When Jasmine finds herself in Harry styles home after getting drunk she never regrets it. Her and Harrys friendship is flirty. Making everyone think they're more than a friendship. But is that true? When something happens that brings harry and Jasmine together does Harry run?


4. football

Harrys pov---

When we got to jas's house i sat down and waited for her. She took a while but not too long.

Finally she walked out. She looked beautiful.

"You look amazing" i told her.

"Thanks" she said blushing.

"No problem. Now lets go and meet the boys" i said and opened the door for her.

Once we were in the car she started asking me questions.

"Will their girlfriends be there?"she asked. "Will they like me? Are they nice? What if the dont like me?" She kept firing questions at me.

"Number on yeah they're girlfriends will be their. Number 2 they will adore you. Number 3 they are nice but annoying and mad. Number 4 same answer to number 2" i said. Wow girls do worry a lot dont they.

"Dont worry your'll be find" i said putting my hand on her leg. She smiled at me and i smiled back.

Jasmines pov--

Harry got out and opened the door for me.

"Thanks" i said. I was terrified.

Harry put his arm around me to make sure i felt secure. And we walked towards the boys.

We headed towards the football pitch as the boys were playing football and the girls were chatting near by.

"Hey lads" harry said running over to them. They all hugged and then Harry ran over to me.

"Guys this is Jasmine shes the girl i was telling you about" he said pointing to me.

"Hey!" I said smiling.

"Hey. I'm louis and this is Eleanor my girlfriend" Louis said smiling. We all hugged and then sat down chatting.

"So Jas how did you meet Harry?" Danielle asked.

Oh dear. What to say? Yeah i met harry in his bed? Thats just weird.

"We met at a club" Harry said. Thank God he saved me. I smiled and he winked.

"So you guys want any thing more than a friendship?" Louis asked. I blushed

"Jeez guys you ask hard questions considering we've only just met" i said and they all laughed.

"Sorry" louis said laughing.

"Its all right" i said laughing.

"Okay guys you up to playing football?" Niall said standing up.

"Sure!" We all yelled and got up. I stood near Eleanor and we started talking.

"Alright guys, me Zayn, Jasmine, Eleanor and Niall will be together. And Harry, Perrie, Liam and Danielle" Louis said. Kicking the football.

We all ran off towards the ball. All shouting and pulling each other back. I jumped on Harrys back as he was ahead of me. We both feel over as he didn't expect me to jump on him. He laughed and i laughed.

"Run Eleanor!" I shouted. Who was ahead of me now.

Harry stood up with me still on his back. He ran and ran after the ball. I held onto him for dear life.

the end of the match we were all shattered and we all were in fits of laughter. We sat down under a tree.

Eleanor and Louis cuddled up together, Zayn and Perrie together. Danielle on Liam's knee. Niall eating some chips. Me and Harry were just sat next to each other.

"Selfie guys" Niall said getting out his phone.

He held up her phone and we all posed.

"Jas whats your twitter?" He asked me .

"@jasmine_01" i laughed " i had no imagination when i made it" i giggled. We all laughed at the comment.

@official_Niall - chilling with all my homies. Love them all.

Then he tagged us all.

"Aww love you too Niall" Eleanor said blowing a kiss to him.

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