Lost Royal

What would you do if your whole world was turned upside down in one night?

How would you feel to find out everything you were told to believe was a lie?

To find out the people you trusted most had deceived you?


For Aurora Westcliffe her entire life is changed in one night. Every thing she had come to believe in her life is questionable. She doesn't know who to believe, who to trust or who to turn to.

Follow her on her journey as she rediscovers herself, learns what is important and who is there til the end.


4. Shown Around

I burst into laughter, was this lady for real. After everything that has happened in the past twelve hours did she honestly think that I was going to fall for this. That I was the long lost daughter of royalty. I didn't even know the royal family was missing a daughter. All they taught us in school was that they used to be in power but stepped down years ago.

I looked around the room everyone was looking at me like I had officially gone crazy. I turned to the people sitting at the table they looked concerned, confused and yet happy all at the same time. This had to be a joke right, I couldn't be related to royalty I was too plain.

"You're joking right, this is some sick and twisted joke." I said turning to the serious lady.

"Aurora this is no joke. Why would we joke about something as serious as this. This is your family." Serious lady replied.

"Sonia its okay, this must be a lot for Aurora to take in, in such a short amount of time. It will take a while to adjust. Why don't you all join us for breakfast."  Queen Maria interrupted.

Oh so that's what her name was, I can now stop referring to her as serious lady in my head.

"Of course your majesty we would be honoured." Sonia replied.

I was still somewhat in shock at this news I mean how would you react to find out that your family is the royal family. I followed behind everyone else and sat down at the table. I made sure to position myself between Jesse and Mel.

I put some food on plate and tried to discreetly look around. The twins were giving me strange looks like I was puzzle just waiting to be figured out. Maybe they didn't know who I was. Everyone but myself, Jesse and Mel slipped into conversation I just wanted them to forget I was here.

I finished eating the food on my plate feeling a little more awake. As much as I wanted to look up and study the people across from me I also knew that would be rude and I have already come across as crazy I don't want to add rude on top of that.

I sat quietly waiting for everyone to finish and explain to me what would happen now.

"Aurora I just wanted to say that I understand this must be a big shock for you and that we know it will take some time to adjust to all of this as well as for your friends. But there are some things that we must discuss sooner rather then later. We will give you a couple of days to settle in before we drop this on you. Feel free to come and ask any questions you may have and I'm sure this many of them and we will answer them as best we can. We are really glad you are home, we have never given up hope of finding you." Maria said.

I'm glad they were going to give us a couple of days to settle in I don't think I could handle having any more information dropped on me. It was strange that she was calling this my home, it would be a long time before I would even be able to think of this as my home or these people as my family. I would continue to try and keep an open mind and get to know these people as best I could. It would take a while to see them as anything but the King, Queen and Princesses.

They were right about the questions there were many going through my head, but they could wait till later. Right now I kind of just wanted to explore the house, enjoy the art on the walls, take in the detail that went into building and decorating the place. Not sure if I would be allowed though. Jesse and Mel were both really quiet which was unusual for them but then again I couldn't blame them.

"Thank you for giving us a couple of days to settle in. I'm not sure about my friends but I don't think I could handle any more information. I do have a lot of questions but they can wait for now. I do have one that I would like to ask, would I be able to look around the house it is beautiful and I would really like the chance to slowly walk around and take it in." I replied.

"Of course this is your house too, would you like someone to show you around?" She asked.

When she was been so friendly and considerate of me I was almost able to see her as a normal person. The twins stayed quiet throughout the whole ordeal but I could still see them giving me odd looks out of the corner of my eye. And King John just looked like he was deep in thought I was really not sure what to make of him.

"That would be nice thank you." I replied looking back down at my plate, I was still unsure of myself.

"I will get Dean to come in and show you around. Is there anything that you would like to do Jesse or Mel." Maria replied.

Both of my friends eyes went wide. I guess they were surprised that the queen was addressing them.

"Uh um... I am feeling rather tired." Jesse said quietly, Mel nodded her head in agreement.

Guess I was the only one to have a nap.

"That settles it then, I'll get Dean to show Aurora around and Marcus to show you up to your rooms." Maria stated.

People entered the room from a side door and started clearing the tables, just as they finished a knock sounded on the door before suit guy and another guy entered the room.

The queen quickly introduced the two, suit guy was Dean and the other Marcus. We all stood up, the queen and king said goodbye as they went off to do some work, Sonia disappeared through the side door and the twins quickly ran out going off to do whatever it is they wanted. I told my friends I would see them later and followed Dean out the door, at least I knew his name now too.


Two hours later Dean had shown me around the bottom floor. He was extremely patient with me as I often stopped to stare at some of the artwork for several minutes. The bottom floor consisted of the entrance way, dining room that we had eaten in plus a smaller more non formal eating area, the kitchen which was massive and busy with people cooking and preparing, a ballroom with a massive chandelier, a theatre room, games room, lounge room etc. The walls in the hallways had all kinds of art hanging from them.

Dean explained that the second floor consisted of bedrooms and bathrooms for the guests and the top floor was for the royal family. Which had their bedrooms and bathrooms as well as the king's office and the royal library. You had to get special permission to enter it.

