Lost Royal

What would you do if your whole world was turned upside down in one night?

How would you feel to find out everything you were told to believe was a lie?

To find out the people you trusted most had deceived you?


For Aurora Westcliffe her entire life is changed in one night. Every thing she had come to believe in her life is questionable. She doesn't know who to believe, who to trust or who to turn to.

Follow her on her journey as she rediscovers herself, learns what is important and who is there til the end.


1. Secrets Told


What would you do if your whole world was turned upside down in one night?

How would you feel to find out everything you were told to believe was a lie?

To find out the people you trusted most had deceived you?


The rain came pouring down around me but I couldn't bring myself to care I had to keep running. I had to get away from that place, away from those people. How could they just come in and tell me something like that.

I continued to run until my legs could no longer carry me and then I collapsed to the ground and let the tears fall. Normally I would have been worried about people seeing me but that was the least of my worries. They started off as just a few running down my face but in seconds I was a mess, I begun to hyperventilate. I knew I needed to get my breathing under control but the task seemed impossible.

Maybe I should start from the beginning, give you the back story as to why I'm a crying mess on the side of the road. My names Aurora Westcliffe, I'm 17 years old and for the past 15 years I've lived in the small country town called Meadowbrook. My life hasn't been exciting its been average as such but I've liked it like this. I have my two best friends Jesse and Melanie or Mel. We went to school together and have just graduated, now we're enjoying six weeks break before we decide what we are going to do with ourselves. Well that was the plan, but after today I'm not so sure if that well be happening.

I was spending the day as usual with Jesse and Mel, we were just chilling at the park when around 4 I got a call from my mother asking me to come home immediately. I was slightly taken back by how she was talking to me but I decided to just shrug it off and head home. I said goodbye to my friends and started the walk home, I was about five houses away when I noticed two black 4x4 in the driveway.

'Great' I thought to myself the parents have guests over, just what I needed.

I walked up the front path and through the front door. I could hear voices coming from the dining room so I started walking that way, as soon as I was in ear shot all talking stopped. Guess I wasn't meant to hear what they were saying. I took in the four men in suits that were situated around the room as well as the lady sitting across from my parents. They were all very official looking, and my mind begun to wander trying to figure out why they were here but my mind was not even close to the real reason.

The lady gestured to the seat next to my mother which I obediently took. I studied the lady's face as I waited for someone to explain what was going on, her expression was dead serious reminding me of the queens guard.

"I bet you're wondering what is going on and who we are Aurora, the truth is we are here from the capital Castle Ridge and we have been looking for you for most of your life. Despite what you have been told for the past 15 years these people are not your parents." The lady said to me her expression unchanging.

I burst into laughter was this lady serious. Who was she to come in here and tell me these people are not my real parents. I continued to laugh until I looked over to my mother who was looking quite distressed, my expression sobered quickly.

"Tell me she's lying, she's got to be lying right?" I said turning to face both my parents.

My father wouldn't look at me he's eyes glued to the table and my mother had tears brimming in her eyes.

"Well uhuh sweetie..." My mother started to say but I didn't stick around to hear the rest, that's when I high tailed it out of the house.

I don't think any of them was expecting it as I was out the door before I heard any of the chairs move. And I didn't stop to see if they were following me and now here we are, me sitting on the side of the road in the rain crying.

You can't blame me really, how would you respond if you just got told that the people who raised you aren't your parents and people have been looking for you most of your life. I started to take deep breathes to get my breathing under control and a regular amount of oxygen to my lungs. Once I got my breathing right I pulled myself up and looked around figuring out where I am as I really wasn't paying attention.

It only took me a couple of seconds to figure it out, this town really isn't that big. I was only a couple of blocks from the park my 'parents' always took me to when I was younger. I started walking towards the park trying not to focus on what I was told. Maybe if I pretend it never happened they will just disappear.

I entered the park and walked over to the swings, sitting down I started to swing myself slowly letting my mind wander through my childhood memories. The more memories that floated through my mind the more I couldn't believe what I had been told. Throughout my life there was nothing to suggest that they weren't my parents, they treated me like their daughter, raised me like their daughter. How could it all be a lie.

I was so caught up in my memories that I didn't hear the person enter the park until the swing squeaked under weight. Snapping out of my thoughts I looked over at the other swing. There was a guy in a suit sitting there, he must have been one of the guys from the house he looked younger then the rest, older then me though. I wasn't too sure what he wanted so I went back to looking at the ground swinging and hoping he would go away.

We both sat in silence for what felt like hours, but was probably only minutes.

"I know this all must come as a shock but you should come and hear every one out. Get the whole story before you pass judgment." Suit guy said.

I turned to look at him again, taking in what he had said. He did somewhat have a good point how can I judge when I didn't wait to hear them all out. They probably sent him cause he was around my age and I would be more likely to listen to him. Despite him making a good point I don't think I'm ready to hear any more.

"I don't think I can." I replied looking down once again.

"I'll make you a deal you listen to what they all have to say and if you still want to leave for a while I'll take you wherever you want to go." He responded.

"Why should I trust you, I don't know you." I questioned.

"What have you got to lose." He replied.

I thought about what he said for a few seconds, he made another good point. I had nothing to lose really, plus I did need to hear them out. I nodded my head at him and stood up walking back towards my house.

Tonight could be very interesting and more tears may be shed. Only one way to find out.

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