Secret Twins

I'm Hanna Styles.
Well I am, but I'm not. I'm Hanna Twist.
I am a makeup artist for my brother's band. But to them, I'm just a random makeup artist.
My life is full of secrets and my brother doesn't want me to fall.
Fall for what? That's exactly what I need to find out.


35. Chapter 34.

She turned around and began to walk towards a side alley. I quickly followed her and spun her around roughly when I was close enough. "What are you doing here." I asked in a harsh tone. 

The smirk on her face made me want to vomit. "Well, I came to see my siblings, didn't I?" She laughed.

I scoffed and glared at her. "I meant in this country." I said, my voice a tad louder.

She cocked her hip out and placed her hand on it whilst pursing her lips. "And why should I tell you?" Her voice was cocky but confident. I gave her the 'Are-you-being-serious?' face and she sighed and stepped closer. "Dad's dead." She said slowly with no tone. I stared at her, not really affected by the news. "Say something then." She nipped my arm.

I winced and stepped back. "Good." I whispered.

"Are you serious?" Her voice was high pitched.

I nodded my head and looked around before facing her again. "He tried to kill me, Gemma. Why would I care about a man like him?" I said, anger filling my veins. "Just go back to your family. Nobody wants you here." I said and walked away, leaving her there. Wow, that was actually my sister. I sighed at the thought and walked back to the arena and back to the table and sat down, without making eye contact with anyone.

They were all laughing and drinking, getting drunk. Then there was me, sitting there, sipping my water and staring at my hands quietly. I could feel Niall watching me, his eyes burned into the top of my head when my head was down. 

I was snapped out of my thoughts when someone called me name, my head shot up and it was Niall. "Dance with me?" He held his hand out, I looked around and realized everyone else getting up and dancing with someone to Ed Sheeran's Thinking Out Loud. I opened my mouth to talk but instead, took his hand and stood up and began to dance slowly with him. I put my head on his chest and my hands rested on the front of his shoulders as his hands were on the small of my waist. "Where did you go?" He whispered as we rocked slightly to the song, not moving too much on his leg. I just shrugged and didn't answer. "What's wrong with you?" He pulled away and looked me dead in the eyes.

"Gemma came." I mumbled but he heard me because he pulled me into a hug and held me tight. "My dad's dead. But I'm not bothered about that, it's the face she came and told me when she knew what he did." He sighed and pulled apart and walked us back to the table, well hobbled because of his crutches.

"Wanna talk about it?" He sat in front of me. I shook my head and looked down, he tilted my head up and kissed me lightly then pulled away. "Smile." I put on a weak smile and he smiled brightly back. 


"Everyone's staying at our place!" Louis shouted as we were walking back to the cars round the back of the arena so no fans could bombard us. It was about 3am and Lux had already been taken home by her dad so Lou was still with us. Niall was walking with one crutch and I was walking with the other beside him, our hands entwined as we walked. 

The car journey was pretty much the same, everyone drunk, laughing and being loud apart from me, the only kinda sober one. Back at the house, I helped Niall walk into the house and sat him down on the sofa, well he laid down and pulled me on top of him. "Niall, we can't cuddle down here." I laughed and rolled off then sat on the floor in front of him and started playing with the blonde tips of his hair with my fingers as I watched him stare at me. "Don't fall asleep here." I warned quietly, not breaking eye contact. 

He shook his head. "It'll be hard with you doing that." I smiled and rested my head down on my chin. "I love you, Hanna." He said in a silly, loud voice. I laughed and shushed him, placing my finger to his lips.

"Guys! Not up too late tomorrow! You have an interview, be there at 3pm with the rest of the team!" Paul shouted and walked up the stairs. Probably going to bed.

I smiled at Niall and sat back. "Come on, you look tired." I stood up and helped him up. He stood in front of me and leaned down and whispered in my ear.

"Not tired... Just horny." I gasped and punched his arm jokingly.

I began to pull him up the stairs. "You're tired. And need sleep." 

"Don't stay up too late, love birds!" Louis shouted.

"Use protection!" Lou yelled.

"Be quiet!" Liam yelled, probably already in bed considering he was the most drunk. 

