Lost Royal

What would you do if your whole world was turned upside down in one night?

How would you feel to find out everything you were told to believe was a lie?

To find out the people you trusted most had deceived you?


For Aurora Westcliffe her entire life is changed in one night. Every thing she had come to believe in her life is questionable. She doesn't know who to believe, who to trust or who to turn to.

Follow her on her journey as she rediscovers herself, learns what is important and who is there til the end.


3. Meeting My Family

The trip to the airport was quick, there wasn't much traffic on the roads granted that was a usual. There were four other cars parked waiting for us. As soon as we pulled into a park more men in suits got out as well as some other serious looking people and of course my friends.

Jesse and Mel both looked as shocked and confused as myself. I wonder what they had gotten told, I doubt it was the same version as mine. I had gotten the impression from the lady and my parents that I was the only one taken from my home the others just happened to be special, lucky them. It would still be hard to hear that your parents had hidden such information from you for your whole life.

I wiped away the last few tears that had escaped my eyes I didn't want to look like a complete mess. Once I had cleared the tears and taken a deep breathe I climbed out of the car. Suit guy was giving me a sympathetic look I doubt he could imagine what was going through my head right now. I walked towards my friends giving them a small smile.

We were ushered onto the small plane quickly I had probably caused them to be behind schedule. Once every one was on the plane and the suit guys had situated themselves strategically between us and the serious people the captain told us to get ready to take off. Jesse, Mel and myself sat together waiting until we had taken off before talking. I guess we all wanted a few more minutes to compose our thoughts.

Once we were in the air we turned and looked at each other. Jesse been the first to speak up.

"So today sure has been interesting and not what I was expecting to happen." He said.

"That's one way of putting it. I keep hoping that any minute now I'm going to wake and this would all be a dream. But even though I keep thinking this I know it's not going to happen and instead I am trying and keep an open mind about all of this." I replied.

"I know what you mean. Just after you left we both got phone calls to come home at once, and when we arrived there was these guys in suits and serious people." Mel spoke up.

"This is crazy. I hope you guys weren't waiting around top long, I kind of overreacted when they first started talking about all of this. What did they tell you guys?" I said curiosity seeping into my voice.

"Well I was told that I was special and that you guys were also and that my parents figured it out when I was young and that's why they moved to the country. They wanted to protect me from it. Hoping if I grew up as a nobody then it could just be forgotten about. But evidently that didn't happen. People have been looking into us and we are possibly in danger. But they wouldn't tell me what exactly is special about me. What about you?" Jesse said, Mel nodding along. They must have been told the same story.

"Well what I was told was a little different. So apparently when I was little I was taken from an important family and adopted to Sarah and James. My real family never stopped looking for me until now as they found me. When I was taken from the family, they stepped down from their important position allowing the bad guys to step in and turn everything to shit apparently. They also told me that I'm special but wouldn't tell me how, or who my real family is for that matter. We are getting smuggled into the capital to stay with my real family and learn more about who we are, it's extremely important that certain people don't find out that we are in the capital until the right moment." I said keeping the tears at bay.

It was one thing to be told you are special and that your parents have kept it from you it's another to find out your parents aren't really your parents. So I can understand how they felt and I knew my friends would try and understand but it would be hard for them to grasp.

"Wow that must be hard." Jesse said.

"You must be torn" Mel added.

"Yeah, but I told them I would keep an open mind about it and so that's what I'm trying to do." I said smiling weakly.

"That's all we can do really." Jesse added.

I nodded my head in agreement and then tuned him and Mel out. I know that it was rude of me but with all these people on the plane that I didn't know I didn't want to voice my real thoughts on the matter. I looked around and noticed that the serious people appeared to be listening to what was been said. I give Jesse a slight nudge and when he looked up I tilted my head to the side, he seemed to have understood what I was saying and changed the topic of conversation.

I did feel like we were doing the right thing but at the same time we were just going of what they were saying there was no real way to check up that they were telling the truth. And after finding out that my whole life was a lie trust was something that these people would really have to earn. I still had some trust in my friends we had been through everything together and never kept anything from each other, they were just as much in this mess as me.

