Secret Twins

I'm Hanna Styles.
Well I am, but I'm not. I'm Hanna Twist.
I am a makeup artist for my brother's band. But to them, I'm just a random makeup artist.
My life is full of secrets and my brother doesn't want me to fall.
Fall for what? That's exactly what I need to find out.


29. Chapter 28.

I think we forgot about shopping because we ended up walking through the park for the rest of the day, even if it was freezing. 

"Hey, Han." Conner pulled me around so I stood in front of him. I looked up through my eyelashes and smiled. "I go away tomorrow." He sighed, sadness in his eyes.

All I could do was put a brave face on. I smiled and cupped his face in my hands and rested out foreheads together. "As long as you don't get too drunk and sleep with other girls, then things will be fine." I said lowly, so only we could hear it.

He smirked and pressed his lips to mine. "You're perfect." He whispered, his eyes still closed.

"Perfect's boring." I whispered back before pulling my head away from his and carried on walking, without him. "Come on prince charming." I shouted and turned back to see him slowly walking towards me. "Hurry up. We need to pack." He groaned and stopped walking. I looked at him warningly but he held out his hand and pouted. I sighed and went to himthen took his hand and pulled him along. "Stubborn." I mumbled.


"Pass your shorts." I said to Conner. He was picking out the clothes he wanted and I was folding them and putting them in the case. "Seriously? Bright yellow?" I laughed.

He sighed and walked over. "Can't you see. They're just so my colour." He said in a gay voice, making me burst out in laughter.

"Never.Say.That.Again!" I said between laughs. Once I finally calmed down, I kissed his cheek and pushed him away back to where he was. "I need 4 more shorts." I looked down at the basically empty case.

He passed me a big pile of shorts and made me chose them. "Can you not chose your own?" I laughed.

"No. You pick the ones that look good on me." He smirked and winked. Cheesy fuck.

I laughed to myself lightly and picked out 5 pairs of shorts that looked nice. "I'm getting rid of the yellow and burning them." I threw them to the corner by the door and he shot he head up from his phone and glared.

"Not the banana shorts!" He fake cried and ran to them and picked them up and held them close to his chest. "Okay. I agree. They can go." He threw them back to the corner and sat back down again. "Hey, look what I found." He pulled out a box from his wardrobe. "Look at this." He threw me a picture of when we were younger. About 16 when we met up after 2 years. It was in summer and I was wearing a bright pink bikini and he was wearing bright pink shorts and had his arms wrapped around me with his head on top of mine. I stared at the picture then looked up. 

"Ahhhhh!" I screamed when I seen the scary clown mask on his face. "Conner that's not even funny." A tear fell from my eye. He knows how scared I am of clowns. "Pack your own case." I flipped it over and stormed out of the room, wiping my tears away in the process. 

He followed me all the way to the door until I had to stop and put my jacket and shoes on. "Han, I'm sorry, babe." He tried wrapping his arms around me but I shoved him off.

"No, Con. You know how scared I am of them things and you had to do that. I'll see you in two weeks." I zipped my coat up and took my keys.

"Babe-" I slammed the door and quickly walked home, to my flat.


After having a shower and putting the fire on, I got changed into some running shorts and a vest top and sat on the sofa with my duvet. Yeah, I feel bad for leaving like that but he knows how badly I get around clowns. He scared me shitless and didn't even care.

I sat there, just staring at the fire until there was a knock on the door. I got up, and me being the short arse I am, I couldn't look through the peepy hole. I opened the door and there stood Niall...

"Hey." He looked at the ground, but I never took my eyes away from here.

"Why are you here?" I asked nicely. 

He shrugged. "Sorry." He looked up, his eyes were red and puffy showing he'd been crying. 

I pulled him inside. "Niall, what's wrong?" I asked, my voice still high.

"I guess I just knew I would have to come and say sorry at some point. And today, Liam made me and I got pissed off." He helf out his hand, his knuckled all bruised and bloody. I winced at the sight of it. "I brought ice creme?" He smiled weakly as he finally looked up again.

"I'll clean that up first." I took his sore hand gently and walked him to my bathroom. 

I sat on the sink and pulled him between my legs and took the medical kit out. "This mean I'm forgiven?" He asked, observing his own hand.

