When Jasmine finds herself in Harry styles home after getting drunk she never regrets it. Her and Harrys friendship is flirty. Making everyone think they're more than a friendship. But is that true? When something happens that brings harry and Jasmine together does Harry run?


2. movie night

Harrys pov-

Shes so beautiful. I have to admit.

We walk out together. Its a little awkward because i never know if i should put my arm around her or not. I decide not to for now.

I open the passenger side door for her to get in and then got into the car myself and drove off. We head towards a huge shopping mall. We talk all the way their. About family, One direction, her life, my life and hobbies.

Its almost as if we were made for each other. Not relationship but maybe a really close friendship? I don't know. Maybe?

Once we arrive i open the door for Jas.

"So where should we go Hazza?" She asks me. she already has a nick name for me.

"Anywhere. I'm not really bothered" i laugh. I dont really mind where we go as long as Jas is happy and i can spoil her rotten today. I mean its not like i'm struggling with money.

"Lets head down there" she points to a corridor with thousands of shops. We got stopped off by alot by fans. I take photos with many but its annoying when they never leave me alone.

"Harry birthday Harry"the fans shout. I say thanks and then get out my phone.

I open twitter and post

@harrystyles - please can you guys stop asking for pics today as me and my friend @jasmine_01 are trying to shop! I love seeing you guys though and thanks for the birthday messages. Love you guys.

Everyones on there phones and surprisingly they all turn away. Doing there own thing.

"You dont mind me tweeting about you?" I ask Jas.

"Its fine, right come on birthday boy which shop do you want to go in first?" She asks looking up at me with her brown eyes.

Jasmines pov--

Harry stared at me with his wonderful green eyes. I stand still. Mesmerised by his looks.

"Anywhere" he says putting an arm around me. Not in a romantic way but in a friendship way. And i loved that.

He brought me alot things today. Even though i told him it should be the other way round. It was his birthday not mine. I told him he didn't have to buy me all this but he insisted.

I did buy him some jack wills sweaters as it was his birthday. He told me he loved them and would wear them all the time.

We arrived at his late that evening. After having a meal and going bowling.

I sat down on his sofa and put all the bags down.

"Thanks so much Hazza" i said ruffling his hair.

"No problem. Thanks for the present and making my birthday fun" he smiled showing me his dimples. They were to die for.

"You can stay here again tonight if you want?" He said hugging me.

"You sure?" I asked

"Sure" he winked and me and went into his room.

He came out just wearing some trousers. I laughed and carried on looking through everything that Harry brought me.

He came and sat by me. And turned the tv on.

"Film night?" He asked looking at me

"Yeah" i said and got up. " can i wear your jumper again please?" I asked slightly blushing.

"Sure. Whatever's mine is yours" he sat up. "In my bedroom" he laughed as i was trying to find it. I took of my top and trousers so i was only in my undies. I put the jumper on and looked at myself. You couldn't see my pants as Harry is bigger than me, so i looked fine. I grabbed some fuzzy socks that Harry brought for me today and ran into the lounge sliding on the floor. He laughed at me.

"Come and sit down " he said tapping the sofa. I sat down. He got up and grabbed a blanket. I smelt so much of his warm smell. I cuddled up as Harry played the film. I didnt even know what we were watching until i saw the title come up. AMERICAN HORROR STORY.

I kicked Harry from under the blanket. "Ow" he said and laughed.

"You knew i would hate this" i laughed.

"Sorry. You can cuddle with me if your scared" he laughed and pulled me closer. But not so close so i had to cuddle him. Just close enough.

The film started and i was already terrified. I kept jumping at the smallest things.

Half way i was cuddling Harry and pressing my head in his chest. He just cuddled me back and laughed whenever i jumped at small stupid things.

At the end of the film i was still cuddled up to him. We were nicely cuddled together. I loved it.

"Alright my choice in film now" i said getting up and turning off America Horror Story and turned Netflix on. I searched for Cyberbully and sat down again.

"One sec" harry said getting up and heading to his room.

I also jumped up and ran over to his kitchen to see if he had any popcorn. I searched until i found some butter flavour and put it in the microwave.

Harry came out once the popcorn was made. He was wearing a cute little monkey onesie. He looked adorable. I couldn't help but smile. I ran over to him and hugged him.

We sat down together and i looked at him. He was on his phone. On twitter. I picked up my phone to see what he tweeted. When my phone almost blew up with the amount of notifications .

@harrystyles- movie night with one of my best friend @jasmine_01.

I laughed at what he put.

@jasmine_01 - movie night tonight with @harrystyles. Never trust harry to choose a film though. I'm now terrified.

He laughed when he saw what i tweeted. I had so many comments about the tweet.

@illoveoned - aww i wish i was @jasmine_01 right now hehe

@everyone_loves_one_d - @iloveoned i totally agree with you. Why cant i be @jasmine_01

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