I scoffed and pushed Niall up the stairs, whilst he laughed. "They're right you know." Niall laughed. I shook my head and pushed him into the room and laid him in bed, fully clothed and sat on the end of the bed and got changed into a black t-shirt and some shorts, took my hair out and let it down then just sat there, thinking. "Come oonnnnn." Niall sneaked up behind me and hugged me from behind and began kissing my exposed neck.

"Niall, my brother is just downstairs... My twin brother." I put emphasis on the word 'twin'. 

He never stopped. "I locked the door. Pleeeaaasseeeeeee." He begged. 

"I give up." I wanted it really though, and I knew it. He began to pull me back to the top of the bed but I stopped him quickly. "We have to be quiet though." He nodded and threw me back then began to crawl upto me and kissed me. And well... I'll save you the rest of the details but it was a long night.


"Guys! Everyone up! It's 12, you all need showers!" Paul walked through the house, banging on everyone's doors, waking us all up. And yeah, that's how I got woke up.

I sat up slowly and Niall just grumbled, but I knew he was awake. "I gotta go home, get changed." I groaned and began to get out of bed but Niall pulled me back in. "Niall, I have to go." I pried myself off him but once again, he pulled me back. "I need to go get a shower to waken myself up before I go home." I tried to get away, but failed.

"I know what could waken you up before you go home." He grumbled into the crook of my neck from behind me. 

"No. I'm not going for another round. God knows how many there were last night, I probably won't be able to walk properly." I joked and finally managed to get out of bed and walk to Niall's bathroom, and I'm not gonna lie, my legs were stiff and throbbing.


I rushed out of the house and got a lift home from one of Paul's employees or something but I avoided seeing everyone this morning, I had to get home and ready before it was time to be at the place.

Once I was dressed, I did light makeup, no foundation, just blush, eyeliner, mascara, eye shadow and my lips, simple. I did my hair in a cute messy bun with a small floral bow and I was ready. I picked up the necklace Niall bought me the other day, put it on and left the ring on my finger from last night. 

I drove to the place and I was 10 minutes early so I snook inside and stood by the main doors where the boys would come in, they were already out there, I could hear them and I was texting Niall. 

Niall walked in first, 2 bodyguards behind him as he hobbled in, one crutch on one arm and his phone in his other hand, he looked perfect. He came straight over to me and gave me a hug and a kiss. "I missed you." He whispered. I smiled and rested my hands on his chest as he held me close to him. 

"It was only 2 hours babe, calm down." I joked, but his face didn't turn happier, it turned worse.

He removed his hand off the small of my back and itched the back of his neck with it. "I'm gonna go... sit..." He walked away to a sofa and sat down. I sighed and walked over, sitting down beside him. 

"I brought your grey hoodie back." I pulled it out of my bag and held it out to him. He pushed it back to me.

"You keep it." He mumbled and began biting his Nails. I put it on and put the hood up and over my eyes. He looked over and smiled a little. "I'm sorry baby." He tried to put the hood down but I pulled it back and put my hand to my mouth, joking with him that I'm upset. "Come on, I know you want to laugh." He pulled my hand away from my face and took my hood down, I pouted and he just smiled. "You're such a weirdo." He whispered as he leaned in close and pecked my lips but kept his head close. "But you're my weirdo." He whispered even quieter. I had a big goofy grin on my face, like one of those ones you can't control. This is what this boy does to me, I love him, and I don't care what people think about us. He gasped then a smile formed on his face. "You're wearing the necklace?!" He gushed and pulled away and looked at it.

I folded my lips in and nodded, confused as to why he was so happy. "Niall, why wouldn't I wear it?" I placed my tiny hand on his left cheek.

He shrugged and leaned into my hand. "I love you." He whispered. 

"I love you too." I whispered back and pecked him once again but rested my forehead against his. "You wanna pull a trick on the boys?" He nodded his head, this was the part I told him the plan, he agreed and pecked my lips before leaning his elbows on his knees then biting his nails, looking nervous. I smirked sat beside him and turned my back to him and acted annoyed, when secretly I was hiding something in my pocket.

A couple of minutes later everyone walked into the dressing room, hung over. They all sat down, quiet, some went on their phone, unless you were Zayn. He sat in the middle of me and Niall with his hood over his face, almost asleep. I looked at Niall and nodded. He smirked and I took out the mini air horn and put it right beside Zayn's ear. Niall counted down from 3 on his fingers silently so nobody would notice then when he hit 1, I pressed it off and it went until it fully ran out, which wasn't long because it was a small one. Zayn shot up, and everyone else jumped up and glared at me and Niall. I just laughed and we high-fived before he pecked me on the lips. "You two are horrible." Somebody muttered before Paul walked into the room.

