Dorothy is a 19 year old girl who lives with her dad, Don Tomlinson in Texas. She's not a country girl, she's actually an American girl.

She moves to Doncaster with her dad to live with her uncle Louis.

But she doesn't know what's coming her way ! Read to find out:)


1. chapter one

Dorothy Pov :

"Dory, are you all packed ?!" I quickly zipped up my suitcase and yelled back to my dad,"Yup !! I'm ready !". I picked up my sling bag and wrapped it around my shoulder while taking hold of my suitcase in the other hand.

I walked down the hallway, towards the front door.

"Hey Dory, are you ready to go ?!" My dad grinned.

"Yup ! I'm so excited to finally get out of this dump." I chuckled.

"Great ! Just meet me in the car, I just have to make a quick phone call." I nodded and made my way towards our newly bought jeep.

Hello, I'm Dorothy Tomlinson, but my dad would like to call me Dory at times. Today we're moving to England , Doncaster with my Uncle Louis. His only 3 years older than me, so that makes me 19. I finished high school a year ago and I just got accepted to one of the best colleges in Doncaster, that's also one of the reasons why I'm moving there.

I popped my suitcase in the trunk, and quickly hopped in the back of the jeep. It is pretty chilly here in Texas. And no, I'm not a country girl. I'm actually an American girl, I just moved to Texas 4 years ago. And honestly, I don't know why ? My dad just rushed me out of the house, without an explanation ! And I was in my pajamas at the time, it was like, 3 o clock in the morning.

I took out my mini laptop and played some music, by none other than, TWO DIRECTION !!! I loooove that band !! Their so amazing ! And that Edward guy, oh gosh, his so hot with his cute dimples !!

One of my best friends , Casey , gets this crazy idea that my uncle Louis, looks a lot like one of the members, William. Which I totally disagree on.

William is waaaay hotter ! It would be kinda weird to think you're own uncles hot anyway ! How gross is that.

I played their next song on their 3rd album that's called 'Daytime Memories'. I quickly clicked on 'Story of my wife.' And sang to it quietly while waiting for my dad.

Don's pov :

I sped-walked to the kitchen and dialed my brothers number.

"Hello ?" He answered on the third ring.

"Louis, it's Don, is everything ready ?!" I said in such a rush, making Louis chuckle.

"First of all, I know it was you, I have caller ID remember," I mentally face palmed myself," and secondly, you've gotta take a chill pill ! Everything's fine and ready, you don't need to stress."

"I do need to stress !! Their coming tomorrow and I need to get me and ..... Dorothy out of here !" I whispered the last part.

"Don, you're 39, it's not good for a 39 year old to stress like that. And Dorothy is only 19, I'm pretty sure she can look after herself." He said in a no-duh tone while..munching on something ?

I nodded,"I guess you're right Lou, I'm just really worried." I sighed.

"I understand, I mean, you are a dad."he munched again, making this..crunchy type of noise ?

"Yeah...and Lou ?"

"Yup ?" I chuckled.

"Lay off the carrots, you're gonna turn orange by the time I arrive there." I chuckled at Lou who just mimicked me over the phone.

"Whatever ! Just hang up and get going, they are coming tomorrow." I gasped, I can't believe I nearly forgot !

That's what I get, for talking to Louis.

I quickly hung up, without saying goodbye. And rushed to the car.

As soon as I stepped in the car, I immediately regretted it. The whole car was pounding with Two Direction.

"Dory, turn that junk off !!" I groaned while covering my ears.

"Nope ! And their NOT junk !! They are my life, you retard !" I chuckled at her sudden out burst.

Teens these days.

I put the car in ignition, and made our way to Louis' private jet.


Louis' pov :

"Whatever ! Just hang up and get going, they are coming tomorrow." I said bluntly, after his comment on 'laying off the carrots' thing !

After hearing him gasp, and hang up. I just rolled my eyes and took another bite out of my carrot.

"Well, bye to you to." I mumbled to myself while tossing my phone on the couch.

"Well, bye to who now ?" I looked up and saw Liam, drinking a can of Pepsi.

"No, it's just a thing with Don." He nodded, taking a sip from his drink.

"So, how long till they get here ?" He placed his drink on the coffee table, while walking over to the xbox.

"I don't know, a few hours ! You're Liam, you do the math." I groaned while shoving the last piece of carrot in my mouth.

He chuckled while tossing me a controller,"rematch ?" Earlier-before don called me- Liam and I had a 'fun' game of FIFA and I kicked his sorry, little, Liam butt ! Now his comin' to challenge the Tommo King again !!

I smirked,"you're on Payne !" While grabbing his drink and taking a huge sip !

He took a seat besides me and scrunched his face up,"eww, don't put you're, disgusting Tommo germs on my Payne Drink !!" He shrieked, making me chuckle.

Haaa, typical Payne.


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