When Jasmine finds herself in Harry styles home after getting drunk she never regrets it. Her and Harrys friendship is flirty. Making everyone think they're more than a friendship. But is that true? When something happens that brings harry and Jasmine together does Harry run?


5. dancing

"Bye guys!" We all hugged and said goodbye. me and the guys all exchanged phone numbers. I waved as me and Harry left.

I got in the car with harry.

"Did you enjoy that?" Harry asked me.

"Yeah it was amazing. They guys are amazing. And i love the girls they're so funny. Thanks for inviting me" i smiled and kissed his cheek.

"No problem . I knew they'd love you" he said and smiled.

Once we got to Harrys we walked in and settled in the sofa.

"Harry do you want me to go home?" I asked him looking up at him.

"Nah its fine. I like having company i'm always lonely" he winked.

"Well tomorrow i'll have to pack my suitcase and i'll stay here forever!" I laughed.

"That would be perfect" he blew a kiss to me and i giggled.

The more i knew Harry the more flirty he got with me. And i loved that.

I got out of my clothes and got into the jack wills jumper again.

"You like that dont you?" He asked hugging me

"Yeah" i smiled a cheesy smile and he giggled.

"So what we doing tonight?" I asked him looking at his eyes.

"Whatever you want to do" he said looking down and making eye contact with me.

"You look beautiful no mater what. Did you know that?" He said smiling and tapping my nose.

"Did you know your amazing and perfect no mater what?" I said tapping his nose .

He smiled and kissed my nose.

"I know. I'm bloody Harry Styles"

We ordered a Chinese takeaway and we ate in while watching tv. Once we'd finished i put away our plates and through away the leftover food.

I sat back on the sofa and cuddled up to Harry.

"Selfie" Harry said picking up his phone and turning the camera on.

"Say cheese " i said laughing.

@harrystyles - chilling with @jasmine_01 after eating a Chinese yummmn.

I favourited the tweet and re-tweeted. I got so much attention from this.

@onedrock - hmmm 3rd night is it staying over together? Hint hint ahah

I favourited that tweet as it was so funny. The fact that me and Harry could have sex at any time but we choose not too make your relationship or friendship is good. I think. Is it?

I bet any girl in my situation would have sex with Harry. I wonder how Harry feels about that? I mean he keeps reminding me that were'r friends and he tells his mates that i'm a friend. But we have such a flirty friendship. Which i love because it makes me feel special. When he tries to flirt and show off in front of me.

We just stared watching a stupid Saturday night show. It wasn't even that good.

After about 15 minuets Harry got up. Holding is hand out for me. I took his hand and stood up. He grabbed me and ran to his room. Oh dear. His room...

He opened his draw..."harry" i said worried.

He turned around and i saw he was holding 2 pairs of fluffy socks. I looked and him confused. He looked back at me with a cheesy grin showing me his dimples.

He ran back into the kitchen/living room and put the socks on. He through a pair to me and told me to put them on. I did.

Then he put some music on through his phone and then placed it on the docking station. 'Midnight Memories' i laughed.

Harry then stood up and grabbed my hand making me skid. I looked up at him.

"What?" He said laughing.

"Nothing. But random?" I said smiling

"Silly sock dances are the best" he said smiling. I laughed so hard i almost fell over. He looked at me and grabbed me so he caught he with his hands.

"Thanks" i say blushing. "The floor is frigging slippy" i said. He laughed.

We carried on dancing around for about another half an hour.

"I love you" he said smiling. I laughed.

"Love you too. Your the best friend ever" i said smiling. He looked down at the floor.

Harrys pov-

I cant believe she thought i meant as friends. I love Jasmine but not as a friend. As a relationship. You know the whole girlfriend boyfriend thing.

I carried on dancing with her until we both were so tired. I yawned and so did Jas.

"You wanna go to bed?" I asked Jas. She yawned again and nodded.

"Same" i said turning off the music.

We both skidded to the bedroom and i got undressed. I kept my boxers not wanting to make Jas feel awkward . She smiled. I love it when she smiles.

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