Dorothy is a 19 year old girl who lives with her dad, Don Tomlinson in Texas. She's not a country girl, she's actually an American girl.

She moves to Doncaster with her dad to live with her uncle Louis.

But she doesn't know what's coming her way ! Read to find out:)


5. chapter five

Dorothy's pov :

"Louissss !! Are we there yet !!" I whined, making uncle Louis chuckle.

"Dory, it's only been 5 minutes !" I rolled my eyes at his arrogance and simply continued with mine:)

"So? I wanna see Liam .. And his cousin..." Louis gave me his famous 'eyebrow wriggle' while smirking. Making me groan.

"Calm down ! You'll see him soon, and by soon," he scanned the drive way while making a sharp turn right.

"I mean now !" He turned off the ignition and hopped outta the car, leaving me to follow.

I took off my earphones viciously, which was playing 'Daytime Memories' from Two Directions 3rd album 'Daytime Memories' and shoved it in my bag, without tearing my eyes away from Liam's front door.

Louis was about to ring the doorbell, but me being me, I pushed him outta the way and rang it myself. I was beginning to get impatient, so I decided on banging the door instead.

Soon, a -out of breath-Liam opened the door.

"HeyLiamDoYouMindIfIGoInsideAndSeeYoureCousin? ThatWouldBeGreat,Thanks." I quickly bolted inside and threw my bag on the floor. Not really caring that I heard a crack coming from inside.

I bolted up the stairs, and ran for Liam's cousins room, which he said was at the end of the corridor. I finally stopped at a blue door, that says 'Niall Horan'.

(A/N haha, you thought Harry was Liam's cousin didn't you ? HAHA, GOT YOU ! You just got PRANKED !! Hehe, I'm evil)

I took a deep breath and placed my hand on the door handle.

Louis' pov :

I looked at Liam's facial expression after Dorothy barged inside. He soon turned towards me and gave me a sigh.

"She will never change, will she ?" Liam asked, I simply shrugged, not really sure if she will change or not. Even though she's 19, I still don't want her to grow up.... She's all I have, well, besides Eleanor.

"So, who did you work on now ?" I announced while making my way to his fridge

I took a glance at Liam's facial expression and saw he was confused, but he must of got the hint since his face was scrunched up.

"Eww ! Louis ! I wasn't working anyone !" He shrieked, making me chuckle. I scanned his fridge and grabbed two cans of Pepsi. I tossed him a can and gave him another smirk while staring at his shirt, sweaty forehead and his lack of breathing.

He gave me a stern look, "I was exercising Louis, I have to keep my amazing abs in shape." I shook my head and took a seat on his leather suite.(A/N it's a fancy, leathery couch.)

"So, how's little old Nialler doing ?" He sighed, while taking a seat and gulping down his drink.

"That bad huh ?" He nodded.

"I don't understand him... His a disgrace to this world Louis. I don't know why he has to live here ... He can just go live in the back of an ally way, where he belongs." I shook my head, "Liam, don't say that. His a good kid, he'll come around, just give him a chance. Everything will be fine." I ensured him, making him growl.

"Louis ! I've given him a thousand of chances !! And you know what he does ? He screws them up ! I can't keep living like this anymore !" He hissed, making me shudder.

"Liam..." I trailed off, having a loss for words. Till, an idea clicked in my head.

"Rematch ?" I smirked, making Liam do the same.

"You're on Tommo ! Prepare to lose." He warned while giving me one of his cheeky smiles.

Oh, it's on !

Dorothy's pov :

I opened the door, and immediately regretting it afterwards. I saw a large, tattooed blond guy who's covered in piercings, sitting on his bed, playing the guitar.

His attention snapped towards me, he first had a look of anger in his eyes, but now he has a look of lust. He smirked while getting up from the bed, leaving his guitar behind.

"Why what do we have here.." His eyes shifted up and down my body, while his tongue grazed against his pink lips.

"Uhhh, y-you must be L-Liam's cousin ?" He scrunched his face up, "Oh fuck no !! Do you really think, that little pussy down stairs, is my fucking cousin !" He spat, making me flinch.

(A/N haha !! You thought Niall was his cousin !! Well his not ! Got ya again ! Hehe, I'm on fire today !)

Honestly, I didn't know what to say ? This guy scares me. I took a few steps back and found myself against the bedroom door. I hid my hand behind me, letting it search for the door Handel viciously.