"Would you like to see the grounds?" Dean asked breaking my concentration from the painting I was staring at.

"Sure." I replied, if the front was anything to go by it would be spectacular.

I had barely said two words to Dean the whole time. I would just nod my head at the appropriate times. I could see him give me concerned looks when he thought I wasn't looking. I was hoping he wouldn't say anything to anyone about what happened in the car on the way here.

I followed him down a couple of hallways and out a set of double doors. I looked around and stopped. How was a property so large within a city. I went to ask Dean but it was like he was reading my mind. He explained that we were on the outskirts of the city, he then went on about what was in all the directions and we started walking again.

They had massive rose garden which the King had made for the queen, a maze that appeared to stretch on forever I decided I would have to try and find the middle one day, further down were the stables, and behind those there were several houses which Dean explained were for the staff and their families. Sonia and the others in her role had there own places in the city as well as some of the guards but most lived on site. I thought it was great that they allowed the families to live here too. There was even a school for the children.

We continued walking and he continued to talk about everything. There was so much surrounding the house it was amazing. There were more gardens around the right of the house. Off to the left of the house was a wooded area Dean didn't go into too much detail about it and I didn't ask. I was busy enjoying the sites and smells. We walked down towards the stables.

As we neared the stables a large dog came bounding our way barking and wagging his tail there was a man calling out to it but it took no notice. It stopped when it reached us and started sniffing me. Dean was looking worried like I would freak out at the animal instead of reaching down and rubbing it behind its ears.

The man caught up and said hello to Dean I guess they knew each other.

"I'm sorry about Rufus he just loves people and can't help himself sometimes." The guy said to me.

"It's alright, I don't mind. I love animals especially dogs." I replied still patting Rufus.

Dean introduced the man as Peter the stable manager. When Dean explained who I was Peter looked shocked but quickly covered it up, I would no doubt be getting that a lot. We followed Peter back to the stables Rufus trotting along next to us. He explained about his job and the horses within the stable as we entered he told me which horse belonged to who and the ones that weren't for a family member what or who they were for.

I was quite surprised by how many horses they had and even more surprised at how much room they had when we exited the stables. It was like the property didn't have an end. I noticed that there was a lone black horse in one of the paddocks while all the others had friends. 
"Why is that one on his own?" I asked.

"Ah Tristan the mighty black stallion. The royal family bred him from their horses and even as a young colt I could tell he was trouble. He doesn't get on well with the other horses and isolates himself. No one can get near him without getting hurt. They hired the world's best trainers but nothing works. So they decided to just let him be. He spends most of his time out in the paddock, or in the forest. He just let's himself out. We keep he's stall door open and he will go in as he pleases. He has a happy life as he is able to do as he pleases." Peter explained.

I nodded my head but didn't say anything else. I think both Peter and Dean realised I didn't say much which is unusual for me. It was also unusual for him to isolate himself, horses are herd animals they normally love been around others.

Peter explained a few more things before we moved on, Dean was taking me down to introduce me to a few more people and show me around the small town. I tried to remember everyone's names but it would be futile I wouldn't remember them once we head back to the main house.

The sun was now sinking in the sky, we must have been out here for hours. We made the walk back in silence Dean had finally ran  out of things to say and I was still taking it in. As we walked past the stables I took another look towards Tristan, he was in the same spot but his head was directed towards us. I felt as though he was looking directly at me.

I wanted to walk towards him, see how close I could get but I figured that would be a bad idea. So I just continued walking towards the house. We entered through the same doors as before and he led me towards the main stair case. I guess he was showing me to my room. As we walked through the hallway he pointed out the two rooms my friends were in and then we continued up the next set of stairs.

He led me down a hallway and then another it would be a wonder if I could find my room without getting lost. He then stopped outside a door which had my name on it.

"The room is a little boring but I'm sure your family wouldn't mind if you wanted to change it around to suit you more. They were just unsure of what you would like." Dean said as he opened the door.

He wasnt kidding, nearly everything was white the walls, the bedding, the lounge. The only things that weren't white was the bed frame, bedside tables, drawers and desk which were all a dark wood.

"You weren't kidding it is rather boring but that's okay. Thanks for showing me around today I really appreciate it." I said, giving him a small smile.

"It was my pleasure. If you need anything there should be someone around to help you. I'll see you at dinner." He said before shutting the door and once again leaving me with my thoughts.

Walking around had provided me with enough distraction to not think about everything that had happened. I walked around and opened one of the doors which led to an ensuite that contained all the usual things including a massive bath, I would be using that later. I opened the other door and found a walk in closet with my bags sitting in it.

I left the door open and went to open the curtains to let some natural light in, even if the sun was going to set soon. I pulled the curtains open and was surprised to find a set of glass doors, I even had a small balcony.

I left the doors open and grabbed my ipod from my bag. I let the music surround my mind and started unpacking. It didn't take too long I didn't exactly have a lot of stuff. I watched the sun sink behind the hills and then collapsed on the bed. I'd just take a small nap before dinner.

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