Secret Twins

I'm Hanna Styles.
Well I am, but I'm not. I'm Hanna Twist.
I am a makeup artist for my brother's band. But to them, I'm just a random makeup artist.
My life is full of secrets and my brother doesn't want me to fall.
Fall for what? That's exactly what I need to find out.


5. Chapter 4.

We were now in a secluded corridor backstage, put it this way, nobody was coming round here anytime soon. 

"Tell me right this second or I will be one phone call away from getting you fired." He demanded.

I sighed. "Okay, me and Niall are dating and Harry isn't happy about it." There you go, now fuck off.

"Why isn't he happy about it?" He pushed.

"I don't know. Ask him." I snapped then walked away.

"Han." He called after me.

I stopped, sighed then turned round. "Your job's safe." He mumbled and turned around and walked the other way.

I smiled and skipped back to the dressing room. I pushed the door open and there stood Conner. "What was that all about? They wouldn't let me stay at the side of the stage." He questioned and shut the door behind me.

"Niall made us official to the whole arena." I mumbled and picked my phone up off the coffee table.

"What?" He burst. I slowly nodded, paying more attention to my phone than him. "What did Paul say?" He asked and slapped my phone from my hands.

"Do you mind?" I asked with attitude. He just shook his head and lifted me over to the couch and sat me down. "Cheers." I said with a thumb up. "But yeah, Paul's not happy but he knows there's nothing he can do about it and he's going to have to phone management to let them know... But it's late and I'm tired so I might see you later on the buss." I said and got all my bags and everything out of the room and carried them with me to the bus.

I put all the makeup cases and everything in their usual places downstairs and took my bag upstairs and threw it on my bed. I turned round to see Harry standing there. "Seriously?" I asked and pushed past him to go to the kitchen area. 

Our bus was no where near as luxurious as the boys but it was equally big. 

"Yes seriously. Why the fuck did you let him take you out there." He demanded. He was angry.

"Harry calm the fuck down." I said and ran over to him.

"No. You knew I never wanted you to do that and you did it. Why?" He screamed and pushed me back, making me twist my ankle.

I yelped in pain and fell to the floor, clutching my ankle. "Harry." I whispered, it hurt, bad.

"I-I- I'm sorry." He said and sat town in front of my and looked at my ankle.

"Get the fuck off me." I said and moved my leg back and tried to stand up with only the support of the counter.

"Han I'm sorry." He pleaded.

"Go away Harry." I said and pushed him to the side.

I tried to hop along the bus and down the stairs but I got to the last step and fell. I groaned and stood up and carried on walking. I went and sat on the curb in front of our bus but behind the boy's bus.

"Guess who." His hands covered my eyes and his Irish accent was hard to miss. "Or not. Have you been crying?" He said in a more pitying voice and came and sat beside me.

"No, no I'm fine." I said and wiped the smudges tears off my face fully. 

"Please don't lie to me." He said and sat on the floor in front of me.

"I twisted my ankle and hurt it, that's all." I laughed through a sniffle and held onto my ankle.

"Here, let me see." He gently picked my foot up and ran his fingers along the exposed skin of my ankle. I winced when he touched one certain part. "Do you wanna go to hospital for it?" I shook my head vigorously.

"No, no it'll be fine in a bit." A week.

"You sure?" I nodded. "Well it's our day off tomorrow and I was wondering if you would like to do something with me?" He said, his hands still wrapped around my foot.

"Aww Niall. I'd love to." I said and sat on him, with my arms around his neck.

"One more thing." I nodded my head whilst pressing it into his chest. "We're staying in a hotel tonight." I shot my head up to look at him.

"What?" I asked shocked that nobody told me about any of this. "All of us?" I asked and stood up, forgetting about my sore foot and fell back down again. "And shit." I whispered to myself.

"Yeah babe. All of us." He said and helped me up off the ground. 

"Ouch." I said in a plain tone and looked up to see him staring at me. "Don't stare." I said and pushed his head to the side.

"Sorry. Come on." He said and helped me back on my bus.

We slowly managed to get up to the top of the stairs and to the kitchen. "Harry?" Niall asked when he seen him sitting on the floor of the kitchen with his back pressed against the fridge. 

"Yeah Harry why are you still here? I told you what you wanted to know." I said, anger filling inside me.

"Sorry. I'm leaving now. Hope you're ankles okay." He said to me and squeezed past.

"He was here?" Niall asked and helped me to the back of the bus where the chairs were.

"Yeah, but I left before he could help me." I mu,bled and fell back onto one of the chairs and pulled Niall with me so he landed on top of me. I cuddled him like a teddy bear.

"Aww." He cooed and hugged me back. "Let me take a proper look at your ankle." He said and pulled himself up off me and kissed me before sitting down on the floor in front of me and looked at it carefully. He twisted his head to the side and examined it with his hands, seing how far it would bend and everything. "You've twisted it, badly may I add." He said and let go of it.

"What can I do?" I asked as I looked down to see the skin all swollen and bruised.

"You can go to the doctor and let them twist it back, you can let me or somebody else twist it back but I don't want to because it will hurt, or you can twist it back to yourself." He mumbled.

I sighed and closed my eyes. "Do it." I mumbled.

"You sure?" He asked as he wrapped his fingers around the sore part.

"Just do it. What's the worst that can happen." I said and opened one eye.

"You said so." He said and twisted it.

I screamed out in pain as the bone made a cracking noise then a pop. I cursed loudly then looked down to a guilty looking Niall.

"I'm so sorry babe." He said and stood up and kissed my forehead.

"It worked though." I smiled and moved it around. "But it hurts." I gasped and stopped moving it.

"I have some crutches you can borrow and I'll bandage it up." He said and took out a first aid kit from under the large sofa. 

"Go Dr. Niall." I cheered and jumped up and down on my bum. 

"Woo!" He screamed and took out the bandage and started wrapping.

"Thank you." I said quietly as he taped the end of the bandage.

"Anything for my girl." He said and kissed my cheek causing me to blush. "Aww." He said and squeezed my cheeks together. "She's blushing!" He screamed.

By that point I think I literally looked like a strawberry. "Niall." I giggled.

"Sorry." He mumbled and let my face go. He looked down and turned all quiet.

"What for?" I asked and put my face in front of his so he could see me.

"Nothing, I mean, for being too..." He motioned for my face and some other random things. "Like this with you."

"Aww Niall." I kissed him lightly on the lips and looked him in the eye. "You're perfect with me." I looked in his eyes and kissed him more passionately on the lips.

"Come on love birds. Niall's gotta be on his bus to go to the hotel."Lou's voice called from downstairs of the bus.

We pulled away and looked each other. "You know what's funny?" He asked.

"What?" I asked confused.

"I like you so much, yet I don't know hardly anything about you." He whispered the last part and ran off the bus. "I'll bring the crutches later!" He shouted before Lou finally came up the stairs with Lux in her arms.

He's right. We know very little about each other but yet we are already dating. Hmmmmm.


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