see who or what was in here, it was too dark to tell. I quickly rushed off the stage and bolted for the door, but I slipped on something and hurt my back badly.

"What's this ?" I picked myself up while grabbing a wool-kind-of-material that made me slip..

.it's a beanie ?

Why on earth would a beanie be in a karaoke room ? It must be one of uncle Louis' beanies, since he does wear a few. Or it could be Liam's, but then again he doesn't really wear beanies...

I shrugged the thought off.

I opened the doors and made my way back to my seat.

"What took you so long ? And why do you have a beanie on you're head ?" I chuckled at my dad's sudden out burst.

"Firstly, I was taking a de-tour around this place and secondly, I found it in the karaoke room."he nodded while playing on his phone.

"Are we there yet ?" He started groaning while fist bumping the air .

"NOOOO !!!!!!" I chuckled.

This is gonna be a long plane ride.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~back in Texas.

Mystery persons pov :

We surrounded the house, getting ready to fire. That's until...the boss, told us too hold our fire.

"I'm gonna go in, so hold you're fire !" We nodded our heads, signaling that we know what to do.

The bosses pov :

I made my way further down the concrete path that leads to a brown, wooden, door.

I was gonna knock or at least break the door down, but I saw it was open quite a bit.

I opened the door a little bit more, and gasped at the sight !

The house was empty !!

"NOOOOOOOO !!!!!!!!!!!!" I yelled while punching the wall, making my knuckles turn bright pink.

One of my men came in, with a worried look plastered on his face.

"What happened sir ?" I turned my head a bit, making a 'click' sound come from my neck.

"Their gone..." Was all I said before running back to the van.

Louis' pov :

"Rematch !" Liam yelled at me, while he pointed his pointy finger at me (A/N the one between the thumb and the middle finger) , making me chuckle. We played this game 5 times in a row, it's making me feel a bit agitated.

"It doesn't matter how many times we end up playing it, cause you're still gonna get beat by the one, THE ONLY, TOMMO !!!" I cheered while jumping up and down, fist bumping the air.

He huffed and sat back down on the couch, sulking, "fine ... Rematch." I gave in, making Liam cheer.

Oh the joys.

Just on time, the doorbell rang. "After I answer the door." He nodded but proceeded to make his way to the Xbox.

I sighed and did a mini jog to the front door.

"LOUIS !!!!" My eyes widened, and a sudden grin appeared on my face as I engulfed her in a big hug.

"Dory !! I missed you so much !" I said in the crook of her neck, while spinning her around.

"I missed you too Louis !!" I let her down and she immediately ran over to Liam, with them two doing the same actions me and dory just did.

I took my attention over to Don, and took him in a big, manly, man hug.

"Hey Louis." He let go of our hug. I simply ignored his 'hey Louis' just like he ignored our 'goodbye' over the phone.

"Earth to Louis ?!" I stood still, with my arms crossed and my right leg bent, making Don groan.

"If this is about the carrot thing earlier then I'm sorry." I glanced at him, signaling, that there's another reason.

"What else is there !?" He groaned. His facial expression soon changed to 'I know what you mean look'.

He sighed, "I'm sorry that I hung up on you like that Louis, I should've said goodbye." I smiled and gave him another hug.

"You're so childish, especially for a 22 year old !" He teased, making me stick my tongue at him.

"My point exactly." He added, making me chuckle.

"So, how exactly did you end up here so quickly ? We literally spoke on the phone, like, an hour or two ago ?" I changed the subject, since the other one was boring me.

He sighed.

"Have you ever been on a plane, or any moving vehicle with dory ?" I shook my head.

"My point exactly ! She just wouldn't shut up ! She always does that thing you use to do with the 'are we there yet, are we there yet' thing," he mimicked her voice, "I swear-" I cut him off. After chuckling.

"Don't swear !" I joked, while pointing my pointy finger at him. "She gets like you everyday..." He continued his last sentence, which I, gladly interrupted.


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