Secret Twins

I'm Hanna Styles.
Well I am, but I'm not. I'm Hanna Twist.
I am a makeup artist for my brother's band. But to them, I'm just a random makeup artist.
My life is full of secrets and my brother doesn't want me to fall.
Fall for what? That's exactly what I need to find out.


16. Chapter 15.

Just as I was about to climb back into Niall's bunk, somebody grabbed me from behind and pulled me into their chest. "Guess who." His voice was thick with accent.

I smiled and rested my head back on his shoulder. "Hmmm, I'm no good with guessing games." I whispered and kissed his cheek.

He giggled and swayed us from side to side. "Well, it starts with your and ends in best-boyfriend-ever." He mumbled causing me to burst out into laughter. "It's true and you know it." He joked and swung us around. I hummed and flinched out of his grasp and turned around so I was facing him and wrapped my arms around his neck. "I love you Hanna." He mumbled and placed his hands back on my hips and swayed us again.

"And I love you Niall." I mumbled then leaned up and kissed him lightly.

Okay, yeah I know it may be too soon to be telling each other we love each other, but I actually feel like it might be true. I wouldn't say it if I never meant it but I do so I say it, and I couldn't feel better saying it to anyone other than him. I actually love him and I'm not scared to say it anymore, even if I do still get the same tingly feeling I always get when I tell him and he tells me.

"You're such a soppy couple." Harry scoffed squeezing past the small space. 

Sticking my tongue out I tripped him up, making him land on his butt on the floor. "And you're just jealous." I joked.

He glared at me and got up before kissing my cheek roughly. "You love me really!" He said loudly and walked away.

Niall nuzzled his head in my neck and kissed the soft skin, making a moan escape my lips. "You're such a tease." I mumbled and pushed him off me. Smirking, he just gave me a cheeky smile. I scoffed and turned around and began to walk away when I felt a hand on my ass. "Seriously?" I turned my head and carried on walking towards to front of the bus. 

Zayn was sitting at the medium sized table stuck to the side of the wall eating some spaghetti. "Harry was twining about you and Niall a couple of minutes ago." He laughed, spitting out some of his spaghetti.

I scoffed and sat down opposite him. "Yeah, he met us at the possibly wrong time." I laughed lightly and took a length of spaghetti. He just nodded and focused back on his food. "Last show tonight huh?" I asked and sighed, reminiscing about all the good memories and bad memories of this tour.

"Yeah. I can't wait." He laughed awkwardly. I just looked at him waiting for him to continue. "Me and Perrie are finally going to set a date for the wedding." He smirked.

My eyes went wide and I jumped up. "OMG ZAYN THAT'S AMAZING!" I screamed and hugged him tightly. He just nodded and smiled to himself, feeling proud.

"Okay I need time with my sister. Come on Hanna." Harry said and picked me up onto his back and carried me through to the sofas at the back of the bus. "Out people. Family bonding time!" He shouted at Liam and Louis who were throwing haribos at each other.

He set me down on the sofa and laid down beside me, resting his head on my lap. "Remember when we were little?" He sighed and took a long pause, just looking up st simply nothing. "When we'd try and count the stars late on a summer night." Another pause. "We couldn't be separated, well not until dad left and we had to separate, you had to dye your hair and change your second name. Just to be safe." He whispered, his eyes watering. "I missed you Han." His voice cracked and a tear ran down the side of his face, making my tears spill down my cheeks. He breathed out with a smile. "We'd always say how we would never fall out. Always be bestest friends and not need anyone." Now they were tears of happiness, streaming down both of our faces. "Oh, and the time we went down to the river and we stayed there all day until the stars were shining." He breathed. "Our safe place we said." He mumbled before closing his eyes, tears still falling down both of our faces.

"I remember Harry." I whispered and placed my hand on his cheek. "I remember." I repeated and wiped the tears from his face. 

He just smiled and placed his hand on my face and wiped the tears from it. "I love you so much Hanna." I just nodded, not feeling the need to say it back. Just the look in my eye he could tell. "Bestest friends no matter what?" He held out his pinky. I wrapped mine round it and kissed it, our little thing. 

Someone cleared their throat from the doorway, we both looked over to see Niall standing there with a tear in his eye. "Sorry to interrupt." He sighed and turned. 

I looked to Harry and he shrugged. "Niall come here." I said and he turned back around. "Sit." I said and patted the side beside me that Harry wasn't there.

He sat down and I rested my head on his shoulder. "I love you boys, you know that right?" I mumbled.

They both smiled and said 'yeah' before we all fell asleep together on the sofa.

I remember. I really do.

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