"You know, that guy gets on my nerves a lot ! I don't know how Harry can put up with him.." He chuckled, while letting his icy blue eyes wonder around the room.

"W-who's Harry ?" He looked at me and started walking closer, with a smirk planted firmly on his face.

My hand finally found the door Handel, but I couldn't find myself to open it, I want to wait for his response.

He smirked, "His cousin,"

(A/ń hehe, I really had you going there, thinking that Harry wasn't his cousin. I'm awesome !)

his cousin ? That makes much more sense ! Louis said, that Liam's cousin was taller than himself. And this guy...is the same height as me.

I quickly opened his bedroom door and tried to flee, but sadly, Niall caught on and slammed it shut, while roughly spinning me around and slamming my back against the door.

He placed his head on my shoulder, his face near my face, "You know, I don't like girls barging in my room without knocking and leaving without saying goodbye." My voice hitched as his hands started roaming down my body.

His large hands stopped at the hem of my jeans, making my spine crawl.

"You," he kissed my neck.

"Deserve to be punished." He finished his sentance. He picked me up and threw me on the bed.

Was...was this guy gonna rape me ?... Not on my watch ! Literally, I just bought a new watch. And it ain't gonna get ruined, it's digital !

He Pounced on top of me, roughly taking my jacket off and throwing it on the floor. I tried to wriggle out from his grip, but failed miserably at the attempt.

He took off my tank top and threw it on the floor, while eyeing my breasts.

I screamed for help, at least 3 times before Niall shoved a sock in my mouth.

Louis' pov :

Liam jumped up and down while singing 'We Are The Champions'.

"I beat you !! I finally beat, the amazing, world wide, Tommo !!" He fist bumped the air, making me chuckle.

"Yeah yeah yeah, you beat me. At last." I stated, not really caring at the fact that I let him won after the amount of times he lost.

"Aww, nobody likes a sore loser Louis." He pouted, making me smirk.

"If anyone's a sore loser here Liam, it's you." He gasped.

"Ok, ok then ! How about a rematch. Then we'll see who's a sore loser !" He stuck his tongue out at me, proving my point.

I shrugged, not really caring. He restarted the game, making me roll my eyes.

The front door bursted open, revealing a out of breath Harry.

"Hey Harry ! Long time no see huh ?" I chuckled. He simply shushed me and ran upstairs.

I shrugged.

Liam gave me a look, "Teens these days." He nodded while hopping on the couch.

Harry's pov :

As soon as I arrived home with Niall, I went for a walk.

I walked around the neighborhood a few times, till I landed upon a park.

I entered and found myself standing near a pond with my hands shoved in my pockets

I took a deep breath, admiring the cool air. I've been in Alabama waayy too long. It's great to be back here.

And I'll tell you little bit about my life story later.

I took a look at my surroundings and noticed a little girl, playing on the see-saw alone.

I walked over and decided to join. Her face lit up and her cheeks turned a crimson color, which suited her pretty pale face nicely.

We stayed silent, the only noise that occupied us was the see-saw. At times I would make her go high, which would make her giggle, which showed her beautiful dimples. It always puts a smile on my face, making my dimples pop out.

I checked the time and noticed I'd better get back. I got off the see-saw and was about to leave, until I felt a pair of little hands wrap around my thigh.

I bent down and gave the little girl a quick hug before leaving.

"Bye-bye Hawy." She left, leaving me shocked, stunned and confused.

After 5 minutes in my own world, I headed back home.





I was walking peacefully down my familiar neighborhood, enjoying the sounds of birds chirping and the sudden wave of wind, hitting my face.

My thoughts stopped, I stopped. I heard screams, coming from above me. I looked up and noticed it was my house. I also saw the familiar black, ripped curtains which occupied a window.

My eyes widened once I realized that was Niall's room. I ran as fast as my long legs can go and rushed in the house. I ignored Louis' greeting and ran up stairs, while receiving weird looks.

I'm surprised they couldn't hear the screams, considering since they were downstairs and I was outside.

I banged on Niall's door a few times. I groaned in frustration and kicked it open.

I saw Niall, ontop of a brunette, who's looking terribly frightened. I rushed over to Niall and pulled him off.

"How dare you !" I spat.

"How dare I what ?" He chuckled while picking up his shirt.

How dare he act dumb to me !! After everything I did for him ! And this is how he repays me ??