"Action people! Lou, start. Hanna, start. Everyone else, please start. And stop messing around!" He shouted then left the room again. There were other bossy people in here, like Paul, but they weren't supposed to tell people what to do.

Lou walked over to her chair and stood behind it with her hand on her head, clearly hung over. I smirked as Zayn went and sat on her chair and *BBBBEEEEEEEEEEPPPPPPPP!*. Me and Niall burst out into fits of laughter as Zayn jumped up and glared at us, Lou was banging her head on a wall, literally, and everyone else was looking at me and Niall. We high-fived again and laughed a little more.


Once we were finished getting everyone ready, receiving glared ever 2 seconds, the boys just had to chill and not get into bother whilst everyone cleaned up all the stuff. I was cleaning up my station and Lou was cleaning up hers when Harry walked over and started hugging her, one thing, Lou isn't a touchy person so she was grimacing under his hug. Niall walked/hobbled over to me with a smirk on his face. "Don't." I warned, too late. He wrapped his arms around me and smothered me in a hug, I noticed all the boys going round hugging everyone tight. "Niall, please get off me." I wriggled but he never budged. 

"I will, if you do something for me." He smirked. I sighed.

"What?" I sighed and wriggled again.

He leaned down and whispered in my ear. "Kiss me." I looked up and furrowed my eyebrows.

"Fine." I sighed. He got off me and I kissed him, no moving, just a peck.

"Nope. That was not a kiss." He pointed at me. I took his finger in my hand and bit it. He pouted so I stood on my tip-toes and kissed him, not tongues, but moving. 

"Niall, Hanna, break it up! PDA!" Louis shouted and started running around the room, screaming.


Mid way through the interview, I'm standing off to the side and Harry keeps giving me this look. I don't know what look but it's a guilty look. 

"So, Niall." The interviewer cooed, he shrunk down in his chair and a big grin covered his face. "There's a girl." He nodded and sat up straight, making his face normal again. "Tell us about her?" She leaned forward.

He smirked. "She's the perfect girlfriend." Was all he stated.

"Boys, does she meet up to this perfect standard Niall admits?" She looked at the other boys. Louis snigered and the woman turned to him. "What's funny Liam?" She smirked, trying to get something out of him.

"She clearly does by the sound of it last night. You must not have got much sleep Niall." He laughed.

"Oooooooo!" Louis cooed, his face sucking in. Zayn laughed hysterically and Niall just had a toothy grin on his face, whereas me, I was just standing there, bright red face. 

"You people are disgusting." Harry said in a high pitched voice. "Have a heart for the younger viewers!" He looked at all the boys.

The boys laughter calmed down and Louis tried to put on a straight face. "No, they really are the worst couple to be together. They're evil." Zayn said and put his hand on his head. 

Niall laughed and turned round to look at me. I shook my head and pretended to break my neck and die. He laughed and turned back around again. "See, she's even making him smile like a goon now. She only pretended to die." Louis smirked, Niall blushed and sunk back down into the sofa.

"So Harry. You're being awfully quiet about the situation, and rumors were going that you and Hanna had something going down?" She stated, Harry's face firmed up as I payed instantly more attention to him. 

He stared down at the floor in front of him. He looked up and met eyes with me, I shook my head and he looked away again. "No. Not at all, I'd see Hanna as a little sister to me. We're just friends, Niall has the going down business sorted." Everyone laughed and did the same thing again.

"So, Niall. Would it be possible to meet the one and only, Hanna?" Niall shrugged and looked back at me, turned away from the mic so nobody could hear.

"You coming?" I shook my head. "Sure?" I nodded. "She doesn't want to, which is understandable." He smirked.

As the interview went on, I was standing there, pulling faces at Niall as he tried not to laugh, but it failed and he burst out into a loud laugh. "Hanna." Louis mumbled and face palmed. 

The interviewer laughed. "Right boys it was lovely talking to you today, but we have to wrap things up, I wish you all the best for your break and up-coming tour and you Niall and your beautiful girlfriend." She waved and the camera diverted to her and all the boys came off.

I just glared at Liam and turned and hugged Niall without saying another word.



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