Secret Twins

I'm Hanna Styles.
Well I am, but I'm not. I'm Hanna Twist.
I am a makeup artist for my brother's band. But to them, I'm just a random makeup artist.
My life is full of secrets and my brother doesn't want me to fall.
Fall for what? That's exactly what I need to find out.


40. Chapter 39.

It's been about two weeks since I was left here alone. Joke joke but really, I am so bored it isn't able to be real. In the end, the boys ended up missing their interview because Niall and Harry took so long with me but they have it again sometime today, Niall said he would call before they go live.

I've been house hunting and right now I am on my way to look at a £7million house which is relatively cheap for the area.

"Marylebone, NW1." I whispered to myself over and over again as I drove slowly down the road, looking for number 13.

As soon as I spotted the estate agent standing outside the house, I parked the car and quickly walked over to her. "Hey." I smiled.

She pulled a face at me and scoffed. "Can I help you?" She rolled her eyes.

"Yeah, I'm Hanna Twist." I motioned up to the house.

Her faced turned to one of shock and horror as she looked from me to the house, back to me and then scanned my whole body. I take it joggers, a tank top and a sweater isn't the appropriate clothing to look at a multi-million pound house.

She coughed and began walking to the house. "Sorry." She turned her head a little before unlocking the door and pushing it open. "All together this property has four bedrooms, three lounge rooms, 2 bathrooms, a master and an en suite, a large sized kitchen and an office. The property has a small garden out the back and downstairs there is a pantry which fills the full space but it includes everything you should need. Also the balcony, but you could see that." She stated as we walked up the stairs. 

Every room we went in, it was like nothing I have ever seen before. From the high ceilings to the classic designs of the house, it was incredible.

We were now back at the front door walking out of the property. "As you know, this property is on the market for £7,300,000." She smirked, giving me that look as if I couldn't afford it. "Would you like to place an offer now?" She smirked.

"2 seconds." I smiled and took my phone out and dialed Niall's number into my phone, he was probably sleeping but whoops.

"Han?" He answered immediately.

"Hey Ni." I greeted happily.

"What you phoning for?" He coughed.

"I'm looking at a house in Marylebone and it is so nice, I was wondering if I should place a deposit." I bit my lip waiting for his answer.

He sighed. "Are you 100% sure?" 

I nodded to myself. "Yeah, I'll send you pictures later." 

"How much is it?" 

I laughed lightly. "7.3 million." 

"Wow, you sure it is in Marylebone?" I hummed a yes. "Well then yeah, don't make a deposit more than a million and I'll talk to Haz about the arrangements because I'm sure he won't be happy if you don't let him help you." 

"I was thinking about the money from the apartment, that would be at least 2 million so Harry doesn't need to make a deposit considering he bought that." 

Niall hummed. "Yeah, I'll talk to him later. I'll skype later, it's interview time in half an hour." 

"Okay, gotta go. Bye, love you." He replied love yous back and then we hung up.

"The deposit?" She looked defeated as she knew I was going for it. 

"I'll make a £million deposit." I smiled.

She coughed and handed me a piece of paper. "I'll email you the details." She shook my hand, turned and walked away.

I got back into my car with a smile on my face.

As soon as I got back home, Niall text me saying they were starting the interview now. It was late there but early here, time differences suck ass.

I rushed up to my apartment and turned my laptop on and as I loaded up the website, sure enough they were on and the interviewer was just greeting them.

"So, first question is from twitter. What do you do when you have time off on tour? Like days where you're away and just you guys." She smiled.

"Well, we just hang around. But we haven't had a break yet because we've had shows every night so far and it's going to be different because we have a lot less people with us." Liam nodded as he finished.

"Ahh, just lad time then?" They all nodded and agreed with her. "This one is from twitter again, who's the soppiest?" 

They all pointed to Harry and Harry shook his head and pointed at Niall.

She clapped her hands onto her lap. "What's it like being away from home for so long and not being able to see your family and friends?" Most cliche question ever, wow, great.

Louis answered. "Yeah, we get this question a lot and yeah it's hard. But I feel sorry for lover boy here." Louis smacked Niall's knee and laughed. "It was their long goodbye that made us miss this interview in the first place." He shrugged.

"Ahh, so I've heard." She smirked at Niall. "How's everything going with the girl?" 

Niall smiled and shifted in his chair. "She's not just a girl, she's Hanna." He shook his head. "But yeah, everything is going great, I miss her loads but there's nothing I can do about it." He shrugged.

"Is it love?" She smirked.

He flushed red and his smile got bigger. Harry turned round to look at him but then turned back with a smile. "Yeah." Niall nodded.

She grinned and the interview carried on. The same questions that are in basically every interview they have and little jabs at Niall about me but other than that it was funny.

"I can't see you?" Niall called as we opened up the skype call. "Baby." He laughed.

I popped my head up from hiding under my screen and started laughing. "Hey." I grinned and sat crossed legged on my sofa.

"Wassaaaaap!" He laughed.

I leaned down off the sofa and picked up my tub of icing and carried on eating the chocolate fudge gloriousness. "So, how's everything going over there?" I spooned a chunk into my mouth with my finger and moaned at the sweet sensation sticking to my tongue.

"Ohh, it's that time of month again." He nodded forward motioning to my tub of icing. I hummed and nodded in response and shrugged. "But yeah, everything's going good. Missing you too much though." He ran his hand through his hair and leaned back and re-appeared with his guitar in his hands.

I huffed and ate some more. "It'll go by quickly." I shrugged.

"It really wont." He shook his head and started strumming a few loose chords on his guitar. 

"Think positive." I scolded him for making the mood sad.

He took a deep sigh and ran his hand through his hair whilst stopping the strumming on his guitar. "I love you." 

"I love you." I smiled lightly.

"I've gotta go to rehearsals." He bit his lip and shook his head.

"Yeah, I'll talk to you tomorrow." 

"Love you."

"Love you." 


And it was ended.

Till tomorrow.



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