Lost Royal

What would you do if your whole world was turned upside down in one night?

How would you feel to find out everything you were told to believe was a lie?

To find out the people you trusted most had deceived you?


For Aurora Westcliffe her entire life is changed in one night. Every thing she had come to believe in her life is questionable. She doesn't know who to believe, who to trust or who to turn to.

Follow her on her journey as she rediscovers herself, learns what is important and who is there til the end.


6. I'm What?

It's been two days since we got here. And we have all just been enjoying wandering around and talking our thoughts through with each other. I hadn't seen anyone else from the first day except Dean who ate meals with us and I occasionally saw him on patrol. He would be friendly but wouldn't go out of his way to talk to me.

I hadn't been back to Tristan's paddock since that first night, I was getting so tired and would just pass out by the time I made it to bed. I was a little surprised by this, it's not like I had been doing a great deal.

We were roaming around the garden laughing and chatting when one of the servant's approached us.

"Sorry to interrupt you princess but the queen and king are requesting you and your friends presence in the study." They said bowing.

That was something that I'm still wrapping my head around whenever someone addresses me it's always as princess unless it's my friends or family. And whenever I pass someone in the halls they bow or curtsey. I wish they would treat me more normal. I'm really nothing special.

"Thank you, we'll head there now." I replied giving him a small smile.

He bowed again and scurried off back to whatever his job was. I turned to my friends and they were giving me the look.

"I'm guessing today is the day we find out the big secret of what is going on." I said to them.

"I want to know but at the same time I don't want to know." Jesse said as we walked towards the house.

"I agree. I get the feeling that it's going to change our lives much more then they have already been changed." Mel added.

"We shall soon find out." I said giving them a smile that was hopefully reassuring.

We weaved through the hallways until we got to the study doors. The doors were beautifully designed with a large oak tree, two wolves and a moon carved into them. Wolves were a common theme throughout the house. I knocked on the door and waited until the person on the other side told us to enter.

We walked into the room there was a couple of people who I didn't know talking to the king and queen. They were huddled around the desk paying no attention to us, so we just sat down on the available chairs and waited until they were finished.

A few minutes later the people left and the king and queen turned to us. I couldn't read their expressions which made me cautious about what they were planning on telling us.

"I hope you've been settling in okay. I would have like to have waited a couple more days but unfortunately time is running out on when we can give you the info as in a few days to a week things will begin to change." Maria said, sitting down across from us.

I nodded my head and gestured for her to continue. I wanted to get this over with.

"Well each of you is special in your own way I know you were told this before you got here but now we tell you how. Each of you is different in a wonderful way. Now you really need to keep an open mind about all of this. Let's start with you Aurora, you're a werewolf princess. Me along with the rest of your family are werewolves as well as all of the staff here. We are the royal family of the werewolf community as well as the human community as you must know are not aware of this information. It is important to not only our community but the rest of the supernatural community that humans don't find out about us. We must remain a secret, however the people currently in power don't want this they want people to know and are slowly gaining more power to release this information. Back to the point Aurora you are next in line for the throne. You will have many questions about all of this but if you can wait we will answer them." Maria said looking waiting for a reaction.

All I could do was nod my head. She was right we did need to keep an open mind about this. Werewolves, other supernatural beings I was really beginning to think I was going crazy. I waited for her to continue with this, whilst trying to think of questions.

"Jesse you are a witch and unlike most people will tell you males can be witches. Your family have a history of witches they just don't realise it anymore as the family members that were witches kept it secret not wanting to be killed because of it. It skipped your parents generation until you. Like Aurora you must have questions and we will get to those. And Mel you are a fury, most people hear of them in Greek mythology. I'm not sure if you have heard of them but if you have it will most likely be the bad side, but not all furies are evil. Some choose to follow the path that history set for them whilst others decided that they could use their skills for better purposes. You will all have training to hone your skills, to develop them and become who you are all destined to be." Maria finished.

We all looked to one another, not sure if we really heard what she told us. I mean us three supernatural beings seriously.

"Awesome." Jesse piped up.

"I mean it is a little hard to believe but wow it is pretty cool." Mel added.

"Never thought I would be told not only am I a member of the royal family but I'm also a supernatural being. You weren't kidding when you said to keep an open mind. Most people would be running and hiding but like my friends said this is amazing." I said smiling.

Yeah I went crazy when I found out my parents werent really my parents but yet when I'm told I'm a werewolf I don't freak out. Well I am freaking out just on the inside. It is pretty cool. We wanted adventure well we sure got it. There were now heaps of questions running through my head.

Such as if I'm a werewolf why haven't I changed, do I only change on a full moon, are mates real things, does been next in line for the throne make me an alpha or is the royal family different to that. The questions kept racing through my head and when I looked to my friends I could tell by the expressions on their faces that questions were racing through their heads as well.

"So I know that you said our questions would be answered but when would that be. I know I have a lot racing through my head and I can tell that my friends also have a lot going through their heads as well." I asked.

