Secret Twins

I'm Hanna Styles.
Well I am, but I'm not. I'm Hanna Twist.
I am a makeup artist for my brother's band. But to them, I'm just a random makeup artist.
My life is full of secrets and my brother doesn't want me to fall.
Fall for what? That's exactly what I need to find out.


31. Chapter 30.

"Hanna, wake up. Your phone's ringing." I was lightly shook awake, seriously? Again. I groaned then took my phone and answered it. "Hello?" I grumbled, it probably never even sounded human.

"Han, what the fuck were you doing out so late last night!" Harry's voice was loud through my phone.

I winces then shushed him. "No need to be so loud. Calm down." I said quietly, still asleep.

"No. And why the fuck were you following me!" He shouted, just as loud, waking me up fully. I sat up.

"You need to get over yourself. Conner wanted to talk to me but Niall was here so we went out. Eurgh, you're such a fucked up person." I scoffed.

"Never say that to me again! I'm the only person you have and you seem to be pushing me away even further!" He screamed.

"Well maybe if you never dragged me away from mum then I'd have other people too!" I screamed back.

He sighed and calmed down. "I did that for you." He said calmly.

"Bullshit!" I shouted and threw my phone at the nearest wall hearing a crack. Luckily when I threw it down last time, it didn't crack or anything. But this must have been hard because the back of it cracked into pieces. Niall looked at me wide eyed. "What!" I snapped the stormed out of bed and to the bathroom. I slammed the door shut and sat on the toilet seat. (Lid closed)

There was a quiet tap on the door, followed by Niall's soft voice. "Han, please come out. Talk to me?" He's so caring.

I sniffled and put my knees to my chest. "I can't." I cried softly.

"Please? We can go out. Have a good day?" His voice sounded hopeful, but I couldn't resist it. I slowly walked to the door, unlocked it and pulled it open, slowly. I looked up and met Niall's eyes. "Come here." He pulled me into a hug, and once again, I cried into his chest.

I sniffled. "A good day?" I whispered through my silent cries.

He laughed a little. "We can do anything you want to do. Shopping?" I looked up and smiled, wow I will have looked a mess. "Go get ready." He kissed my head and let me go.


I dried my hair and left it natural, waves. I did my light natural makeup and got dressed. Galaxy crop top, light wash skinny jeans (Rolled up slightly at the bottom.) and lace patter toms. I took my purse and thought it'd be easier to just carry it so I never took a bag. 

"Ready!" I shouted through at Niall. He walked through and hie eyes widened when he seen me. "Bad? Or amazing?" I put my arms out and twirled round.

"Amazing. Really, really amazing." He gushed. I smiled and walked towards the door. "I'll just go get my jumper!" He ran through to the living room and came back with a green jack wills zip hoodie on his shoulders.

"Where to first?" Niall asked as we walked towards my car. 

I handed him the keys and hummed. "I wanna get my belly done." I smiled encouragingly. His eyebrows raised and he smiled.

"It'll hurt." He warned.

"I have you." I smiled and got in my car.


"Just go through and we'll be with you in a second." The woman covered in tattoos and piercings smiled and pointed towards a door. 

We walked through and I laid down on the table. "What kind do you think?" I asked him.

"Butterfly." He nodded and pointed to the beautiful butterfly one, that probably cost loads. He probably seen the look on my face when I seen the price. "I'll pay." He laughed.

So far, we've just been looking around shops and luckily, no fans or paps have stopped us yet.

The same woman came through and smiled. She took out all the things she needed and pulled the box she wanted. "Have you decided on which one you would like?" I nodded and pointed to the butterfly. "Cute." She gushed and took it out of the case and placed the needle thing by my belly.

"Han." Niall took my hand and entwined our fingers together. "Squeeze if it hurts." I looked at him, I'm not gonna lie, I was shitting one. 

"3... 2... 1..." She pushed it in and I squeezed Niall's hand, hard. He groaned but laughed through it. "All done." She smiled, I let go of Niall's hand and looked down. 

"Shit!" Niall winced and shook his hand, probably trying to get the circulation back. I looked at him apologetically. "It's fine. Really." He said sarcastically, making the lady laugh. 

The woman got up and walked through to the desk bit. Me and Niall followed "That'll be £30 please." I went to get the money out of my purse but Niall handed his money to her quicker. 

"Niall." I groaned and punched him in the ribs. He laughed and stuck his tongue out.

The woman smiled. "You're a cute couple." She handed us the change. Me and Niall looked at each other and laughed.

"We're... Erm, not a couple." I said awkwardly.

Her mouth turned into an 'o' shape. "Ohh, I'm so sorry. Well, no I'm not. You look perfect for each other." She smiled. "Hey, I know you from somewhere." She pointed and the both of us. She shuffled around from under the desk. "Here." She pulled out the magazine and all of the boys were on the front of it. "This is you? Right?" She pointed to Niall. He nodded. "Ohh, and you're in here too." She went through some pages and stopped. "Hanna Twist, see (One direction's makeup artist) n kissing boyfriend Conner Beaty (One Directions dance choreographer) in the rain of the very early hours of this morning." She looked up and pointed to the full article. I smiled awkwardly and looked away. "He's good looking. But he looked better for you." She pointed to Niall who was over looking at some pictured on a wall.