"You never had anything to be sorry for." I looked down and smiled lightly, knowing he was smiling. "This might sting a little bit. Just squeeze here if it does." I rested his normal hand on the bottom part of my thigh. "3... 2... 1..." I poured the peroxide on his hand, making him wince and mumble swears under his breath, but he didn't squeeze a tiny little bit. Instead, his hand moved up my leg a little big. "Hurt?" I tilted his head up and his eyes showed it all.

"Like you couldn't imagine." He laughed weakly.

I shook my head and began to wrap his hand in a bandage. "I told you to squeeze." His hand was still on my mid thigh.

Now it was his turn to shake his head. "I didn't want to squeeze it too hard. I'd never hurt you." He said like I was completely crazy. I put my finger to my lips and told him to shush jokingly whilst finishing up his bandage. 

"All done!" I cheered lightly and jumped down from the sink but bumped into Niall but he caught me before I fell over. "Sorry." I blushed.

He smiled and shook his head and smiled. "Ice creme?" I nodded and ran to the kitchen and took the spoons to the living room to see Niall sitting on the couch with his backpack open on the floor. "I knew you wanted to see this film. So I thought I would be amazing and use connections to get it." He held up the dvd box. I squeeled and clapped my hands and ran over and took it from him.

"This is amazing! How did you get it?" I smiled as I looked at the box. The fault in our stars.

"Like I said. I have connections." He smirked. He's perfect. Shh! 

I threw a spoon at him, expecting him to catch it, but instead it hit him on the head. "Shit! Sorry!" I laughed and sat down beside him. He laughed and went to put the dvd in the tv whilst rubbing his head. "Sorry." I laughed but he waved it off and opened the icecreme.

When the movie started playing, me and Niall were both sat beside each other on the sofa with my duvet under us. I was freezing, but I didn't want to make him move, he looked so comfortable. I tried to fold my arms and legs for a bit of warmth but Niall notices me shuffling. "You cold?" He mumbled.

"No, why you ask?" I lied. Opps.

"You do that shuffling thing where you try to fold your arms and legs. Plus you have goosebumps." He ran a finger along my arm, instantly making the hairs stand on end even more. He laughed whilst I blushed the embarrassment away. "Here. Have this." He began to take his jumper off, he never had a shirt on. Shit. 

"No, you'll get cold." He tried to push it into my arms but I pushed it back.

He shook his head. "I know what to do if I get cold." He finally pushed it into my arms and I gave up fighting so I put it on. It smelt of him, it was super big and very warm. 

"You do realize I have a duvet under us, right?" I laughed awkwardly.

He nodded his head and turned it towards me. "Yeah, but I think you look good in my clothes." He smiled, making me blush.


We were half way through the movie and my legs were freezing. My fire had gone out and the only warmth I had was the jumper. I shuffled my legs under my and tried to get ward. "Get under the duvet." Niall demanded and stood up, pulling me with him then moving the duet. He looked at me and told me to get back on the big sofa. I got on it and he shook his head. "Lie down, woman." He laughed. I shuffled the pillows and lied down.

He lifted the duvet over me and got under it himself then laid down behind me. "Niall, what's in your pocket?" I could feel something small pressing against my back. I turned my head and seen him blushing. "Niall?" 

He slowly looked up. "It's a present I got for you when we were together, I was going to give you it. But we broke up, so I thought there was no point. I guess I just carry it around with me all the time now..." He explained simply. 

"Can I see it?" I whispered. He nodded and pulled something out of his pocket. It was a necklace. "Shit, Niall it's beautiful." I smiled and looked at the two hearts linked together on the end of the chain. 

He laughed through his nose. "Good. It cost a bomb." He smiled. I looked up into his eyes and kissed his cheek. "Have it." He held it forward for me.

"Niall, you know I don't like taking things from other people." He shook his head and refused to take it back. "Fine." I sighed and turned over, ignoring him.

He wrapped his hands around my neck and linked the necklace on the front and kissed where the chain met my neck. 

I smiled to myself as he wrapped his arms around me and linked the fingers on his okay hand with mine. This was lovely.

And for once in my life, I had forgotten about Conner.


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