Dorothy is a 19 year old girl who lives with her dad, Don Tomlinson in Texas. She's not a country girl, she's actually an American girl.

She moves to Doncaster with her dad to live with her uncle Louis.

But she doesn't know what's coming her way ! Read to find out:)


3. chapter three

Louis' pov :

I laughed at Liam with my mouth full of food, making Don look at me in disgust , "no fair, no fair !! She cheated !!" Liam whined while pointing to my niece, Dorothy.

"Only a sore loser would say that !" She retorted while sticking her tongue out.

Don leaned closer to my ear and whispered, "told you so." I groaned, while taking a bite out of my sandwich.

Dorothy tossed the remote back on the couch and jogged over to me, while ignoring Liam's sudden calls for a 'rematch'.

"Ooh, can I have a bite out of that !" She googly-eyed my sandwich and picked the other half up without waiting for my response.

"Mhm, This is good !!" She moaned with a mouth full of food.

I took a bite out of my sandwich, "Dory, it's not very lady-like to talk with you're mouth full." I implied, making her roll her eyes.

"Says you !" She retorted.

"Correction, I said lady-like ! Which technically implies for you." She rolled her eyes yet again, while taking a seat opposite from me at the kitchen table.

"You two get more alike each and everyday." Don complained while taking a sip from his water.

Me and Dorothy both rolled our eyes which made Don groan, "My point-"

"Exactly !" Me and Dorothy finished off his sentence at the same time, making us chuckle.

I gave her a high-five, just as Liam joined us in the kitchen.

I wiped my mouth with a napkin and placed my plate on the side, "so Liam, shouldn't he be here right now ?" Before Liam could answer my question, Dorothy interrupted.

"who's 'he' ?" She spoke with food in her mouth, which made me get a full view of the fascinating things in her mouth.

"Liam's cousin. His coming to visit for a few weeks, his gonna be our new neighbor." She nodded.

"Is he hot ?" She asked bluntly while placing her plate to the side just like I did.

On queue, Don spat his water out from his mouth, making it land on Liam's shirt.

Me and Dorothy started laughing at Liam's facial expression. It was hilarious !

"Sorry Liam !!" Don shrieked. Liam gave him a thumbs up while walking to the kitchen, preferably getting a paper towel.

"Anyway ... So tell me more about this 'he' guy." She air quoted 'he' while fluttering her eyes allllll girly like at me.

"Well, his 19, turning 20 in a few more weeks. Uhhh, his quite tall, his taller than me. Anndd, that's all I can remember?" She sighed.

"Ok..." She trailed off while twiddling her thumbs. I chuckled at her mixed emotions and took a sip from my Pepsi.

She looked up at me with wide eyes, "OHH YES, I COMPLETELY FORGOT !!!!" She yelled in my ear, making me choke on my own drink.

"Dude ! Chill !" She chuckled at my enthusiasm. I wiped the Pepsi/spit from my bottom lip with the back of my hand, since I'm too lazy to head to the kitchen and grab a paper towel like Liam did.

"Anyway, I found this in you're karaoke room on you're private jet !" She took off a grey-like beanie off from her head and handed it to me.

"Umm, and why exactly are you handing it to me ?" I asked with a hint of confusion in my voice.

"Isn't it yours ?" I shook my head viciously, making her chuckle.

"But, I think I might know who it is..." She shrugged and took a sip from my Pepsi.

"LIAM !!!!" I yelled, making Dorothy choke on HER own drink.

Looks like the SHOE is on the other FOOT !

She gave me a death glare, and all I did was send a smirk back.

"Someone call me ?"Liam came and sat opposite from Don while wiping his shirt with a now, wet, paper towel.

"Does this beanie look familiar to you ?" I twirled the beanie in a circular motion on my pointy finger.

"Um, kinda... Why ?" He furrowed his eyebrows together.

"I think it might be Harry's..." He nodded, "it could be, I'll ask him when he gets here."

"When does he get here anyway, he should've been here by now?!" Liam sighed.

"He phoned me while I was in the kitchen, he told me he arrived earlier, his just visiting someone." I nodded my head understandingly.

"Well ! I'm gonna head upstairs and unpack ! I'll be right down once I'm done !"Dorothy chirped, while giving me a kiss on the cheek. Liam and I saluted her off and carried on the convo, while Don switched on the Telly.

Dorothy's pov :

I quickly gave Louis a kiss on the cheek and made my way upstairs with my suitcase.

I already know where my room is. I came here plenty of times before, so I'm familiar with this house, even though it's big.

I opened my bedroom door, and immediately my nostrils were hit with the familiar, vanilla scent !

I looked around my surroundings and I couldn't help but notice that everything was exactly how it was when I was here the last time.

I plopped my suitcase on my king-sized bed and unpacked everything I could find.

I started off with my shoes and ended at my electronics.

Once I was done, I packed my suitcase underneath my bed.

*knock knock*

"Come in !" I sat on my wheely-chair at my desk, while pulling out my laptop.

"Hey Dory." I looked up and found lou, smiling nervously.

"Hey Lou, what brings you here ?" I chuckled while typing a new tweet.

'@Dory_Tomlinson : chilling with my uncle Louis !!'

I heard a sigh appear behind me, making me worried. I closed my laptop and payed my attention to Louis, who's currently sitting on the edge of my bed, fiddling with his fingers.

"Lou, what's wrong ?" I asked, hoping that he would make eye contact.

"I-it's j-just...." He trailed off, making me curious.

I got up from my seat and took one next to Louis. I placed my hand on his shoulder, while sending him a warm, loving smile.

"Louis, you can tell me anything. I'm you're neice." I smiled.

Louis pov :

She looked straight into my eyes, while giving me one of her smiles..letting me catch a glimpse of her pearly white teeth.

I took a deep breath before letting it all out...

Dorothy's pov :

I waited for Louis' lips to part, but instead, a strange sound came from Louis.

My nose picked up a horrifying smell, making me squeal.

That's before I realized, that Louis Tomlinson ...


"Well, it was nice sharing with you Dory ! If you ever want to talk again, you know where to find me !"he immediately bolted out of my room, with me chasing after him.

"LOUIS TOMLINSON !!!! YOU GET BACK HERE RIGHT NOW !!!" I yelled, which made Louis abrupt with laughter.

He ran to the kitchen, while hiding behind Liam

"Woah, what happened you two ?" Liam questioned, while holding me back.

"Louis left an unpleasant surprise in my room." I crossed my arms while sending the older lad daggers.

"Oh, so you actually did it Tommo ?!" They high-fived eachother, making me roll my eyes.

"Adults these days." I mumbled and made my way back upstairs.


A/ń another chappy !!! Hope you like it !!


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