Lost Royal

What would you do if your whole world was turned upside down in one night?

How would you feel to find out everything you were told to believe was a lie?

To find out the people you trusted most had deceived you?


For Aurora Westcliffe her entire life is changed in one night. Every thing she had come to believe in her life is questionable. She doesn't know who to believe, who to trust or who to turn to.

Follow her on her journey as she rediscovers herself, learns what is important and who is there til the end.


2. Letting Them Finish

I continued to walk back towards the house acutely aware of suit guy following behind me. If I wasn't so caught up in my own world I probably would have done the polite thing and asked him his name, especially due to the fact that he had followed me out here in the rain. But I couldn't bring myself to be polite right now.

My street came in to view and I unconsciously picked up my pace. These people better allow me to get changed when I got back as I only just realized how wet I was from the rain, my clothes felt twice as heavy. I entered the house and once again made my way to the dining room.

The emotionless lady was still sitting across from my parents who looked more distraught then when I abruptly left. My mother looked up and was surprised by my appearance, she went to say something but I put my hand up stopping her before she got even a word out.

"I'm going to have a hot shower and get into dry clean clothes. And then I'll come back down stairs and I'll hear everything else that needs to be said." I told them. I then turned and made my way upstairs.

I entered my room and pulled a pair of trackies, t– shirt and an over sized hoodie out of my cupboard, I'm all for comfort at this point. I grabbed dry underwear and went to the bathroom. I turned the hot water on and turned to look at myself in the mirror. A little taken back by the image I was seeing, I barely looked like myself. My eyes were blood shot from the crying and my hair hung loosely around my face, dripping wet. I stripped off and checked the water temperature, adjusting to what I wanted I stepped in.

I let the hot water cascade over my body relaxing all my muscles. My mind instantly went to the people down stairs and what they could possibly have to say, but I stopped those thoughts straight away as I would never be able to guess. Instead I continued to think of my childhood and all the great memories I have. No matter what they told me I will always have the memories and the two people who raised me would always be my parents no matter what.

I finished up in the shower and got dressed quickly, I couldn't put it off any longer. After taking a few deep breathes to calm my racing heart I made my way down stairs and into the dining room. No one had moved which was a little unsettling. How could prior stand and sit so still for so long. I sat in between everyone again, giving my parents a small smile before turning back to the lady.

"So I'm ready to hear the rest of what you have to say." I said politely.

"Okay Aurora, 15 years ago these people..." She started to say.

"Umm excuse me but these people have names Sarah and James and I would really appreciate it if you would call them such." I interrupted, snapping a little. It was like she thought they were beneath her.

"Sorry, Sarah and James adopted you from some people that had taken you from your real home. The people that took you smuggled you out of the city and brought you to this little town, knowing that Sarah and James had been trying for a child for some time without any success and wouldn't ask questions about where you came from." She stopped for a minute looking at me for some kind of reaction.

I kept my face blank just trying to take in all this information. So it's not my parents fault for any of this they had just been trying for a child when some people came offering a miracle.  It was hard to adopt in small towns most people wanted there children to go to wealthy families in the bigger cities. Life wasn't perfect in our country, the country towns suffered most. The only people who really lived in small towns were those who grew up in the area. Like my parents, high school sweethearts.

I nodded my head at her hoping she would continue, I wanted to hear the rest of it so I could tell them to get out of the house to get on with my life.

"We believe the people that took you from your home are with a group who wanted to overthrow the government and royal family. They thought the country should have one leader over everyone, there are more details that I can't go into right now. By removing you from your real family it caused them great distress causing them to step down from their position leaving who the group wanted in charge. Which is why things have continued to go downhill. You wouldn't realize it but Sarah and James would. The people in charge have been changing things slowly tying not to make it obvious. In the past 5 years your real parents have been trying to regain support and step back into their rightful position but they have infiltrated into all major avenues making it very difficult.  Your parents are currently attempting to build a resistance group, there are some still out there who want them back in power especially those from small towns. But despite this your family has never stopped looking for you in hopes of one day finding you and having you reunited with them." She once again stopped and looked to me.

I couldn't believe it they wanted me to leave the only family that I had ever known for some family that I had only just found out about. I can understand where this other  family was coming from if this story was true, but I had been raised by Sarah and James and I had no intention of leaving his small town. My whole life was here, I had six weeks to enjoy time with my friends before if I decided if I wanted to go off to university, study at the local college or just start working. I had a plan for my life and this wasn't a part of it. 

