Secret Twins

I'm Hanna Styles.
Well I am, but I'm not. I'm Hanna Twist.
I am a makeup artist for my brother's band. But to them, I'm just a random makeup artist.
My life is full of secrets and my brother doesn't want me to fall.
Fall for what? That's exactly what I need to find out.


17. Chapter 16.

"You seriously think I'd do something like that?!" I screamed at Niall, tears streaming down my face.

He scoffed and stepped back. "I wouldn't hold it back." He spat. This has been going on for about 2 hours now, we told the boys to leave us and let us sort it out ourselves.

It's all because of a picture from a long time ago of me and my ex boyfriend Levi, it was after we broke up but Niall is sure it's recent. "Well maybe if you trusted me you would understand that, that picture, was a long time ago Niall. It was before I even thought about seeing you." I shouted. 

"Maybe we don't work then." He mumbled and began to walk away.

I looked over and seen him walking away with his head down. "So that's it? You of all people should know that the media make shit up." I mumbled and sat down on the sofa.

"Don't you dare! You know nothing about me!" He screamed, he was now facing me and his face was red with anger.

"Well then go!" I screamed, standing up again.

"Fine!" He spat.

"Fine!" I screamed and pushed him back.

"Don't touch me you dirty little rat!" He scoffed and pushed me back.

"You're so pathetic." I mumbled and looked down.

"Me. Pathetic? Please, just get out of my sight." I shook my head and didn't move. "I said move!" He screamed but I never. 

The stinging sensation in my left cheek shocked me. My lip trembled and I looked at him in fear as he looked at his hands in shock. "I-I can't believe you just did that." I whispered and pushed past him and ran towards the front of the bus.

Telling Harry would be the worst scenario so I best keep it a secret, I can't tell anyone. Placing my hand on my cheek, I took it away and had blood on it. Great.

Walking through the kitchen I smacked a cupboard door and fell to the floor, only for Harry to come running through. "What the hell?" He asked as he helped me up.

"I ran into the door, silly really." I laughed it off and Harry looked behind me. I turned round and scoffed. "Not now." I spat at him and pulled Harry down stairs. 

"How did things go with him?" He asked. 

This is the conversation I'm dreading. "Not good. I don't even want to try and make things work when he's just going to be like this." I mumbled. He nodded and hugged me.

*3 Weeks Later*

We're all on the plane home now. Me and Niall haven't spoke once, we share little glances and sometimes very weak smiles but that's it. I'm sitting with Harry at the back of the private jet, all the other boys are a couple of seats in front of us and I'm by the window, listening to my music.

Harry pulled my earphone out and told me he was going for water, I nodded and put my ear pod back in and looked out of the window.

There was then another pull off my ear pod, I sighed and looked up to see Niall sitting beside me in Harry's seat. I just looked away and ignored him, until he placed a hand on my knee.

I looked up and smiled and rested my head on his shoulder. He took my earphone out and put it in his ear, we were still looking at each other. He leaned in and kissed me lightly on the lips. "I'm sorry." He whispered. I nodded and took his ray ban sunglasses off him and put them on me.

Good to know we're back to normal.

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