Who's that Boy? (Harry Styles)


1. First Day Back.

Hi I'm Alex! Now let's get through all the boring stuff fast... The sooner we get through it the sooner I can tell the story.

I was born in Australia.

I am 16.  I have Blonde hair, I have green eyes, I have tannish skin, I have two older brothers that are twins (Jack and Ethan). They do everything together... And it's really annoying! They are only 18 months older than me... EXACTLY 18 months.

I have a Mum and a Dad. I also have a cat named Tris (Divergent fans will get it :D) and a dog named Hazel (The Fault In Our Stars fans will get). So as you can see I am 1) a weird child 2) Obsessed with Shailene Woodley.

My family and I moved here (England) in 2012 and my brothers and I all went to school together. Although my Brothers flourished with friends and being popular... I was that awkward child that didn't have many friends... Just one; Jess. But us two spent our lives in the library, hiding from Hilary.

The school's queen, she was a bitch to everyone especially us. So much so Jess one day called me after school in tears saying that 'she loved me and will miss me and everyone and I have to tell her Mum that she loved her.'

I knew what was going to happen, so i dropped the phone and got onto my skateboard going as fast as I can to get to Jess. But I was too late. I climbed through Jess's bedroom window ran into her bathroom. There she was. Her wrists gaping with cuts; bleeding... She had killed herself.

The next week or so I couldn't go to school. I couldn't get her face out of my head. The blank look she had. Pale. Lying in her own blood.

And when i did return to school I did what anybody would do for their best friend. I came to school and at lunch bet the crap out of Hilary. Lets punching her fake face, lets just say... I haven't seen her face since. But when I left it, it was covered in blood and bruises. Bitch had it coming. Bet no amount of makeup could cover that mess up. The teachers of coarse rang my parents and told them that they would keep me until the end of the year but then I wold have to go to some other school and so we did. And here I am. I stand her in my Denim Jeans, Knitted cream sweater, brown boots and an owl necklace Jess had given to me. I plaited my hair into a side braid and place some hair grips into it to keep it's shape.

Today I started my new Highschool. My new begining.

-------------------- yay that's over....


I walked downstairs to find my brothers eating their cereal. I sat and joined them, I only ate a little fruit loops and then packed my lunch. Just making myself a chicken wrap, an apple and a few bisuits. I then grabbed my phone and tablet before making my way to Ethan's car. Maybe I could try to convince people I was naturally a popular person. Nah just kidding... I mean I am the type of person that would rather happily eat pizza and watch toddlers in tiaras all weekend than go out partying.

"So, Alex..." Ethan tried to make conversation in the car

"Yeh.." i said back awkwardly

"Umm, so after school we'll meet by my car ok?" He confirmed

"Ok" I said

"Anyways, please don't embarress us at school? ok?" Jack said. Ethan was always more of the comforting brother that I could talk to, and although I was close to Jack, he was still a bit... outgoing for my taste. But he was really funny! He once stood up to Hilary for me.

The memories of last year flooded back. Then I became stiff thinking about Jess. i breathed deeply getting rid of the bad thoughts and simply thought of the good times. I then sighed in relief as I was fully calmed down.

'Right this is it." Ethan said. I looked out the window. Wow. The highschool.... is so big! MASSIVE! I took a deep breath in, grabbed my bag and headed for my first class; Drama. My favorite.


Heeeyyyyyy, SO this is going to be a bit different to write about seeings as I haven't written about anything like this yet. But anyways I hope you liked the first chapter and continue reading the story :) xx Thanks guys


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