When Jasmine finds herself in Harry styles home after getting drunk she never regrets it. Her and Harrys friendship is flirty. Making everyone think they're more than a friendship. But is that true? When something happens that brings harry and Jasmine together does Harry run?


18. i guess

"Jasmine!!!" Eleanor said running out of the house.

"Eleanor!" I squealed. Even though me and Eleanor have hardly seen each other we've been tweeting and texting loads to each other.

"Hey!!" She giggled squeezing me into a tight hug.

"Hey. Can i get my hug?" Louis asked pushing Eleanor to the side.

I hugged Louis and then we all walked into the house.

Louis, harry and Niall went strait into kitchen. Niall opened the fridge door to get food, Harry and louis were just talking.

Me and Eleanor went into the lounge.

"So..anything happening between you and Harry?" She asked winking at me.

"Nothing were just friends" i giggled punching her softly.

"Really?" She asked raising her eyebrows.

"Okay. Maybe something"

"I knew it" eleanor said just as the boys walked in.

"Anyone home?" Zayn's voice echoed through the house.

"In here" Louis shouted.

Zayn, perrie, Liam and Dani came in holding many bags of food.

"Someone come and help me" Zayn asked. "The girls are being useless" Perrie smacked Zayn in the face and kissed him.

"I'll help!" Niall said jumping up.

"Same" Louis said. Harry following. Us girls left in the room.

" you and Harry have been filling up my twitter feed" Perrie said eyeing me. I blushed.

"So you guys finally a 'thing'?" Dani asked.

I blushed even more "i guess"

Dani and Perrie came over so we were all nearer each other.

"We'll talk later" perrie said winking at me and smiling as the boys came in.

I laughed.

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