"Um I'm sorry to burst your bubble here but I'm not leaving. This is my home and my life and I don't plan on changing that. I can understand the frustration that they must be feeling but they have to understand that 15 years have passed since I was supposedly taken from them. And yes I am saying supposedly because how do I know that any of this story is true. 15 years is a long time especially considering I was a young child when I was 'taken' so I have no recollection of this other family. No memories. Nothing. So I'm not just going to drop everything for people I don't know." I told her not breaking eye contact.

"I'm sorry but you have no choice, you need to come with us there are things you don't know things that I can't explain here. It's what is best for you." The lady responded.

"And how exactly would you know what's best for me." I snapped.

"Honey maybe you should listen to this lady. There are things we haven't told you that we can't speak about here. Things that can only be explained by your real family." My mother said.

"But you're my family. I'm not leaving with people I don't know. My life is here, my friends and you are all here. I don't care if what she said is true. You are my parents, you raised me." I replied, holding back tears. How can they tell me to leave with these people.

"I know, and you'll always be our daughter. Most of what she said is true, but we have known who you are since a week after we adopted you. We put together the pieces. We know that we should have taken you back to your family but we also knew if we did that the people who took you would just have gotten rid of you permanently so instead we raised you and kept you safe until it was time for you to meet your real parents. There are things you are going to learn about this world that you need to keep an open mind about. There are so many things we should have told you growing up but we wanted to protect you. Your friends will be going with you as there are things they need to learn as well. It isn't a coincidence that you are friends or that there parents are our friends. We needed to protect you all. These people didn't just randomly find you all these years later, we knew it was time. I'm sorry we kept this all from you we thought it was for the best. We really do love you and wanted to protect you from this." Mother said tears silently falling.

I was astounded my own mother was telling me to leave with these people that neither of us knew and that she had called them. I just don't understand, what's so important that can't be explained here that involves me and my two friends. My whole life really was a lie, they had kept so much from me. My thoughts were once again confused and all over the place.

"Why did you keep all this from me. Was I really that bad of a daughter. I still don't want to go. I don't want to give up my life here." I replied, my own tears falling again.

"We don't want you to leave either. But this is for the best. Things are changing and you need to be around people who understand. You were never a bad daughter we were just protecting you." Mother said.

I couldn't look at her this was again becoming too much.  I looked to my father hoping he would talk some sense into my mother. But he's eyes were still glued to the table refusing to look at me. He obviously agreed with her and wanted me gone.

"I know this is a lot to take in, and we can understand your hesitation. But your mother is right and it really is important we get a move on. We have to be at the airport in just over two hours. You will meet up with your friends there. Once you are all settled in the capital Sarah and James will be able to come and visit as often as you like. Contact will not be cut off with them. As you've stated they are your family and your real parents understand this." Serious lady interjected.

"I guess I have no choice, no one cares about my opinion on this. I guess I'll go pack my things." I said before getting up and leaving the room.

I knew I said I would try and keep an open mind about this but they didn't care how I felt. They made it clear I had no choice. I slammed my door, a rather childish act but I was pissed. I grabbed out two suitcases and started to pack the essentials. Clothes, my favorite books, photos and other keepsakes. At least I would still have my friends, I wonder how they are taking the news that they have to leave.

As I packed the last few things I realized I was crying again. I would just have to listen to them and go along with it until I turned 18 that was only a couple of months away and then I could leave without them been able to stop me.

I grabbed my backpack and and put my wallet and phone in it along with my iPod and a couple of other important things. I was doing a final sweep of the room when there was a knock on the door, before I could ask who it was the door opened revealing suit guy.

"I don't mean to rush you but it's time to go." He said, looking like he wanted to add more.

"That's okay. I'm done anyway. It's just those two bags." I replied pointing to the bags on the bed.

He nodded his head and grabbed the bags heading down stairs. I looked around the room one final time not knowing when I would get back. I made my way downstairs everyone was standing in the entrance way. Both my parents were crying. I was trying very hard not to blame them but they had kept so much from me.

I walked over to give them both a hug, despite this been their fault apart of me still loved them. I hugged them both at the same time none of us saying anything. There was nothing to be said at this point. I then walked outside the serious lady was in the first 4x4, suit guy was standing with a door open at the second one gesturing for me to get in. I took knew last look at the house and gave my parents a small wave.

"It's going to be okay." Suit guy said before shutting the door.

I really hoped so. My life really was changing and there is nothing I can do.

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