"He's a good person." I smiled and looked back at the woman. She nodded and smirked. "No, no, no. We've already been there." I smiled, although it was forced.

She nodded. "Hold onto him. Get him back. Whatever you do, don't let him go. He loves you, and you love him." She paused. "And don't try and deny it. I can see it." 

I nodded. "You might just have saved my day." I smiled and turned round to Niall. "I'll see you later." I waved and walked over to Niall. 

We said bye and left. 

"I'm not keeping it any longer. Come on." I said and dragged Niall to the back of some shops. 

"Hanna, what the fuck are you doing?" He looked around then back down to me. I shook my head and leaned up to him and kissed him. He lifted my up and spun me around, without breaking the kiss. When he put me down and we parted he smiled. "You have no idea how long I've waited for that." He whispered, out of breath.

"Me too." I smiled 


"Niall, I wanna look in here." I walked towards the pet shop with Niall soon on my tail. We looked around all the animals and came to the dog section. "Niall! It's so cute!" I squealed like a little kid when I seen the pug puppy. "Hello puppy." I put my fingers through the holes in the cage and played with it.

"Would you like it out?" A man asked me. I looked up and nodded. "Here, she doesn't have a name yet, she's about 2 weeks old." I smiled and picked her up.

Niall was looking at the fish so this is the perfect time to get her. "Excuse me." I went over the the man from before. "I'd like to buy her." I smiled and held her up.

"Sure. Come this way." I followed the man to the back where he put the puppy in a small-ish cage, put some food and bowls in a bag and then walked out into the shop again. "That'll be £421 please." I handed him the money and smiled. He gave me back my change and wished me a good day. 

"Can I just go find someone and leave her here with you?" I smiled. He nodded and I made my way to the fish. "Niall, come on." I tugged his arm towards the till.

"Why are we over here? You haven't bought anything." I pointed to the pug and smirked. "You didn't!" He warned. "Oh my god, you did." He face palmed. I laughed and lifted the pug off the counter.

"Bye." I waved to the shop assistant and took my bag. "Come on." I pulled him out of the shop.


"Hey Han! A magazine has been posted!" Niall shouted through to my spare room, I was sorting things out for my puppy. I sighed and took the puppy to the main room and picked up the magazine. "Do you normally get them posted?" He sat beside me and took my pug.

"Only when something important is in it." I flicked through it and then stopped at a page. 'Hanna Twist's boyfriend Conner Beaty, seen in Malta with other girl?' I looked at Niall and carried on reading the full article.

'After a late night kiss goodbye last night, today is clearly a new day for the famous Conner Beaty after he was seen in a villa with a new girl of the early hours of this morning. They were seen hugging and flirting on the pool side with no other people in sight, paparazzi there say that they seen them kiss but there was no pictures.
After this news, how will Hanna Twist, the famous makeup artist of the boy's of One Direction and ex of the one and only Niall Horan.'

I looked to the side and there was a picture of Conner and a girl walking beside a pool with their hands attached. 

I took my phone and called Conner, see what he has to say about this. "Hanna?" He sounded breathless. 

"Hey Con, what you doing?" I said in a voice as if I was bored. 

He sighed. "Nothing, just been watching telly all day with the boys." Liar.

"Oh yeah. It's fine now. Go back to fucking that blonde girl, we're over." I said dully.

I could hear his breaths get heavier. "W-what blonde girl?" 

"The one that's sucking you off right this second. It's okay, I'm not gonna fall out with you but we're over." I explained nicely.

"Babe-" I cut him off.

"Have fun!" I laughed and hung up. "Dick." I said with an over exaggerated smile on my face. I put my phone down carefully and took a deep breath. "Niall come here!" I shouted and stood up from my breakfast stool. He came walking through with my puppy, there's only one thing I want now. I took my puppy off him, put it on the floor and looked back at Niall. I smiled a toothy grin then kissed him.


You might not have guessed it, but that scene ended up with us both lying in my bed, naked with huge smiled on our faces and sweat dripping down out foreheads. 

We looked at each other and the smile on Niall's face was the best thing ever right now. "Sorry..." He whispered, but the smile never faded.

I laughed. "What for?" I whispered back as I turned on my side.

"Probably ruining yours and Conner's relationship, well if he finds out." He began to stroke my hair as I propped my head up on my elbow.

I shook my head and then rested it on his chest. "He was getting a BJ when I phoned him..." I explained simply. Niall choked on his own breath and started coughing uncontrollably. "Shit, Niall! Breathe!" I started tapping his chest and he soon came back to normal.

"What a dick. How could he do that to you?" He said out of breath.

"I know, he was so close to the edge as well." I laughed. Niall shook his head and smirked, trying to hold his laugh in. 

"Can we call the pug Bella?" Niall randomly blurted out. 

"Shout it, and see if she comes." I smirked.

"Bella!" He shouted, making me deaf in my left ear. "Sorry." He blushed when he heard me wince.

But sure enough, Bella came running. "Bella it is." I smiled as we watched her try to climb onto the bed. Niall bend down and lifted her up and started to play with her. I smiled at how cute it was. "Niall." I rested my head on his shoulder. He hummed giving my his attention. "I love you." I whispered.

He froze up but then soon went normal again. "I love you too." I got a tingly feeling down my spine, the same feeling I used to always get when he told me this.


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