Dorothy is a 19 year old girl who lives with her dad, Don Tomlinson in Texas. She's not a country girl, she's actually an American girl.

She moves to Doncaster with her dad to live with her uncle Louis.

But she doesn't know what's coming her way ! Read to find out:)


6. chapter six

Dorothy's pov :

It's been a week since I last spoke properly to Louis. I obviously would reply to his questions, but without making eye contact. If you think about it, it's kind of sad, we haven't really had that bond anymore.

But there was this one time when I was gonna ask if he'd like to hang out-since he did look kind of upset-but I found him in the living room...making out with a brunette.

And obviously, they never saw me..

*sigh* I think I'm loosing my uncle.

I grabbed my laptop and relaxed on my bed while logging onto twitter.

I noticed I now have 958 followers... It's not a lot, but it is a improvement ?

"@Dory_Tomlinson : Another day in paradise..." I tweeted.

*knock knock* I sighed and closed my laptop.

"Who is it !!!?" The door opened just a bit, revealing my dad.

"Hey Dorothy, I just came to say we're going out to a fancy restaurant later, so wear something nice."

"But what if I don't want to wear something nice and what if I don't want to go ?" He sighed.

"Well you have to. Now get ready before I make you." He exited my room and left me depressed.

I logged off twitter and placed my laptop neatly on my bedside table.

"Right...Time to get to work." I smiled to myself. I walked over to my closet and started searching through my remaining items.

"Ugh....great." Nothing. There was nothing I could find ! Might as well hit the mall.

I quickly grabbed a t-shirt and shorts and popped though's on. I left my hair down and quickly popped on my converse.

*knock knock* I groaned.

"Come in !!" The door opened yet again to reveal Louis.

"Hey Dorothy, I was just wondering if-" I stood up and walked towards him.

"Sorry, I'm hitting the mall. Later." I quickly exited my room and practically ran outside.

I sighed, "how the hell am I gonna get there !?" I groaned and quickly made my way back inside to grab Louis' car keys, since my dad wouldn't let me near his car after what happened the last time.

I opened the front door as quietly as I possibly could and tip-toed towards the counter.

I quickly grabbed the key bowl and viciously-but quietly- searched for his keys.

"Looking for these ?" I looked up from the key bowl and saw a smirking Louis, standing on the staircase with keys dangling on his pointy finger.

"C'mon, let me give you a lift." I quickly protested, "No, it's fine. I can drive myself."

He chuckled, "Yeah right ! After the 'incident' with Don's car, I think I'll pass." I groaned.

"I told you I didn't mean to ! It was an accident !" He smirked, "Sure, now let me drive you to the mall or else you can simply walk..." I shrugged.

"Ok, works for me. Later." I was stopped by Louis grabbing my wrist.

How the hell did he get here so quickly !?

"Ok, ok ! Here's the keys." A smile formed on my face as he handed me the keys to his Toyota.

But that smile was turned into a frown once I saw Louis grabbing his coat and popping it on.

"Uh, what are you doing ?" He chuckled.

"Did you really think I was letting you go alone ? Especially with my car ?" I nodded.

"Silly, silly little Dory." He shook his head while a small chuckle escaped from his lips.

"Cheeky, cheeky little Lou-Lou." I retorted, not really realizing that, that sentence escaped my lips.

A smile formed on his face.. It wasn't like any other smile. It was more of a genuine smile.

I quickly shook this moment off and made my way to his porch.

I unlocked the car and both me and Louis entered.

"So, why are we going shopping exactly ?"I shrugged.

"Just getting something fancy for tonight."

A groan escaped his lips."Seriously ! We're going to do girly shopping !" I nodded in agreement.

"If I known you were gonna go 'girly' shopping I would've told El to come take you." I placed the keys in ignition and started the car.

"El ? Who's El ?" I quickly placed the car in reverse and backed out of the driveway.

"She's my amazing, gorgeous, beautiful girlfriend..." He sighed, well me on the other hand was rolling my eyes at the amount of times I heard him say that.

"Where have I heard that before.." I sarcastically said, making Louis mutter an apology.

I placed the car back in 'drive' and started driving to the mall.

Awkward silence filled the car which I thought was soooooooo ANNOYING !!

So I placed in my favorite CD by Two Direction : Take My Nome and started it from track one which was ... 'Live While We're Dumb'.

I know, weird song title but it's still an amazing song !!

"Dory turn that crap you-call-music down !!" He yelled while blocking his ears.

I ignored his statement, except that one word he said at the beginning of his 'statement'.

I eyed him suspiciously, "Did you just call me Dory ?" He shrugged.

"And did you just call me Lou-Lou ?" He retorted.

"I never called you Lou-."

"Uh, yes you did ! Inside the house ?" I rolled my eyes.

"Well, that was on accident. I didn't mean it." I sighed and placed my eyes on the road infront of me.

"Sorry ... Louis, I didn't meant it like that."

"No, no you did. I understand. You're just upset on what happened to you at Liam's house." I groaned.

"Can we please not talk about that !!" I quickly checked the time and noticed I have 10 more minutes till I'm at the mall.

"Whyy !! What did I do wrong ? Please tell me ! It's been a week since we both had a conversation like this. Please Dory, I want to know what happened." I rolled my eyes and gripped the steering wheel tighter, making my knuckles turn a brighter color.

"Louis, I said forget it !" I smiled as I noticed that we're here.

"No ! Dorothy please tell me, I'm you're uncle, I need to know !" He whined.

I quickly saw an available parking and parked there. I switched off the ignition and faced Louis.

"Do you want to know what happened Louis ?!" He nodded.

"I..I nearly got raped.. And you weren't there to help me. The only person that did help me was Harry ! There, can I go now ?" I couldn't wait anymore so I ignored a pale-face Louis and got outta the car.

I checked if I had everything and I did. I walked to the entrance of the mall and noticed Louis didn't follow.

I sighed, "I guess it was to soon.." I entered and the first stop I was heading to, Victoria secret.. Hey, don't judge. If I need to dress fancy I'm gonna need fancy lingerie...right?

Louis pov :

That little Irish Bastard !!! How dare he try and rape my niece !! But mostly, how could I not be there and stop it.

Well I've gotta worry about that later, right now I've gotta tell Don that-

*Ring Ring*

Caller ID : Unknown

Should I answer it ? Oh what the heck..

"Hello ?"

No answer

"Helllooo ?"

No answer

"I'm hanging up noww-"

"I know where you are." A deep voice echoed through my ear.

The line went dead... While I froze.

Great ! Another bloody problem !

I quickly dialed Dons number,

"Hello ?" His groggy voice appeared on the other line.

He probably just woke up.

"Hello Don, we have a problem."


A/N I hope you guys like this one. I've got big plans for the next chapter<3

And I know it's late reply but I can't believe the boys started their 'Where We Are Tour !!'

I'm soooooo excited !!!


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