"We will answer some of your questions now. And then any other questions you have you can come to us and ask them, or you can drill your trainers when you meet them." Maria answered.

I nodded my head at my friends and let them ask their questions first, yes I was dying to ask mine but I figured I was surrounded by people like myself so I could pretty much ask anyone. The questions they asked were pretty basic, just asking how it came about and what some of their powers/abilities would be. My parents answered them as best as they could also explaining that their trainers would be able to answer better then and in more depth then they could. I sat there patiently waiting for them to finish, you could tell from their voices that they were excited yet still a little unsure about the situation. I felt that way myself.

Once they were done I turned to my parents ready to ask my questions. I wasn't going to hound them with questions I just wanted a couple of basic questions answered the ones that we're sticking in my mind the most. I would have plenty of time to ask the rest.

"So I have many questions floating through my head right now, but only a few are really sticking out in my head the rest can wait. I figure I have plenty of time to be asking questions. The first is if I'm a werewolf why haven't I changed yet, which kind of relates to my second question do I only change on full moons?" I asked.

"Yes I can understand that you have many questions floating through your head. To answer your second question you don't only change on full moons, you can willingly change anytime you want. But your first change is on the full moon and you have a stronger compulsion to change on the full moon. As for why you haven't changed yet is because your first change is on or around the full moon of your 18th birthday. You will feel the change coming on a week or so before it happens." Maria stated.

I let the information wash over me. It was pretty cool that I could change whenever I felt the need to. And then I realised what she said, your first change was around your 18th birthday. I had completely forgotten until now that it was just under a week until my birthday. That would mean that just under a week I would change into a wolf for the first time.

"So you mean in just under a week I will change for the first time? Is that why I have been feeling so tired lately even though I haven't really been doing much?" I questioned.

"Yes that has been why you are tried all the time, your body knows something is going on it just isn't sure what. You could go through the change anytime between now and your birthday." Maria answered.

I tried not to freak out at this new information. Yes it was cool and I was looking forward to it but I had a feeling it would hurt a lot, and I didn't exactly have a high pain tolerance. I masked how I was feeling and got back to the questions. I would process the information later when I was alone and didn't have people watching and waiting for me or mentally lose it.

"So how does the royal family work, does me been next in line make me an alpha or is it something else. Is that how it works or does Hollywood have it all wrong, speaking of Hollywood did they have it right when they said werewolves have mates?" I rushed out, I wanted these questions answered so I could get out of here.

"No your not an alpha your much more you will be a queen. The packs throughout the country have alphas who report to us and you will have training in this before you take over. You don't have the ability to control all werewolves, your authority will make lower wolves want to listen to you and as a ruler you can influence wolves but they don't have to follow your command, it's the same for alphas they have the ability to influence wolves but at the end of the day everyone has the ability to make choices. If we could control them the way Hollywood says then we wouldn't be in this predicament that we are now in. Werewolves don't have mates as such, there are wolves that they strongly feel connected to and will have the same urges as mates but you are a able to choose you spend the rest of your life with. In modern times it is harder for wolves to find the person they feel connected to its rare, and those that do find the wolf they feel connected to they treasure that. Some wolves find this person after they have taken there mate but they can't ignore the connection so they become good friends with the other wolf. Once you have picked someone to spend your life with its even rarer to separate unless the circumstances are direr." Maria answered gracefully.

So there wasn't someone out there I am destined to be with, I could choose who I wanted to be with there was just someone who I would feel a connection with but we didn't have to be more then friends. That piece of information made me feel a little more relaxed. I didn't want to be forced to be with someone simply cause they were 'destined' for me. I would like to find the wolf I was connected to knowing I didn't have to be with them at least I would be able to get to know them before we made a choice between just been friends and been something more then that.

I let them know that was all the questions I had for now and if any more come up I would be sure to ask. I then left the room and made my way outside, I just wanted to be alone and I'm sure my friends would understand that. I made my way through the top garden and then down the path towards the stable. As I got closer Rufus came out to greet me. I gave him a quick pat behind the ears and then entered the stables, looking for Tristan. He wasn't out in the paddock where he normally was so I figured that he had put himself into the stable. I was right his head was poking out of one of the stalls which was funny considering the door wasn't closed.

I walked closer to his stall and he backed away from the entrance, I entered his stall and sat down in the back corner. He was watching me unsure of what I was doing. I made no attempt to touch him, I just felt more comfortable in his presence. I let the information that I just had been told invade every inch of my brain, this is how I would process it. Most of it didn't worry me, I mean it was all pretty understandable. I was just becoming afraid of the change. Yes I wanted to be able to change into a wolf but the pain would be terrible, my body twisting itself, turning itself inside out to become a new form.

I closed my eyes and let sleep take me, I had become exhausted just walking down here. Tristan stood at the door like he was guarding me and I knew no harm would come to me while I slept in his stall. Not that I felt unsafe in the house, I'm sure however if certain people became aware of me being back here it would cause major issues. People would no doubt be sent after me to get rid of me permanently.

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