Secret Twins

I'm Hanna Styles.
Well I am, but I'm not. I'm Hanna Twist.
I am a makeup artist for my brother's band. But to them, I'm just a random makeup artist.
My life is full of secrets and my brother doesn't want me to fall.
Fall for what? That's exactly what I need to find out.


38. Chapter 37.

Niall ended up getting a phone call at 11:30pm off management saying there is a meeting at 9am in the morning so he stopped pestering me and went to sleep. They never gave us any details as to what for. We just got told to all dress smart. I managed to get to sleep but when I woke up, it was still pitch black and Niall was still snoring away.

The time on my phone said it was 03:30am. Great. Awake early. I sighed and wriggled out of Niall's grasp and walked to the kitchen. Bella was fast asleep in her bed when I turned the light on and her food bowl was empty.

Once I filled her bowl with food and the other with water, I got my own glass of water and went back to bed. "What time is it?" Niall grumbled and tugged me towards him. 

"About half 3." I mumbled and closed my eyes, ready to go back to sleep.

"So we don't need to be up for another 4 hours?" He mumbled. I just hummed in reply, too tired to talk. "Great." He said, in his normal voice. He leaned over me and smirked down at me. 

"Niall." I warned. "Sleep." I closed my eyes.

"But I can think of something better than sleep." He pushed on. "Hannaaaaa." He sung. "Don't make me tickle you." He said in a joking voice.

"You wouldn't dare." My eyes shot open. He knows that's the one thing I hate the most. He raised his eyebrows and made a claw with his hand above me. "You wouldn't." I warned.

He laughed and dropped his hand and began to tickle me. "Say yes." He laughed as I screamed and laughed.

"Niall! Stop!" I screamed and wriggled around. I rolled over and fell out of bed and onto the stone floor. "Ahh." I huffed.

"Shit. You okay?" Niall leaned over the bed as I sat up.

I smirked then ran out of the room and into the hallway, Harry's room was right opposite ours. I ran into the living room and hid behind the corner. He ran straight past me, making me laugh and him turn around. "Shit." I mumbled and ran back down the hallway, for him to follow me and finally catch me. I screamed as he lifted me up with one arm around my wast. "Niall." I laughed.

With his free hand he began to tickle me, making me squirm and laugh even more. "Shut up! It's not even 4am!" Harry shouted.

Me and Niall looked at each other and laughed before he carried me back into the bedroom and made sure to close the door before he threw me on the bed and jumped on top of me and started tickling me again. "Niall!" I laughed.

"Say yes." He said, still tickling me.

I huffed in my laughs. "Fine." I laughed and tried to get him off but he never stopped. "Niall! I said yes!" I laughed.

Finally he stopped and smiled at me. "Good." He laughed and kissed me.


I walked out of the shower and into my room, Niall was sitting by the mirror, clearly just been for a shower in the main bathroom. I smiled down at him and he smirked back at me. I laughed and smacked he back of his head. "Here, I'll dry yours." He patted the space in front of him. i sat down, covered in only a towel as he sat behind me wearing only his boxers. He began to brush and dry my hair.

"Guys, we've got half an hour before we need to set off." A tired looking Harry walked into the room. "You two are disgusting." He huffed, then yawned and walked out. Me and Niall burst out laughing and he carried on drying and brushing my hair, getting rid of some of the natural curlyness.

Once he had finished, I put it up in a bun and then applied my makeup. A light smokey eye and red lipstick along with foundation, blusher and bronzer. I put in my earrings and a matching long necklace then put a navy blue stone ring on and a wrap bracelet. 

"Babe, what you wearing?" Niall asked me as he walked over in his suit, no tie.

I pursed my lips and walked to my wardrobe and held out my white jeans, then a dark blue blazer and a white tank top. "This?" I asked and turned around with it, holding it up to Niall. 

"Looks good." He nodded. "But really, hurry up we have like 10 minutes left and your breakfast is ready." I nodded and got changed quickly and withing 10 minutes we were all outside getting into Harry's car.

None of us spoke a word all the way there. All of us way to tired to cooperate with each other.

Harry parked the car and we all got out. I stepped onto the concrete floor, my heels clicked against the floor as Niall walked up to me and took a hold of my hand as we walked towards the doors of the building.


"So guys, we called you here today to announce-" Niall yawned loudly. "Tired Niall?" The person talking laughed. 