Mel and Jesse were talking about what the capital would be like and even though I was curious myself I didn't feel like talking instead I leaned my chair back and closed my eyes. After this evenings events a nap was just what I needed. It felt like only moments after closing my eyes that someone was shaking me awake, the flight went quickly.

I grabbed my carry on bag and walked off the plane we were at another small airport the moon now high in the sky. My guess was we had landed in a small town just outside the capital not to raise attention of course, main airports were probably been monitored and even though no one really knew who myself or my friends were people would recognise the others. There were another three cars here waiting for us.

"You will be travelling separately in case anything was to happen. You're to go in the first car let's get a move on we still have a couple of hours of travel ahead of us." Serious lady come up and said. I probably should have paid more attention when she introduced herself earlier.

I called out a quick goodbye/see you there to my friends and walked over to the front car. Suit guy was loading my other bags into the car whilst another guy held the door open for me. I climbed in and the guy shut the door and walked around to the drivers seat. He started the car and took off once suit guy had gotten in. He looked over at me like he was about to say something but changed his mind when I turned and looked out the window. I still didn't want to talk to anyone.

I closed my eyes once again as there wasn't much to see this late at night out the window. I turned my thoughts off and drifted back off to sleep.


"You silly girl you won't survive this you know. We will rip you to shreds in front of anyone who has ever cared about you." A voice called out from the darkness.

I turned around quickly trying to find the voice but there was nothing but black. The words echoed around me sending shivers down my spine.

"They won't be able to save you next time, I'll make sure of that." It called out again.

"Who are you?" I called out.

"You'll find when the time is right." It replied.


"Aurora wake up, you need to wake up" A smooth voice called to me.

The voice sounded familiar but I couldn't work out where I knew it from. It was telling me I had to wake up, but I was still surrounded by the never ending darkness my mind stuck on what the voice had said. They were coming for me and they were going to kill me. I didn't think today could get any worse but now I had death threats on top of it all.

I could still hear the voice calling out to me to wake up, I was trying to follow it back into the light but it was proving hard. My mind wanted to shut down after all it had learnt today, there was an echo of a thought telling me not to let that happen that I needed to follow the voice back. It wasn't the first time I had this happen, lately whenever I was in doubt something would guide me, leave the smallest of thoughts helping me to take the right path and now was not the time to doubt that.

I followed the voice as hard as I could and slowly the darkness faded. I blinked my eyes a couple of times as my surroundings came back to me. I was still in the car suit guy now sitting right next to me concern etched into his face.

"Aurora are you okay? You were tossing your head around and whimpering“ He asked.

It was his voice I heard calling out to me wake up.

"Uh yeah, just a bad dream." I explained.

I didn't want to go into to much detail. I already felt crazy that I was getting the thoughts that guided me and now voices in my head while I'm dreaming they would lock me up for sure.

"Are you sure? You sounded pretty scared." He questioned.

"Yeah that was all. Are we close?" I asked, hoping that I would be able to get out of this car quickly.

"Yeah, were in the city. It's about five minutes till we arrive at your family's house." He replied.

I nodded my head and looked out the window. It was still dark but it must have been close to sunrise. Despite the two naps I had taken I still felt exhausted both physical and mentally. We turned a corner and approached what can only be described as a mansion.

There were massive wrought iron gates across the driveway, it was at least three stories with lush green grass surrounding it. It was beautiful. I'm beginning to think that I don't want to meet my real parents how was I supposed to fit in here, I'm a small country girl who enjoys horse riding and getting dirty not been prim and proper.

We pulled up at the gates and the driver used spoke to the gate guard, apparently they were expecting us as they swiftly opened the gates. The other cars followed behind us not having to stop, I guess they trusted us.

The car stopped near the front door the driver came around and opened the door for me, suit guy climbing out behind me. I really should all his name, but then again after today I will probably never see him again. I walked over to my friends and followed serious lady inside.

I wanted to stop and take in everything around me but the lady was walking to quickly, when I got a chance I would spend hours looking at the house inside was more beautiful then outside. We went through an entrance room and then down a long hallway, before stopping outside a set of double doors.

The serious lady knocked on the doors and someone from the inside opened them. There were staff floating around everywhere. We entered the room there were four people sitting around a massive dining table.

"May I present King John Townsend, Queen Maria Townsend and Princesses Ariella and Isabella. Your family."

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