When Jasmine finds herself in Harry styles home after getting drunk she never regrets it. Her and Harrys friendship is flirty. Making everyone think they're more than a friendship. But is that true? When something happens that brings harry and Jasmine together does Harry run?


11. Breakfast

"Jas?" Harry asked moving away from me so he could look into my eyes.

"Yeah?" I asked. Feeling his breath on my skin.

"I love you" he said kissing my shoulder. My whole body shivered.

I looked at him. Running my hands through his hair. My fingers feeling his curls. He looked at me.

I put my legs around his waist. So i could feel his abs and all his body. He pulled me closer. Making my heart beat faster.

Before i knew it my lips were attached to mine. We were kissing. Passionately. It was amazing. It felt perfect. I opened my mouth to allow his tongue in.

We were making out. He started feeling my body. Touching me all over. But no were personal.

His warm hands all over my tummy and back. It felt amazing giving me a warm feeling.

My hands were all over his body. His muscly tummy and back. We were still kissing.

But then he started going down. He started feeling my bum. I got worried. I've never done anything like this before. Meaning i'm still a virgin.

"Wait" i said holding Harry back. "I've never done anything like this before" i whisper blushing.

"Seriously? I'll take it easy on you" he said kissing my neck.

"Harry. Lets just go bed? Cant we do this later? I'm not ready now" i say sighing. "Sorry"

"No its fine. I am a little tired" he yawned and cuddled up to me. I snuggled up to him feeling cosy and fell asleep quiet quickly.

"Harry?" I nudged him.

"Yeah babe?" He said sitting up.


Before i could say anything he kissed me. I kissed him back.

Harrys pov--

Next morning

I carried her towards the kitchen. She was laughing all the way there. I was laughing at her laughing.

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