"How dare you try and rape an innocent girl ! What has she ever done to you !" He chuckled slightly, making anger slowly take over me.

"Harry, I didn't try. She simply begged me too ! She's a slut, an ungrateful whore who wants to get in bed with me. She's not innocent." I raised my fist and before I knew it, I collided it with Niall's eye. I looked down at my knuckles and noticed a bruise slowly starting to form.

"What the fuck ! Why'd ya do that Styles !!" He growled while taking hold of his now black eye.

"You lied to me Horan ! And you know how I feel about lying !" I practically screamed, making Niall flinch and the girl gasp.

The room became silent, maybe a bit too silent for my liking.

"She... She came here to see me, not come here and experience this." I said a bit more quieter, making Niall nod.

I spun around and grabbed the girl by her arm, taking her out of this hell hole.

"Thanks.." She whispered. I gave her a nod and took her downstairs.

But instead, she stopped me in the middle of the staircase.

"Um, do you mind if I go home. I'm really not in the mood anymore." Her words hurt me, but I understood.

I gave her a nod which she gave me a small smile in return. The action that came next really surprised me, she wrapped her arms around me and planted a small, gentle kiss on my cheek.

"Thanks again..." She whispered and made her way downstairs.

I just stood still, staring into space while my hand made it's way to my cheek.

Louis' pov :

"Told ya Liam ! Who's the sore loser now !" I joked at Liam who's currently pouting and claiming that I cheated.

"Do you have to be good at everything ?" I sighed and laid back.

"Obviously ! If I wasn't good at anything, I wouldn't be Louis Tomlin-." My sentence was interrupted by a huge slam.

I turned around and saw Harry, staring at us... And he looks pretty ticked off.

"Hey Harry.. Where's Dorothy ?" He stayed silent, still staring.. With now forming glossy eyes.

"Harry ?" I stood up and walked over to the younger lad, who quickly wiped a tear away.

"S-she's outside, she's waiting for you..."I looked over at Liam, him giving me a shrug.

"Why does she want to leave ? It's still early ? And I thought she wanted to meet and talk to you ?" He sighed and looked down at his feet.

"Louis...S-she wants to leave because..." I nudged him, signaling him to continue.

Harry's pov :

I didn't know what to say ? I don't want to tell Louis the truth cause I think it's best if he hears it from her, and I don't want Niall's sorry ass to be kicked, trust me, I want to kill him for what he did, but I'm not gonna risk him being in a fight with Louis...

Long story that I currently don't have time for.

Louis nudged me in the arm signaling me to continue.

"I-I actually don't know ? Just ask her..." I walked towards the front door and quickly said, "walk" and exited the house.

Louis pov :

I looked over at Liam again, him giving me the 'I-don't-know-look' and carried on doing what he was doing.

"Well, I guess, I have to go ? Later Liam !" He gave me a thumbs up and re-started the game.

I chuckled slightly at the younger lad, who surprises me sometimes.

I took of my coat from the coat rack and placed my arms through it, while picking up Dorothy's bag from the floor.


I gave Liam another quick goodbye and headed for the door.

Dorothy's pov :

I waited impatiently by Louis' car, until he finally arrived.

He unlocked the car, letting me hear it's familiar 'beep'. I opened the back car door and entered, with Louis joining afterwards.

"Hay Dory, you nearly left you're bag." He chuckled, "good thing I got it for you." He sent me a cheeky grin making me try so hard not to let a smile creep to my face.

He sighed, "Dory, I don't know what happened but I know it's got to do with me messing something up ? Just tell me what I did wrong ?" I shrugged. Not really in the mood for talking. And besides, what was I going to say? I can't just say something like, 'aww, it's no biggy Lou-Lou, I only nearly lost my virginity. But why would you care ?' Or 'oh, ya know, I nearly got raped and was about to lose my virginity by you're best friends cousins mate, but oh well."

Hell no ! I'm just gonna have to find the right time and yell and scream to him all I want. Or never tell him and secretly hold a grudge against him.

That might work...

"Dory, you are going to tell me one way or another(hehe)." He warned. I shrugged my shoulders again making him sigh.

Once I heard and felt the engine roar to life, I sunk down in my seat and let my thoughts wonder about.


A/N sorry if this chapter sucked abit, I just haven't updated in so long and I've had writers block for this chapter, and not to mention the amount of homework I had to complete.

Sorry, hopefully the next one will be better;)



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