Harry huffed. "So he should be. I've been awake since half 3 with them going on with each other." He slammed his head down on the long desk. I burst out laughing and Niall laughed then smirked. All the other boys laughed and high fived Niall. Harry scoffed. "Yeah you wouldn't do that if you were in my position." 

Everyone laughed again and the woman that was talking before raised her eyebrows and coughed to get everybody's attention. Everyone stopped laughing and smirking and looked back at the person talking.

"As I was saying... The announcement is that you boys will be going to Australia for a few shows and interviews for about 2 months." She smiled. All the boys shrugged and nodded.

"When?" Liam asked. 

Lou sat opposite me and took great interest in the announcement. "4 days. So Monday" She said nervously.

There were loads of complaints as I just sat there silently. "But." She shouted, making everyone be quiet. "There is only a minimal amount of spaces on the jet which means less of the crew can come. So obviously there will still be the security with us. Lou, you're the only one for hair and makeup that will be going and Sandra, you will be the only stylist going. Alex, you will go for management along with me and Conner will also go, he couldn't come today but he knows the news about this." Niall looked at me then back at the woman at the front.

"What?" He whispered to me. He shook his head fast then stood up. "What about Hanna?" He said loudly at the woman.

She shook her head. "There's not enough spaces and as Lou specializes in both hair and makeup, she is the better option. She isn't the only one not going, there's around 20 others not going but we are limited on he amount of people we are able to take. I'm sorry."

"But it's one person." He huffed.

"No, I'm sorry." She said.

"Is that all you're going to fucking say?" He shouted.

"Niall, it's fine." I put my hand on top of his but he shook his head.

"As she said. It's fine." The lady smirked.

"This is a fucking joke." He shouted and pushed his chair back, making it fall over as he walked out of the room. 

"I am so sorry." I apologized to all the many people in the room as I ran after him. I got to the hallway and my heels clicked against the tile floor, that being the only noise heard in the silent building.

I walked fast down the corridor and turned the corner to see him leaning up against the wall. "Niall." I sighed and ran up to him. "Niall, what's wrong?" I rested a hand on his shoulder as he turned to look at me.

"2 months." He sighed. "2 whole fucking months." He turned around fully facing me. "You've been here just as long as Lou. You should come too." He shook his head.

"Niall, it's fine." I whispered and stepped closer to him.

"It's not though." He shook his head. "What are you going to do?" He pulled me closer.

"I'll be fine. We will be fine." I sighed and hugged him. He kissed the top of my head and we stood like this for a while until we heard talking and we knew that the meeting was over. "Come on. We can talk about it at home, yeah?" He nodded and we walked down to Harry's car.

Harry was already waiting when we got there and as we got into the car he turned around and looked at me. "Everything good?" He asked me. I sighed and nodded as Niall sulked in his seat in the front. 

The drive was yet again silent as he only thing heard was the radio playing. Within 20 minutes we were parked back at mine. I gave Harry my key and he left me and Niall alone in the car. I stepped out of the car and opened Niall's door. "Babe, you okay?" I stood there beside him as he looked down at his hands. The height of the car mad me have to look up at him. He shrugged his shoulders and stayed quiet. I sighed and climbed into the car and straddled Niall's waist, he still never looked up so I grabbed his head in my hands and tilted his head up to face me. "Are you okay?" I asked again. He shook his head and took a deep breath. 

"I can't imagine what it'll be like without you Hanna. You've been with us every single time." He said and looked at me with hooded eyes.

I pulled him into a hug and his hands moved and rested on my bum. "We'll get through it. It's only 2 months and I'm sure you'll get a weeks break or something." I pulled away from the hug and smiled weakly at him.

"I know." He sighed.

"Come on. We'll get to the sad part when it comes to it, but for now can we please just be happy with the time we have?" I begged and rested out foreheads together. He slowly nodded.

We went inside and Harry had left the door open, obviously for us to be able to get in. As soon as I walked in I seen Harry lying on my sofa, asleep with Bella lying beside his head, also asleep. "Harry, get of my sofa." I shouted, waking him up. He sat up and shook his head before walking away into his bedroom.

"I could think of something fun to be doing right now." He winked at me.

"Yeah, sleeping on the sofa." I laughed. He grinned and dived onto the sofa, pulling me down on top of him.



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