Secret Twins

I'm Hanna Styles.
Well I am, but I'm not. I'm Hanna Twist.
I am a makeup artist for my brother's band. But to them, I'm just a random makeup artist.
My life is full of secrets and my brother doesn't want me to fall.
Fall for what? That's exactly what I need to find out.


18. Chapter 17.

My head was rested on Niall's shoulder, right now I was happy. Well, it never lasted but when does it ever? Niall got up and walked away, he held his phone up indicating that he'd text me but I just wanted to sleep now. Of course that wouldn't happen either. Liam came and sat down beside me. "You're not seriously taking him back right?" He asked angrily. I just shrugged at his shocked tone. "Han, you can't do this! I seen what happened, he hurt you, physically! and you're going to forgive him. Stupid!" He shout/whispered.

"No she's not!" Harry's voice spat from beside us. Oh shit shitting bellends. I just looked at him shocked as Liam slowly walked away and Harry sat down beside me. "You should have fucking told me!" He shouted not loudly but it was still loud enough for the whole plane to hear. I shook my head slowly and looked down. "You're so stupid! You even think about taking one more step near him, I swear something bad will happen." He spat and walked away, leaving me sitting there alone, crying.

Finally we landed, but I didn't move. "Welcome home boys! We're taking you all to the London house for a few days and then you can go home to your families." Paul shouted as he opened the doors. I still never moved. I watched them all sleepily walk towards the limo waiting outside for us. "Hanna!" Paul called and walked down towards where I was. "Come on, you're staying at the house two." I looked at him shocked. "I know about you and Harry being twins, I've always known. Just come on." He said and motioned for me to follow.

Shockingly, I got up and followed him off with all my things. I sat in the very back of the limo whilst all the boys sat in the middle, Zayn was beside me but he didn't know a thing so that was good, and Paul drove. 

We arrived at the large house and everyone spilled out of the car, I just ran to the nearest bedroom and slammed the door shut, not forgetting to lock it. My bag landed beside the bed and I sat down beside my door. Just sitting there I tried to forget everything, the fight and everything. Until I heard shouting from downstairs. It wasn't happy shouting either. I quickly got up and ran downstairs to see Harry pinning Niall up against the wall and screaming in his face. "Do you think it's good to hit girls!" He screamed. Niall just shook his head. "That's my fucking sister you hit! Have some fucking respect for women!" Still, Niall never moved. "Get your life sorted out, prick." He mumbled and threw him to the floor, just as all the boys came running in.

Louis looked most shocked. "What the hell happened with you two?" He asked shock wriddled in his voice.

Harry looked down at Niall. "You gonna tell them?" Niall shook his head. "This pile of shit right there, hit my sister in the face. And even then she tried to protect him by pretending to have ran into a door." All the boy's faces dropped except Liam's. I stayed hidden, knowing more bad would come if I showed up. 

"Look, I never meant to hit her." Niall finally stood up. Harry's face fumed red as he turned around and punched Niall square in the face, making him fall to the ground. Okay I agree, he deserved that. Then Harry was on top of him, pinning his arms down and punching him in the face.

I gasped and ran over and grabbed Harry's arm from behind before he managed to punch him again. "Harry stop!" I cried but he just shook my off and punched him again. I shuffled round to the front of Harry just as he raised his fist. "Harry stop or I will not hesitate to step in front of that punch." I said sternly. He just froze, his facial expression never changed or anything. "Please." I pleaded and slowly lifted him off Niall.

Now he was standing in front of me beside Niall's struggling body. "I'm sorry." He whispered and pulled me into a hug. "I'm so sorry." He whispered to me. I just nodded and pulled away.

"Go to bed, it's late." I smiled and he walked up the stairs. All the boys rushed over to Niall and started helping him up. "I'll sort it." I mumbled. They all looked at me questioningly but I nodded and they left. "Niall I'm so sorry." I whispered and sat down beside him.

He just smiled weakly and sat up. "Don't be. I deserved it." He mumbled. I shook my head and hugged him, he hissed and held onto his rib.

"Sorry." I mumbled and looked down. "Come on." I smiled and helped him up to the bathroom. I took the first aid kit out and sat on the sink and Niall stood in front of me. He puckered his lips but I shook my head. "You do know we're not together." I laughed and began to clean some of his cuts.

He winced when I dabbed it on his lip but soon manned up. "I know but that's no reason for you to be so harsh." He joked and playfully slapped my leg.  I shook my head and carried on cleaning his face up, slowly and carefully. "You're beautiful when you're concentrating." He smirked.

"And you're ugly when your face is all cut open." I joked and stuck my tongue out. When I was focusing on the cut under his eye, being careful not to get anything in his eye, I was focused. He moved his head and I slapped his arm to keep him still. "Stop moving, I don't wanna get this shit in your eye." I mumbled and put my hand on the back of his head so he would stay still. He smirked, and it was a cheeky smirk. "What?" I asked as I put the blood covered cotton pad into the sink. 

My hand was still on the back of his head and my fingers were slowly tugging on the smaller hairs. "Can I move my head yet?" He mumbled. I quickly pulled my hand away and looked down, feeling that my cheeks were flushing a pink color. "Don't be embarrassed." He tilted my chin up to look at him. 

"It's um, late. I need to go to bed." I mumbled and tried to shuffle down but he grabbed my thighs and pushed me back, wedging himself between my legs. "Excuse me." I said softly and tried to move but he just moved me back and shook his head.

I gave up, not having the energy to fight. "My face still hurts. You missed this one." He pointed to a bit under his jaw that I hadn't touched. I sighed and got a new cotton pad and began to slowly dab it. My face was only inches away from him, his head tilted up so I could reach the cut. 

Fuck this. I sucked in a breath and kissed the cut lightly then pulled away. "Sorry." I mumbled when I seen his shocked face. He shook his head and slowly leaned in and pressed his lips to mine.

This kiss wasn't rushed or fast, it was nice and gentle. Perfect actually. "You're still- whoaaaaaaaaa." Zayn walked into the room. I looked down and shook my head. "Hanna, go." Zayn demanded.

I quickly rushed out of the room and shut the door then listened to what they were saying.

"Niall, Harry's gonna be pissed!" 

"I don't care. It was just a kiss." 

"You're not back together though?" 

"No. Unfortunately not."

"Don't go near her Niall. It's not safe." 


My insides were boiling, just a kiss? Just a fucking kiss?

I quickly ran to my room and fell down on the bed. Only then for someone to come in and sit beside me. "You know we can't be anything right." Niall mumbled.

"I know. Just go." I spat and pushed him off the bed with my foot.

He sighed. "We could always be a secret?" He whispered right into my ear. I looked up and smiled. I put my finger to my lips and shushed him. "You're evil!" He joked and jumped on my bed so he was lying beside me. 

"A secret." I whispered and kissed his cheek before shoving him away. "A secret so go." I turned back over and fell asleep after he left the room.

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